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Friday, 31 May 2002 :)

What a delight to wake up and listen to the roar of the ocean... I looked out onto it from my bed... very cool... I had my morning coffee on the deck looking out onto the waves. The weather was perfectly wonderful and Tom, Ian and I walked into town, and spent a fair part of the day on the beach. The ocean was endless... so beautiful.... so relaxing... except for the Sand-Nazis (a patrol that would run up to you to ask if you had the required ‘tags’ that allowed you to be on the beach. “Pay-paz’ the voice came out from nowhere, “Pay-paz-pleeze”... “Ve half vayz ouf making you talk”... They didn’t have brown shirts... but they were tan.... heh

We bought a bottle of Grey Goose... and killed it! ... Party time.

Thursday, 30 May 2002 :)

I’ll be traveling today and I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to update the site from there... if not - no problem - I will on Monday.

We arrived at Sea Isle City in New Jersey around two o’clock, all of us happy for having such great time. Nestled among all these million dollar monster homes with the big two story windows that look out on to the Atlantic is this little put together crazy styled Wildboy house decorated in early ‘Beach-Chic’... it was great... like a sea side fort that was to be our place for the next few days. What it lacked in grandeur it more than made up for in personality... ya had to love it..

Tom, Ian and I all ate a lobster dinner from the deck overlooking the ocean... what a fun place.

Wednesday, 29 May 2002 :)

Please say a prayer for Irving Gilbert... he needs the kind of magic that prayer gives.

I got the Esophageal Dilatation this morning... now it’s much easier to swallow stuff... that’s good. Paul said that he found ‘something’ that caught his eye so he took some biopsies... just ‘cause he wasn’t sure.... *sigh*.... Hey - I’m sure... I’m sure I’ll be fine - either way! My throat was sore after it was all done... sorta like when you’ve been to a concert and you yell so much that ya can’t yell anymore... that came in handy later...

I decided to have the hair on my back removed... ‘waxed’ is what they call it... hrmn... (there’s far more descriptive things that I could call it).... never having done it before I called and asked all sorts of questions. One of the questions I asked was, “Will it hurt a lot?”... “It’ll smart a little” she said, “like removing a Band-Aid.” I thought it over and decided that I wanted the results enough to give it a try.

The room was nicely decorated and a little chili. I laid down on the table with my head on the pillow. The wax was warm and felt really good, then she covered it with something, and then... YEEEEEOOoooOOOCHHHH Oh baby.... The woman was really kind though... She tried hard to distract me by talking... she’d keep saying things like... ”BREATH”... Lemme tell ya.... I’ve had Band-Aids - this was no Band-Aid.

The evening ended much better... Aunt Pam, Ian and I had been invited to Michele Okin’s home for dinner. It was very cool... relaxed... she started off with a Carolina soup that lead into a delicious Duck A L’Orange... all casually shared on her deck overlooking the Hudson River and Bannerman’s Castle... desert was a combination of cheesecake and sunset... *phew*...we had a really fun time.

Tuesday, 28 May 2002 :)

Ian and I went to Olana the country home of Frederic Church, the American painter. That was fun... later on I had to run into New York.

Ian’s Mom headed for Scotland... she’ll be back sometime in July.

Tomorrow I get to go have the operation that’ll allow me to swallow easier... yea.... It’s been a long while since the last one. Then Thursday Ian and I are heading to the Jersey Shore as guests of Tom Hoffay’s.. we’ll be back Sunday or Monday.

Monday, 27 May 2002 :)

Tara came over with her friends Joseph Stafiniaic, the Vice President of Ralph Lauren, and his buddy whose name is also Joseph. What fun guys... and funny too. We went out to eat at Bacchus and passed the time getting to know each other by swapping stories and sharing some laughs... We talked about ASIT, (A Stitch In Time) and he likes the idea too... there’s such really good energy around the Foundation... thank God.

Sunday, 26 May 2002 :)

What a day! I went over to Michele’s to continue the work on the Foundation. When I got there she had done something really cool... a celebratory brunch was set out with amazing attention paid to every tiny detail... it was a feast and just a precious thing to do. Kimberly, the publisher of Out-Sight and her partner Gail were there, they are so nice and really cool.... Michele wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary of their magazine.

We worked and she had lobster tails for lunch as we looked out onto the Hudson river from the deck... God, I can just see myself, like some kinda lab rat, showing up at her door at odd hours with my eyes glazed over wearing a lobster bib!... heh.

Our friend Eleanor Lambert was featured again in the New York Times... That’s really cool... and at 98 - she’s amazing!

Saturday, 25 May 2002 :)

The weather was magnificent... clear, sunny and cool. Ian and I went to visit Michele.... Florence brought Charleigh and RoyBoy up too... it was brief but special.

Then we went to visit Tom... he was having a ‘Tom Sawyer’ painting party and we were invited! After we were done, and quite proud there came the strangest ‘Me-Ow’ from the porch... yup - there was the cat smack in the middle of the floor trying to understand why his paws kept sticking to the now tacky surface.... too funny. A fence and a porch later and we were at the Jazz Party down at the river... it was wonderful. We had a sea food dinner at Mariners Harbor on the Kingston water front.... super. Tom is fun to be with. He invited us to spend a few days on the Jersey Shore next week.... Ian and I are looking forward to it.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend a birthday....

Friday, 24 May 2002 :/

It is bizarre just how sensitive my body seems to be when it gets pushed too far. I was a rag all day today... I gotta pace myself better. I had a luncheon with Tom and it was really nice, (except that I was soooo tired)... *sigh*... later Ian and I met Corey at Bigbucks for coffee and catch-up... he’s really in love.... so cool... he and Billy are really hitting it off.

Tomorrow is my birthday... I’ll be 22... (for the second time).

Thursday, 23 May 2002 :)

I spent the whole day at Michele’s working on the Foundation.... wiped out!... *phew*.... later we went out to ‘Painters’ for some supper.

Wednesday, 22 May 2002 :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charleigh and RoyBoy... they’re one today.... Michele asked Ian and me to be their ‘Fairy’ God Fathers... hehe.

I was speaking with Tina Louise, who is totally delightful... (and beautiful too)... she’s thrilled to hear about A Stitch In Time and is very happy to work with the Foundation.... I’m psyched!

Tuesday, 21 May 2002 :/


A strange little day.... The magazine, Out-Sight is available... I saw my article in it... and Ian’s too.... kinda neat. I also went to see Michele with Aunt Pam, we were hoping to make her feel a little better... but she isn’t feeling well at all..... please, keep her in your prayers.

By the way... I was eMailed: Barnes & Noble is also selling “Stylemakers: Inside Fashion”... but it’s $40 and paperback!... If you buy it through it’s $35 - and hardcover... (that’s more like it). Thankx for all the great eMails to congratulate Ian... My very own ‘Style Guru’.... if he starts to say stuff like, “White, is the new white”... I’ll have to bop him....heh.

Monday, 20 May 2002 :/

I went to the hotel to see Jilly and Ricky, and the three Southern Belles off... they were flying back to Atlanta... such a great and beautiful city. It felt really cool to be able to see Jilly face to face... to have coffee with Ricky in person.... then it came time and they left.... always feels odd... sad... I hate that part.

I spoke with Tara Shannon today... she’s also joining the board of the Foundation, ‘A Stitch In Time’. She’s such a dear soul...I’m so glad she’s on the team.

Please say a prayer for Michele.... she really needs them. Also... please say a prayer for Julia and Ricky... (not my brother)... ‘cause this is a very stressful time.

Sunday, 19 May 2002 :)

We went over to see Ricky, for a little while anyway... I’ll try to go see him in the morning before they fly home.... my tooth is hurting again.... gotta see a dentist.

Ian and I went to meet Tom Hoffay at the Tea Dance in Kingston... it was a fun time and afterward he took us to the Living Room, an art gallery, for what turned out to be private viewing of some of Csar W. Radetsky’s paintings... it was wonderful to visit with Chris, the gallery owner and Tom... I wanna do it again!

Our dear friend Tara Shannon arrived from Holland this evening... we went out for sushi and caught up... she’ll be staying for a while... YEA and that’s way cool, except that Marco had to stay in Holland... hrmn.

Saturday, 18 May 2002 :)

First thing this morning I got to see Kris... he and Pete and Keith had crashed here last night... it was like days gone by when I would see him and his buddies stumble down the stairs in the morning after going to parties the night before.... kinda cool!

Something really really neat...I got to hold a copy of ’Stylemakers: Inside Fashion’, the book that Marcia Sherrill wrote that features Ian, my Ian.... looking fantastic... as a Fashion Guru... (there’ll be no talking to him now). The book launch will happen on June sixth at Bergdorfs... but you can get a copy at: AMAZON.COM (and - it’s on sale!) A ‘Who’s Who’ for any true Fashion maven!

What a day.... crazy and confusing and wonderful!

Aunt Toni Ann and Aunt Pam hosted a birthday party for my Mom that was beyond the beyond... about forty five friends and family came, some of whom I haven’t seen in years... far too many to list... and Mom looked beautiful. Ian and I with the twins were in great company... it was fun, but stressful too.... that odd blend.

Now, Ian had planned a birthday party for his Mom too.... at our house for later the same day, so we couldn’t stay as long as I otherwise would have. I had made some homemade tomato sauce and we had a simple dinner for the twenty plus guests that we had invited... They were a fun mix and everybody had a good time ... even Buddy Dog.

All in all it was an amazing day. In the beginning I has been stressed out and crazed, but then I had a dirty martini... and the rest was a breeze.

Friday, 17 May 2002 :)

Amazing weather today.... really good.... Trever’s eye is looking better too.


In the evening I went to see Mom at Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill’s.... What a reunion... Ricky, Jill, Frankie, Olivia and Mary Grace, Aunt Rusty, Aunt Anne, Aunt Toni-Ann, Kristen, Nuah... neat! It was fun to see everybody.... afterward I headed over to Michele’s.... talked about the Foundation, (A Stitch In Time, Inc.), and made a date to do more stuff with it.... YEA!... I’m so excited about it... yup, yup, yup!

Thursday, 16 May 2002 :)


An interesting way to start the day... Trever glaring over me.... seems he woke and had something in his eye... on the eyeball itself.... first he tried to wipe it away and when it didn’t budge Our Hero got a pair of tweezers... oooh.... I gently examined his eye and it was red and angry looking... I kept him home so that he could see the doctor. In the meantime I suggested that he rinse his eye with some water.... next thing I know he’s howling... whaaa.... guess who put his face under the tap - forgetting to turn on the cold water... ugh

Ricky’s plane was delayed and they ended up getting to Newark until much later than was planned... we didn’t get the chance to meet up in the city either... errrr.... tomorrow we will!

Meanwhile Ian and I, along with Corey, went into New York. After my appointment we met up at the Belenky Gallery in SoHo to see the latest works of our friend Ates. The collection is striking.... passion not just painted... but held hostage beneath layers of oil. Amazing! It was so great to see him again... he invited us to Southampton to the studio - I promised to visit this summer. He introduced me to Paton Miller, who was so friendly and warm.... I enjoyed talking with him. Corey came and so did Billy. We all went to the village for dinner and when we were through - they went one way and we went to the Paper Magazine Party.... very cool.

Wednesday, 15 May 2002 :)

What a wild mix today was.... My son Kris was leaving his home to come visit my Mom and was in an accident (he’s OK thank God), but he fears that his car is totaled... *OUch*.... Ian went to New York and had a wonderful meeting with the Seventh-On-Sixth group.... Me? I was wiped out again... sheese... but determined.... the day ended far better than it started!

Later on Corey introduced me to Tom Hoffay, the Assistant Attorney General... he was absolutely right... Tom is wonderful! A really warm guy with a funny sense of humor... it was just fun to hang out with those two.... and we made plans to do more.... YES!

Tuesday, 14 May 2002 :/

Susanne Bartsch called to say that she wouldn’t be having a party tomorrow... which was OK by me ‘cause I wasn’t feeling the best today... have no idea why, but - that’s life. Finished off a bottle of Imodium and needed a nap too.

Monday, 13 May 2002 :/

Today I spent a fair amount of time on the Foundation, sending letters to Mary Tyler Moore and Michael J. Fox... Corey stopped over for a short visit... he brought a bag of oranges too.... ymmm.

This Thursday Ricky and Jill and the girls fly in from Atlanta... that’ll be great to get to visit with them. They have such a good way with the twins. Trever has me concerned... there’s something about him that begs trouble... he’s hanging with, well, some ‘less than savory’ types.... *sigh*.... everything is fine and calm right now, but I get the feeling that this calm is fake.... sorta like the eye of the storm kinda calm.

Sunday, 12 May 2002 :)

Mother’s Day... hmmmm.... We spent it in a slow and enjoyable way. Woke up at eleven and then met Corey and Billy Erb for brunch... that was very cool and lots of fun. They are really fun together and such a handsome pair. After that we went to the fish store and bought salmon and I made a really super dinner... fresh salmon, poached in white wine and butter and covered in a honey/lemon sauce.... yummm.... I even made steamed green beans and carrots, asparagus and rice... all topped by scattered Italian parsley that had been finely chopped... gotta tell you... it came out great...... thank God... Ian’s Mom came for dinner, my Mom wasn’t up to the schlep...I’ll make it up to her the next time.

Saturday, 11 May 2002 :)

Change of plans.... we had planned to go to Long Island, but there was a change of plans. Ian and I went to see Mom and visited a little while with her.

Trever and Shawn went off to a party and that left Ian and I to our own devices. We decided to go out with a friend Chris, who’s graduating this Thursday from Marist. We had a fun time and didn’t get home until three.

Friday, 10 May 2002 :)

A good day weather wise.... otherwise a smudge on my calendar... every once in a while they do come happen. During our walk we ran into Corey and we talked a while.

Mariann took a leave of absence from her nursing career because the stress’s were giving her all sorts of back and neck pains.... speaking of which the dynamic duo are staying over night there tonight... yes!

Thursday, 9 May 2002 :)

We ended up going to bed at five o’clock in the morning... *phew*.... what a great time though.... we woke up at eight and ya know, for a grey and cloudy day it was pretty damn bright if ya ask me.... heh.

Later Ian and I went over to Michele’s home. She wanted us to come and celebrate a little and she had fresh Beluga caviar and chilled Champagne waiting along with strawberries and grapes..... whatta feast!... a really wonderful celebration. Aunt Pam came over and Kimberly, the publisher of Out-Sight and her life partner Gail joined us too and it was fun to hang out.

After that Ian and I stopped on the way home at Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill’s house. Aunt Toni-Ann was there with Mom and Jenna was there too.... we talked a little, watched Will & Grace and then headed home.

Wednesday, 8 May 2002 :)

A mixed bag of feelings... Kevyn Aucoin died today... that was a downer... such a sweet hearted, gentle giant. The last time I saw him was at a C.F.D.A. party... and he kissed me. Funny, somewhere Ian still has the book, ‘Making Faces’ that I got Kevin to autograph for him. Seems unfair that the world should have to part with him so damn early!

I had to take some forms to Cornwall... to Michele’s office... I Got to see her, Kissy, Nuah and Serita but only for a moment.... then dash back to get other stuff done at mine.

We got a great call from our friend Ates... He left New York, preferring to live in Southampton and invited us out. It was so nice to hear from him... he’s having a show next Thursday in the city and wants us to attend, of course we will, we both love the guy and his paintings are amazing!

The afternoon was spent getting ready to head to New York. Ian and I were invited by Susanne Bartsch to come to her party.... (Nobody throws a party like Susanne... they’re always wonderful. So both of us and our friend Corey took the train down and met up with John Filimon there. We were a bit early so we went to a cool pub and started our own party.... by the time we made Susanne’s we were already there. It was wonderful to see the new place... very cool... and loads of room too. Sister Dimension was there spinning, performance artists were all over the place and Susanne took us on a tour. We spent the evening laughing and dancing and chatting with David Barton, Billy Erb, (from Sex In The City) and Naomi Campbell who looked stunning, as usual, in a great off white tailored suit. I was in pure party form empowered by a the rare ‘perfect hair day’ and fortified with not one, not two, but three dirty martinis.... hehe.... It was fabulous and all of us had a great time.... I just love being with Ian... all four of him... hmmm.... I bet tomorrow’s gonna be fun.

Tuesday, 7 May 2002 :)

A wonderfully exhausting day filled with ten thousand errands... well... not really ten thousand... ok ten... but... *phew*... it sure felt like more! I still get tired a lot, but a B6 Complex really seems to do the trick.

The boys came home from school as usual. I asked them to do some stuff and Trever said, “Sure, and I’ll mow the lawn too.”... hmmmm... that left me a bit dazed. Robbie and Mari came by later... we visited for a little while... that was cool.

Ian accepted another client today... remember ‘Bonjour Jeans’.... if I know Ian you’ll be hearing about them more and more.

Monday, 6 May 2002 :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Robbie Skillman!!

My eldest son, Kristopher came all the way over from Stamford to help me ready the website that the foundation will use... It’s a work in progress. It was great to see him around the house... I miss the big guy.

Ian went into the city to take care of some business and didn’t have the best of days... oh well, get it out of the way - that’s what I say.

I was bombarded with eMails telling me that the like for my Mom’s ad didn’t work.... *oops*.... I fixed it... sorry about that.

Sunday, 5 May 2002 :)

I went to see Mom today. She’s putting an ad in Out-Sight and I designed it, here’s what it looks like.

The weather was too warm for me and I ended up feeling drained, heat really messes me up... I don’t look forward to the summer.... at all. My Uncle Bill loves it! He just got back after being in Florida all winter.... I had planned to stop over and visit, but I just ran out of steam... ugh... or into it... I miss the snow.

Please say prayers for my cousin Stephanie.... She’s not where she wants to be health wise and your prayers will make a real difference.

Saturday, 4 May 2002 :/

Today I was completely wiped out from my big day yesterday... hate it... .... yup... cranky and tired.... how fun and to top it off I got a bottle of Imodium and just stuck a straw in it.

Friday, 3 May 2002 :)

Today was a very special one... The project that Michele Okin and I’ve been working on so fervently and so hush-hush about was officially put into action. I founded a Charitable Foundation.... one that is rather unique... I’ll go into it more later.... PS: I’m way excited!

I went into New York and met with Peter Arnold at his office at the CFDA... a really nice guy.... and then I was off on other appointments. I started to get extremely tired, wiped out actually, and at one point I contemplated buying a movie ticket.... just so I could lay down in the dark air-conditioned comfort of the theater and catnap.... geeze.... I’m still building up my stamina.

Ian met up with me in the city and he and I along with our dear friend John Filimon went out to celebrate the Foundation. John took us out for sushi... (love the stuff) and then we took him to ‘Posh’, a really cool gay club, and had martini’s... a lotta fun!

Thursday, 2 May 2002 :)

I had a very exciting day... I went to see Michele Okin out in Cornwall-on-Hudson... There is an amazing project we’re working on that I hope to tell the world about really soon... As a lawyer she’s advised me to wait... but I’m afraid I’ll just burst... as soon as she tells me I’ll be able to elaborate.... Wowzer!

I got to see Mom and Aunt Pam... for a little while anyway.

Please say prayers for Colleen and Mariann... they both need some.

Wednesday, 1 May 2002 :)

The weather was amazing today. Sunny and crisp.... my favorite combination. Our friend Ronnie came over and we all took a mile walk together.

Strangest thing.... A very dear gay friend of ours stopped by. He’s twenty five, stunning good looks, been ‘out’ since he was fifteen and very outspoken. We talked for a while when all of a sudden he got very serious. He said that he had to share something important... “I don’t know how to tell you this” he said, “ but, I’m..... dating a woman.” I started to laughed... I mean... it sounded like that old joke, (Did ya hear the one about the Italian homosexual - He only dated women).... I jokingly castigated him for ‘just blurting a thing like that out - ya have to gently lead up to it.’... Looking back he thinks that when he came out of the closet maybe he just came out into a bigger one... hmmmm..... Then he sheepishly added, “I’ve never told anybody, but I’ve slept with women before..... but only when I was really drunk.”... Ahhh, well, as it says in the catholic priest’s handbook, “Love is love, wherever you find it*... (*unless you’re on school property).”

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