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Thursday, 28 February 2002 :)

I went into New York for an early morning meeting with a client... then I went to have coffee with my Angel, Bernadette Wernon over at Sony. It was great to see her and spend some time catching up... I just adore her.

Leila Logan had invited Ian and me to luncheon at Ciprianis... a New York Standard.... it was incredibly packed (everybody got back from Florida) and lots of fun... the place was a buzz. After the lunch crush was over the waiter went around helping to light the cigars for the gentlemen who sat under the ‘No Smoking’ signs.... HA!.... that’s New York!

Danielle Gerber joined us for coffee and told me all about the new album she’s working on.... what a delightful girl and so down to earth. Ian agreed to dress her for the cover as well as other events... very cool.

Since I was so close to the diamond district I paid a ‘catch up’ call on my friend Fadi Doumar. I met him years ago when he became a client and we became very good friends. He is such a great guy and a talented jeweler.... he made our wedding bands and I’m forever getting compliments on them.

Wednesday, 27 February 2002 :/

I didn’t go in after all, the primary appointment was altered due to a silly bus strike, and the second one was switched to Thursday... no problem... I worked on the phone. It was snowing on and off today... strange.

Ian surprised me by coming home early... with flowers... and a blank tape to record the Grammys.... (he had dressed one of the female commentators who was working the Red Carpet).

Tuesday, 26 February 2002 :)

A beautiful day weather wise... I spent most of it working from home. The boys went off to school and Ian to New York. If things go according to plan I’ll go into the city tomorrow... we’ll see. Shawn went out to get some candy and put some on my pillow...

My brother Rick made a great brochure to introduce his company, Precision Design, LLC.. he does all kinds of designs for airplanes and a whole lot more.... best part is that our Dad had created a very neat linear design and somehow, Rick was able to translate it through the computer... and onto the brochure.... he’s amazing.

Monday, 25 February 2002 :)

Other plans had been made for today, but things changed and I went into the office instead... lots of phone work.

The weather was really nice and it looks like Spring is coming... very nice.... time doesn’t stop, or get sick, it just passes, day after day, but it never gets old... strange huh?

When I was in Ninth Grade science class there was this one time that the teacher had me put my right hand in a bucket or very icy cold water and my left hand in a bucket of very hot water for a minute or two. Then, at the same time, both hands were removed from their respective buckets and thrust into one bucket of water that was room temperature. The signals that were sent to my brain were so contradicting that I was speechless.... it happened again today.... For the last seventeen years every time the boys needed a haircut - I did it. Oh, I’d moan and groan, but I’d get the scissors and go to it. No, I’m not a hair stylist, I would invariably use terms like, ‘Unique’, ‘One-of-a-kind’, or ‘Clever’ to explain what the finished results... (Our Hero finally got wise and insisted on a crew cut)... yeah, ok... Well, today Shawn decided to make an appointment and see a hair stylist... When I got home he was waiting to show me what they did... He looked great and was delighted to be able to use terms like, ‘Even’ and ‘Straight’.... ok... that was coming... funny thing is that as I head down the path of, “I don’t need your help”, I feel a mix of melancholy and relief... at the same time... sort of the emotional equivalent of those water buckets back in the Ninth Grade.

Sunday, 24 February 2002 :)

Ian and I went to get the Pathfinder... it looks great. His cousin Jamie did a wonderful job replacing the ripped apart bumper.

After we picked it up we went to the grocery store.... I realised something very funny... at least I think so... All these tough, gang-like, ‘boys from the hood’ who make such a fuss about being rough and tumble, pretending that they just ‘don’t care’... are completely full of shit... they are bigger slaves to fashion than any gay man I know. The baggy pants, (which look so stupid) have to be ‘just so baggy’... the droopy drawers have to hang ‘precisely’, being careful to expose ‘just so much’ of their boxers... HA... it’s the funniest joke I’ve ever seen and I get the biggest kick out of watching these tough-guys, knowing full well they fussed themselves crazy to get that, “laundry hamper” look that’s still popular out of the city.

Shawn has the makings of a cold... for me today was an Imodium day... go figure! I don’t really care... ‘cause days like this, more and more, are the exception - not the rule.

Saturday, 23 February 2002 :)

This week was a smudge on my calendar... I had another cancellation and a person who didn’t show at the appointed time.... it happens.

Later on Ian and I went to visit Mom, then we went to Aunt Pam’s and saw her and Aunt Toni-Ann. Kristen came with Nuah, (who will be a year old on March ninth already).... it was wonderful to hang around her table laughing... We missed Mom though.... she wasn’t up to coming so we stopped back at her house to see her before we headed home.

Please say a prayer for a little girl named Genesis... she has some heart problems and your prayers, as we know, will make a real difference.

Friday, 22 February 2002 :)

Ian went to New York to see Vivienne Tam, having decided to step away from the position. They talked for a while and Vivienne was determined to have him stay on, so they agreed to try again, with a better understanding. I really think she means well.

Please keep my Mom in your prayers, she’s still having all kinds of problems that they think may be related to the car accident last month. And keep little Mary in them too.... I went to have tea with her and she’s in a strange place... the reality of Robert’s passing is hitting home more and more.

The boys are staying at Mariann and Robbie’s tonight. Which will be perfect!

Thursday, 21 February 2002 :)

My tooth is feeling even better.... yea! I went into the office to discuss some strategies with Tim, he was really helpful and I expect some good things from the collaboration.

I’m working on something I feel is pretty exciting involving the Moffitt center and I called Bill Blass who is not just an amazing designer, but a dear, kind hearted fellow. I don’t wanna jinx anything, but I’m real excited.... more on this later.

The Angel’s are trying to get me to Florida for the check-up that’s due, so far nothing is convenient and I’m feeling so much better that, well, I know I have to go and I will, just not this week.

Ian took the day to decide what he should do... he’s conflicted... on one hand he likes her and on the other hand... geeze... I hope this ‘multiple personality thing isn’t contagious... ‘course if I had two Ian’s... hmmmm....

Shawn asked if he could move Ian’s VW (Critter) back and forth in the driveway... Ian said he could. I was on the phone when Shawn came in with all the blood gone from his face... yeah... he had backed into something and made a dent in the bumper. I wanted to laugh, but I took the “If you had just listened to me..” lecture instead... I made him tell Ian.... glad I don’t have two Ian’s right now.... heh.

Wednesday, 20 February 2002 :\

Ian had an abysmal day yesterday... Vivienne was upset with him because some members of the press who, at the beginning of last week said they’d attend the show, didn’t. They decided to attend Pauline Trigére’s memorial service, (the fashion icon died Wednesday, and her memorial was the same day as the show.... leave it to the French)... Then a 7thOnSixth bus loaded with forty-one editors were thirty-five minutes late ‘cause they got lost.... right.... most of them decided to forgo the Vivienne Tam show and bounced since Donna Karen’s show was getting ready to start... hmmmm... (how much ya wanna bet that was Donna driving the bus).... anyway, nothing that was within Ian’s control, but she was upset anyway.... Today Ian said she was fine... she kissed him.... uh.... OK, what did I miss?

When I first met Vivienne Tam I found her friendly... ok, a little flaky.... uh... ‘artistic’... but nice. The personality she’s been showing on and off to Ian would remind ya of Richard Nixon.... (as my friend Jeannie would say) - without the charm! Seems that as a child growing up in Canton China, her Mom dressed her up and passed her off as a boy... I have no idea why.... She was a teenager before she was finally allowed to be a girl, like her sister. As it turns out she apparently has multiple personalities... *BIG SURPRISE*... Ya know, that could actually be a plus come show time.... I mean, she could design the clothes and model them simultaneously..... according to Ian she’d probably pass herself walking down the catwalk.... heh.

Tuesday, 19 February 2002 :\

I was in the dentist’s chair at 8:00 sharp. The first shot of Novocain was delightful... he touched something that made tongue light up like a pinball game. It was supposed to make the tooth numb.... it didn’t. The second shot made my whole mouth fuzz out... except for my tooth... by the third shot I couldn’t feel my face... I could have pulled out my eyeballs with no pain... but the tooth was another story. The dentist was totally stumped... that made me a bit nervous... but we both knew what had to happen... and he pulled the tooth. Moe, Larry and Curly would have been proud! When he was quite through I asked him if my sock was hanging off the thing God damn thing... ‘cause I half expected to see it dangling there... *phew*

Afterward I made some business calls, until I realised that I must have sounded drunk... “Hewo, thish ihs Ginow Pishano, cawing. Have I weathed you atta ba time?”... heh... I went to pick up some paperwork and made a short visit at Mom’s... Aunt Rusty was there too so I got to see her... even if it was a short time.... after the Novocain wore off I was sore... but phone worthy.

Monday, 18 February 2002 :\

A mixed day... a holiday... a day off.... one of ‘those’ days. Ian went into the city anyway... I worked on the phones... then I got the call from my office informing me that they were open and wondering where I was.... so much for being ahead... oh well I went in.

Canceled the dentist appointment for today and rescheduled for 8:00 tomorrow morning.... hurts like hell, but I can handle it... I live with two teenage boys remember.... an impacted bicuspid is a cake walk. Speaking of the boys, they’re staying at their Mom’s tonight.... they return tomorrow.... huh... tomorrow I get the tooth fixed - the twins come back... Today my tooth is killing me - the boys are at Mari’s...... ya know, they say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle... maybe they’re right.

Sunday, 17 February 2002 :)

A screwed up Sunday... still recovering from last week I guess... I went no where, and did nothing.... and that had it’s own charm. Ian went out with Edith and Sonya and Julia to the Bistro. Edith had flown in from LA to help Ian with the show... she may even move back to New York.

My cousin Greg just got back from LA... his band Last Perfect Thing is gonna be playing in Old Bridge New Jersey at the Birch Hill Concert Hall.... They’re opening for a group called Hoobastank... very cool.

Saturday, 16 February 2002 :)

Ian and I were so wiped out that we slept until noon... it was great. The rest of the day he worked on PR stuff and I left him to it. My tooth is starting to really hurt again... I have to get the root canal finished or the tooth pulled... either way at this point.

Please keep Dennis in your prayers... he’s in intensive care recovering from yard work. That’s right.... seems he was doing some while his daughter was in the car alone, practicing how to drive. Mistaking the gas pedal for the brake peddle she mashed it.... imagine her surprise to find to find it wasn’t.... or his surprise to find his car was his new belt buckle.... yup... pined him against the house, and broke his pelvis in three or four places.... *yeouch*.... Guess she can forget about borrowing the car anytime soon.

Mom said my Aunt Rusty’s in town... I hope I get to see her.

Friday, 15 February 2002 :)

Last night we went to Susanne Bartsch’s party. She was delightful and so fun, she and John go to Canada a lot and she want’s to come to our home the next time she goes... since where we are in the country is on the way. Ian and I met some truly fabulous folks, artists and some serious party animals. We couldn’t stay too long ‘cause the show was the next day.

The Show was..... Brilliant.... Vivienne out did herself. Ian got tomandandy to compose original music for the show, (fantastic).... got CNN to do a live interview and even got the host to agree to be dressed by Vivienne for future events.... GO IAN.... GO IAN.... The tents were the best I’ve seen and the buzz was Super-Charged! Everyone wanted a seat... but only five hundred and sixty seven could get one. All the rest had to stand. One woman demanded to be sat and was furious when she realised that she would have to stand... (she didn’t RSVP) “I’M THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON HERE!” just bizarre... she refused to consider anything less than sitting front row! Try as I did she left in a huff.... *Bye*... funny to think that there are some souls that are confined to chairs who would pray for the very thing that was putting her botox injection to the test.... oh well, that was the day’s drama... the rest was pure delight. Shawn came down to see the show too... (or the half dressed models... hehe) it was nice to see him... I was missing the guys.

Ian MacKintosh... There is a name to remember. He’s so respected in the field and he’s building momentum more and more..... I have absolutely no doubt that one day he’ll be an industry Icon..... and I get to hang out with him...... Yes!..... Vivienne Tam was thrilled and thanked him profusely.... he’s already got some cool things in store for the next season!

I loved this week... root canal and all... what a time it was.... Awesome!

Thursday, 14 February 2002 :)

What a busy day… I had to cancel the root canal appointment… I‘ll deal with it later. Ian and I were crazy-busy. I‘m so glad that I‘m getting stronger and stronger. The seating is set… among the notables that are going to be at the show tomorrow are: Emma Bloomberg, Izabella Miko, Jonny Podell, Katee Sackhoff, Cassandra Wilson, Irina Panteva, Michael Cavadias, Vincent Gallo, Tina Louise, Amy Tan, Helen O‘Hagen, Eleanor Lambert, Raphil Marino, Elsa Klench and one of the Bush twin’s wants to come, but it would mean really mad security, so we’ll see… what a front row!!!!

We are expected at Suzanne Bartsch‘s party… it promises to be amazing… she‘s known in the circuit for throwing the most amazing events… I miss living here… we‘re gonna fix that fast!

Wednesday, 13 February 2002 :)

Tina Louise came in today and she was wonderful… so friendly and very pretty. Ian was on the mark with the clothes he selected… she looked great!

Rushka is the stylist that‘s assisting for the show… she‘s the one who got Bjork to wear the now infamous ‘Swan Dress‘… it‘s gonna be a very hot show.

Oh, I totally for got to mention that I had to get a root canal two days ago, or at least the start of it… the rest of the work will be done today and the crown next week… I don‘t care… I‘m loving it… we were even working until midnight… so exciting.

Tuesday, 12 February 2002 :)

What a day… up early… out for breakfast… then in the office… just like the old days… how fun!

I spoke with Tina Louise today… I’ve met her before at Eleanor’s and I‘m gonna see her again tomorrow ‘cause she‘s coming over to see Ian… very cool… (ix-nay on the illigan’s-Gay Island thing‘).

Ian and I were gonna go to see ‘Cabaret‘ but decided to work on the seating for the show… I love working with him… he‘s a blast!

Monday, 11 February 2002 :)

So far so good… the boys sound like they‘re not having TOO much fun in our absence…. *sigh*…. Oh well, I can only hope for the best.

Ian and I went to Charles Worthington’s party… It was filled with good people - and we had a great time. Charles is so handsome and he’s got a wonderful British accent… very charming… Ian talked to him about working together on future shows. His penthouse overlooks the city… and the lights at night are entrancing.... Definitely a ‘party-pad‘… it’s a shame that he only comes to town once a month… He wants Ian and I to visit him in London… tempting, we‘ll see… and the people were so friendly… we made friends with a bunch of good people…. They were thoughtful enough to have cars waiting to schlep us home too.

Sunday, 10 February 2002 :)

Ian and I headed into New York… what a great day for the trip. We got to Eric‘s apartment, a charming studio... Smack dab in the middle of the East Village… trés chic. We didn‘t have much of a chance to visit ‘cause we had to dash to Eleanor Lambert‘s for the Open House. It was so wonderful to be there… like the old days. Eleanor was wonderful and it was great to see old friends. She introduced me to Geoffrey Beene and we talked for quite a while. Suzy Menkes was delightful, she doesn’t change at all and neither does Carol Short… it was a really great time.

Later we went to Eric‘s and rented Rat Race - it was hysterical…. Funny thing is that Eric‘s apartment is on the third floor…. After years of being in New York on the nineteenth floor we weren’t used to the sounds being so loud… in the morning there was an empty flat bed truck that barreled down the road.. It was SO that Ian and I grabbed each other braced for the impending arrival into the little apartment… we laughed uncontrollably when we realized our mistake.

Saturday, 9 February 2002 :)

Ok... I needed a nap today and I had to use Imodium, still that’s no where near what I had been needing not so long ago.... I’m happy.... and the future is looking brilliant.

Ian and I had dinner with Mariann and Robby... what a really fun time. We went to the Mountain Brahuas.... fantastic German food, served in a relaxed and delightful setting... I love it and we all had fun. Life is for sharing and creating memories. We had the pleasure of running into David and Amelia Phillips our friends... that was really nice too.

The boys invited Scott and Travis to stay overnight.... I think it’s so cool that they want to stay here... (This is the part that I’ll miss when they’re grown.) Tomorrow Ian and I head to the city... the boys are on their own.... *shiver*.... I may not be able to update the site like I normally do... but then that may also be the least of my problems too.

Friday, 8 February 2002 :)

I spent the day talking with celebrities and their publicists... very cool. There’s a lot that goes into setting up for the show... but I don’t mind... it works well for me too.

I popped over to see Mary, she’s doing better today... just gotta take it a day at a time.

Sunday will be the start of a very busy Fashion Week. We’ll stay in the city through the week... too much work and too many parties. Sunday we’ll be going to Eleanor Lambert’s open house, (the traditional Fashion Week send off) hosted at the Fifth Avenue home of the great lady herself.... a dear friend who gave Ian his start in the field of fashion. Monday is a private party at the New York home of Charles Worthington..... hmmm.... Tuesday the theater, (to finally see Cabaret with tickets that my friend Garrett Cutler gave us as a gift just before I was diagnosed in 1999... had to cancel ‘cause I had to go to Tampa and start the treatments.... YES!.... (glad I saved the tickets), Thursday a party hosted by Susanne Bartsch, that should be totally cool, and Friday afternoon the Vivienne Tam show..... *phew*....I’m already tired already.

Thursday, 7 February 2002 :)

Please say prayers for a guy name Bruce... he’s been diagnosed with rectal cancer, and he could really use the prayers... BIG TIME.

I stopped over and saw Mary... she said that she’s only now beginning to realize that Robert’s gone.... it’s not easy.

Today I may have overdone... I got real tired and I also needed the Imodium... oh well, I’m still doing swell... just a minor ‘whatever’. I’m determined to get up to speed... one way or the other!

Wednesday, 6 February 2002 :)

”For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”... ask anyone who’s raising a teenager... the more you do for them the less they do for you! Just part of growing I guess. One day they’ll be all grown (instead of all groan) and I’ll probably miss it.... right now, I’m just too close.

I spoke to Tara Shannon today she’s planning to come back to the States to see her Mom and Colleen. It’s lousy to be so far from home, but Holland is so wonderful. ..... hmmmm... If I’m too close... and Tara’s too far... ‘just right’ would be where?

Tuesday, 5 February 2002 :)

Please say prayers for my friend Jeannie Shannon... she’s in pain and that just sucks.... Please include David P. ‘cause his throat is really giving him some problems.

I got a call from the good folks at Joint-Ritis. They’re thinking of getting my story in the paper... pretty cool... I might meet them next week since I’ll be in New York.

I spent most all of the day on the phone... talking with some really interesting people for Ian... This is his busy time and I always help him - and he always helps me too.

Monday, 4 February 2002 :)

I had a very long and pleasant day... I worked on the phones and made a lot of headway too. I spoke to my friend Marv, such a fighter that guy, he’s doing beautifully! Talked with Sourabh too... he’s feeling much better and he’s back at work too.

My poor Aunt Pam... yesterday, when she came over for dinner I completely forgot that she can’t eat garlic... (the soup I made was loaded with it).... she was up all night popping Pepcid’s, sick as a dog, Mom stayed up with her, and they all stayed at Aunt Toni’s... needless to say I was Mr. Popular this morning! When Ian got home I told him all about Aunt Pam getting so ill as a result of my cooking, Trever, who overheard muttered... “Guess we built up antibodies.”.... heh.

Sunday, 3 February 2002 :)

Patrick and Mike came over to visit and drop off some neat stuff that Mary insisted we share... so much good food.... she’s so sweet... could be dangerous though... we could get hooked on home cooked food. Eric, Patrick’s boyfriend, is going to rent us his apartment in New York for fashion week... that’ll make it easier.

Mom came by for a little supper with Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni-Ann.... that was good... Mom’s decided that she really does want to live with Ian and me... if Mom did live with us we’d probably eat right! There’s a lot going on that needs some serious thought... ya know, weigh the ‘PROs’ and ‘CONs’..... Hmmmm.... like PROchutto and Chicken CONcarne.... hehe.

Saturday, 2 February 2002 :\

What a sunny... cool crisp winter day. The same kind of weather as last Saturday.... only today was the memorial service for our friend Robert Guglielmo. There were over one hundred seventy people who came... after it was over we all headed back to his Lake House.... A bunch of recognizable faces and some that I hadn’t met before.... but all of them united in their common memory of this extraordinary man. His Mom decided to scatter his ashes to the lake.... (Mom’s shouldn’t have to do that)....I threw a rose into the water and it landed on the ice and stayed there... I was good... until I heard Mary crying... that broke my heart so Ian and I headed back to the house while the strands of Bing Crosby’s, “White Christmas” played in Robert’s memory... Funny thing is I know he’d have followed it with, “Who Let The Dogs Out?”... hehe... but hey!

I was so bummed out all week by the fact that a guy could die in front of his very own house - in his very own lake - with his best buddy.... Then I realised that it was.... all of it... a blessing.... how cool...... ‘cause that meant that you HAD your very own house, your very own lake, and that you were lucky enough to even have a Best Buddy... and, best of all, you’d never be alone.

Please keep Mary in your prayers... she was a pillar of strength... how? I have NO idea! Oh, while your at it please include Carol H. too... she’s had a cancer reoccurrence and needs the energy.

Friday, 1 February 2002 :)

A day of more freezing rain... and gale winds.... really pretty. I went into the office for a meeting with Tim Smith. It was quite... Scott headed for Europe... very cool.

I spent some time with Aunt Joann and she took me to see a house that overlooks a creek... It’s a possibility... we’ll see. Meanwhile Shawn went to visit Kris in Stamford for the weekend.... Our Hero decided to stay here..... hrmn.

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