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Monday, 31 December 2001 NEW YEARS EVE :)

Please say a prayer for my Aunt Rusty and my Mom... they both had a rough night, (and not from partying with sailors... (or least they’re denying it).

The boys are having a private party here.... I’m going out with Ian to a little place in Kingston... ‘Carmine’s’.... good bye 2001... it’s been fun.... yeah.... (more fun than a spinal, maybe).

Sunday, 30 December 2001 :\

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to R-i-c-k-y... Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu.

Ian and I went to the Mall to do some shopping... We took Ian’s Mom, the boys, and their friend Ben. I wasn’t really into the crowds and the noise... but it was good to be a part of something.

Saturday, 29 December 2001 :\

Today is Joanna’s birthday.... she celebrated by closing on a house in Boca Raton.... now she want’s Ian and me to come and stay.... good idea, bad timing. We’ll try to get to see her when I go to Florida for the quarterly check-up.

Mari and Robbie stopped over to drop off a hundred pound punching bag that we had all gone in on... (Trever had wanted one for Christmas)... I think it’ll work out swell... so long as I don’t see a picture of me taped on it.... heheh.

My friend Marv and his wife Carol are in Indiana to meet his Grandchild.... amazing. Please keep those two in your prayers.

Aunt Anne is out of the hospital and back in her apartment safe and sound.

Friday, 28 December 2001 :\

Zithromax is a good thing... I felt much better. I went into the Newburgh office to meet with Tim and it was fine. Afterward I stopped over to see Mom briefly.

De came over for a visit and brought some amazing pecan bread... ymmmm.... it was hard to swallow, but worth the fight! She stayed for a while and caught up with what was going on.... I gotta get back to working on the book so that she can finish the illustrations. I’ll post more of her drawings when I get them.

It started to snow this evening... so pretty.... hope it keeps up.

Thursday, 27 December 2001 :\

We had lunch with our dear friend Carina Davis... that was really cool... unfortunately I was still punky.... so the doctor ordered Zithromax.

The boys returned from Kris’s house today.... not two minutes in the door and Our Hero starts with the bullshit.... *sigh*... I’m so glad they weren’t triplets.

Please say a prayer for Timothy Scott... he needs them right now.

Wednesday, 26 December 2001 :\

I woke up and my throat was on fire.... Ugh... My Aunt Helen, who had planned to come visit decided that she wasn’t up to coming... it all worked out fine... I spent the entire day in a pool of chicken broth.

Tuesday, 25, December 2001 CHRISTMAS DAY :)

Ahhh.... Christmas Day. It began with breakfast for Ian, Trever, Shawn, my Mom, Kris, Melanie, Ian’s Mom, Mariann, Robbie and me... what fun to be in the midst of the familiar buzz. Then we went downstairs into the boys lair and opened the presents... it was a flurry of paper and ribbons.... and everyone had a ball... except for my Mom.... she’s so hard to buy for... with her it’s not so much a day of Jesus saving the world as it is me saving the receipts... hehe. It’s become a tradition... one I’m breaking next year with a gift certificate to the mall!

After things settled down we were paid a call from Josh Warren, an old friend of Kristopher’s that I saw grow up.... now he’s all grown and it’s wild to see them turn from boys to men.... and cool to see him sitting around the table like he did ten years ago.

Kris and Melanie asked if they could take the boys to Connecticut until Thursday or Friday.... YES!

Later Ian and I went to Pat’s house... what a Christmas Extravaganza! Everything you could want for, all presented in a beautifully laid out comfortable setting... and such attention to detail... Going to Pat’s house at Christmas means being surrounded with warm people, good fun, great food, games, laughter, love and liquor.... all under one roof!

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S.

Monday, 24 December 2001 CHRISTMAS EVE :)

It’s gonna be such a wonderful Christmas.... It’s also Aunt Pam’s real birthday, even though we already celebrated it a week or so ago. Kristopher, my twenty six year old son, is home and the beautiful Melanie is with him. We’re gonna head over to Aunt Pam’s later on.

It was really odd not to see Jill and Ricky and my three nieces at Aunt Pams house.... I knew it was gonna be strange, just didn’t figure on how strange it would be. Oh well, this is the first Christmas that they’ve ever had at their own house, with their dog Sophie, and I guess I’d wonder what that was like too.

Mom stayed over... Kris and Melanie too. Ian and I and Trever and Shawn all wrote our letters to Santa and walked them to the post box. I’m so happy this year - Ian is too, (and he’s been off Prozac for more than a week).

In the morning Mariann and Robbie are coming over to share Christmas Breakfast... so I better get to bed.

Sunday, 23 December 2001 :)

The boys had some friends stay over last night... meanwhile Ian and I decided to go out... we went to the club , ran into friends and partied until four thirty in the morning.... YEAH!.... I’m wiped out, but happy.

I listened to the reports that some wacko tried to blow up his shoe on an airplane... They gotta stop this crap... I vote that they can do what they deem necessary to get the job done. I was speaking to a dear friend who’s been involved in so many fights for different causes. She thinks that any violation of a persons civil rights is not acceptable, ‘Near-War’ or not.... *sheese*... insanity... What good are your rights - if you’re dead at the hand of a whacko like ‘Jihad Johnny’?.... The way I see it.... Terrorism is a silent killer. Terrorist cells scattered among the good. Living off the host country... and in the end possibly destroying it..... hmmmm... sounds a lot like CANCER don’t ya think? Except cancer is better - at least it doesn’t INTEND to kill it’s host! Being a cancer survivor, (God that sounds so sweet), I’m just damn glad that no one recognized that cancer is a living organism too... heh... Imagine a chemo treatment interrupted ‘cause of ‘The Carcinoma Civil Rights Movement’.... I wonder what folks who fight for causes like most - the Cause...or... the Fight.

Saturday, 22 December 2001 :)

Please say prayers for Jill, she fell down the stairs at her house and she has some bruises and a swollen ankle... *OUch*.... Ricky said she was performing a ‘Gravity Check’ and that the gravity in the state of Georgia is just fine.... hrmn.

I went to the surprise party for Jim, the former probation officer for Trever and Shawn, (a.k.a. ‘The Pins Twins’) ... it still sounds weird to say that.... Oh well... Ian couldn’t go and the boys had dates... so I went solo. It was a great, fun time! He comes from a Brooklyn based, Irish family.... the quips were fast, fierce, and funny as hell! I was very honored to have been invited. I really think he’s a heck of a guy and one of the more positive things to come out of the whole misadventure!

Friday, 21 December 2001 :)

I had lunch with Tim Smith, the fellow who runs the Newburgh office that I am going to work out of. I was very impressed with him... down to earth and very friendly... He really helped to put me at ease about the decision to change offices.... I think this will be a good thing. It will seem odd not to see my friends on a steady basis.... that’s the sucky part.

I received some e-flack from some who thought I was joking yesterday.... I wasn’t. Seems strange to me that most of us are pretty willing to accept that there’s an ‘Osama Bin Laden’... (who most of us have never seen)... but not Santa, who we grew up with.... Ugh.... sometimes I think grown-ups are more like groan-ups.

I’m so psyched... I ran to the convenient store to buy two beers... and the guy insisted on carding me! I smiled and promised I was older than twenty-one... like over twenty one years older than twenty-one... he said it was his job to card, “If they look iffy”.... I promised to return often... and spend hoards of money there..... heh.... iffy.

Thursday, 20 December 2001 :)

I love the work of Caroline Utigard Thomas so much.... I think she’s just amazing and worth checking out.

Please say prayers for my Aunt Anne, she was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York... she might have pneumonia.... that’s lousy.

Ian went into the city today... he and Sonya did some shopping... Christmas is just days away now... I’m gonna write my letter to Santa soon. I think it’s a joke that some folks are convinced that Santa Clause isn’t real... Me? - I know for fact he is... always have. Every year I right to him and ask for the thing that’s really important to me, (sometimes two or three things) and then I put a stamp on it, address it to Santa Clause, Santa’s Workshop, North Pole and without a return address, (‘cause he knows where I live) and I walk to a mail box and put it in... (knowing full well that it goes to him via magic). Wanna know what... he never fails me... I swear! Try it... just try it and see... I bet he’d love to get a letter from you.

Wednesday, 19 December 2001 :)

OK.... the office change will be effective right after the holidays.... It’s the best thing really... feels odd, but then change always does.

I think I’m coming down with a cold... nothing major, just the sore throat so far.

What a crazy, can’t-get-out-of-your-own-way day... Simple - I wrote a list: Coffee, Garbage, Shower, Dry cleaning, etc... not a big deal... or so you’d think.... huh... I poured coffee, opened the fridge and the bottom grill fell off. Went to put it on and saw this gross mass of dust and yuk... got the vacuum to get rid of it... next thing I know the refrigerator is pulled out and I’m cleaning behind it.... then the stove - ‘cause I’m already there and they’re like a team, anyway... all done - I have the coffee. Take out the garbage in the process a branch hits me in the face... now I’m outside with snips trimming the forsythia bushes... an hour later, I’m heading into the shower and in getting a towel notice that the linen closet is a mess... ok... took the stuff off one shelf to redo it fast and notice the support is loose and needs to be tightened... So I go downstairs into the workshop and get a screwdriver..... *UGH*... (the whole day was like that.)

Tuesday, 18 December 2001 :)

Ian went into New York on business... when he returned we celebrated being together and in love for seven years and eight months... to the day.

Please say a prayer for Martha... she’s going in the hospital for an operation and needs all our prayers.

Tara and Marco sent the most beautiful Christmas photo from Holland.

On Television they were saying that it’s possible that Osama Bin Laden might have shaved his beard... could even be trying to pass himself off as a woman. I tried to imagine that and the only mental picture was one of Linda Tripp... at first I chuckled, that was mean..... but then it dawned on me.... he IS devious.... and you never see the two of them together.

Monday, 17 December 2001 :)

We had sleet this morning and the schools had a two hour delay.

In my office in they are having a ‘Secret Santa’... So I went into the city. Unfortunately I miscalculated the time that they would finish the morning meeting and got there after the it was over... hrmn... There wasn’t any protracted party as I recalled... Oh well, it was a blast just to be there with them all and I had fun.

I took enough Imodium, trust me, but I had a near-problem at Grand Central anyway. Thank God it all worked out just fine.

Please say a prayer for Carol Miller... she really needs them now she’s in the process of beating lymphoma!

Sunday, 16 December 2001 :(

Had bought tickets to see on Off Broadway play and at the last minute decided to stay home.... had too... wasn’t up to the schlep or in the mood... I’m evil today. In fact, I think I succeeded in making the ‘Grinch who stole Kwanzaa’ look like Ronald Fuckin’ McDonald... Why?... Who knows.

On my walk I went into a health food store in town and bought some licorice. The pasty, tofu-faced fellow behind the counter tried to charge me for the box of green tea that I had bought at Starbucks... when he saw his mistake, with great superiority he proudly announced, “I’ve never been in a Starbucks. Not as long as there’s a Ma and Pa shop that sells coffee.” I looked right at him and smiled, “Good for you... Me? I like feeding ‘The Machine’”... *Ugh*..... Christmas is coming, I’m trying to snap out of it. You’d think it would be easy, what with so much to celebrate... Christmas at hand.... Kicking the ass of those terrorist scum bags..... the uneventful end of Rama-lama-ding-dong, (Christ, if it were a real holiday wouldn’t Hallmark have told us?).... see what I mean... Just plain evil... *sigh*... Oh well, I’m heading off to Mickey D’s for a 20 piece Bin Laden (boneless chicken)... Yeah, yeah, I gottcha ‘Jingle Bells’ rightherrre.

I feel better now..... Ian and I finally had ‘alone time’... First time in a week.... too long for me - I get nuTZo... God am I shallow..... but hey, I was starting to develop a relationship with my VCR, (planning a secret rendezvous at Best Buy, a new remote...)... heh.

We decided to go to the movies and see Harry Potter a fantastic movie... a MUST SEE..... and we saw it under the most amazing circumstances... the movie house was completely empty, except for us.... we were the only people there... it was like a private viewing.... very cool..... ah, the magic’s back! OK... so I’m shallow..... get over it already.

Saturday, 15 December 2001 :)

Aunt Toni-Ann had a birthday party for Aunt Pam today. Her birthday isn’t until Christmas Eve... but then it sorta gets lost in all of the festivities... so this way it stood out more. It was nice to get together. Afterwards Mom came home with me to stay the night.

Ian and I are planning to go into New York tomorrow to see a show.... I hope we do.

Friday, 14 December 2001 :/

Two years ago today I was told I had cancer..... *shiver*... now, two years later and I’m cancer free. It was a long fuckin’ road brother. I look back and access the last two years of my life and I really see what utter shit I’ve been through, between cancer and kids... and what great gifts I got along the way... it hasn’t all been crap.

I probably sound really low... I’ve been arguing with Our Hero, who, at seventeen is still confused as to who the Father is. I laid down the gauntlet.... insisted that he decide that he will either respect my wishes or move out... Ian went to him to tell him that I was just angry, stressed and with Christmas so close to make a list of what it would take to stay... Please!... I went back to Trever and calmly assured him that I was not angry at all, that all that sentimental slop Ian was peddling was just that. The only thing I want from him is either his respect or a post-it bearing his new address and phone number on it... PERIOD.

Thursday, 13 December 2001 :)

Please say a prayer for Jim Suto... he’s a really good guy who’s having eye problems and really needs them.

I saw the video that showed ‘Oh-I’m-a Big Nutjob’ talking to his linen layered pals... yuking it up, saying that, this is ‘Just what happened to Mohammed’... hmmm.... I don’t recall Mohammed slaughtering innocents and then cowering in caves... Meanwhile Osama and his fearless ‘All-Hide-a’ are playing a mean game of Hide and Sheik... could drive ya to drink... Speaking of which - what’s up with that traitor, Johnny Walker.... Is he still alive?... OK guys... pay attention - Accidents happen.... Couldn’t someone over there have an ‘Oops’ while they’re cleaning a gun or something... *Pop*... Game over. Thank you for playing.

On a brighter note, Trever and I went to visit Mom... that was nice. Stayed for some tea and came home.

Wednesday, 12 December 2001 :\

Strange morning... didn’t feel right today... had to rely on Imodium a lot... oh well, could’ve been worse - could have been out of the stuff.... Fat chance.... I have Imodium with me at all times, like I used to have cigarettes, (in the glove box of the car, my briefcase, my pocket, even in my desk drawer...) Yup... that’s me - always on the run... ugh.

After going on an appointment in Yorktown Heights I stopped at Mom’s for a quick visit. She was just finishing up a class and I got to see Aunt Toni-Ann... that was kinda nice. I only stayed a short while... wanted to hurry home to Ian.

Tuesday, 11 December 2001 :\

It is absolutely amazing just how fast the time goes.... Hard to realize that it was three months ago already. I listen to the news almost daily and they still refer to it as a ‘tragedy’... it wasn’t a tragedy at all.... a train goes off the track - that’s a tragedy.... What happened on September eleventh was a massacre... plain and simple.

Wouldn’t an Osama Bin Laden Christmas ornament be great.... we could all watch the bastard hang from a tree branch... what anger?... hehe.

Monday, 10 December 2001 :/

Aunt Toni-Ann came over to visit today... that was very nice... she even brought some sushi.... yummm... We talked for a while. She’s excited about starting a career in Mortgage Brokering... very cool.

Ian and I shared a quite and restful day... got together with Steve later on at his house... nothing too exciting I’m afraid.

Mom is better now... yesterday she had a scare. Seems she came out of a store and couldn’t find her car... just blanked. She asked a young couple for help and they found the car and even followed her home... light headed, dizzy and disoriented... scary.... but all self induced I’m afraid... She hadn’t eaten breakfast and being diabetic it caused the whole affair.... Ugh... can’t screw around with that.

Sunday, 9 December 2001 :)

It’s a Winter Wonderland..... and Happy Chanukah to all my friends who celebrate it.

Little was done today except enjoying the way that world looked... at least our corner of it.... the boys had some friends come over for dinner, then they went to a movie... Ian and I stayed home.

Please keep Skip in your prayers, he’s still in a coma. And add Martha to your lists... she was diagnosed with cancer... hate that!

Saturday, 8 December 2001 :)

There was no milk this morning.... so I dashed right over to the convenient store totally forgetting the Cosmic Law. The one that clearly states you’ll run into everyone you ever knew, the significance of the individual is directly proportional to the level of disgustingness that you present.... heh.... Considering that I hadn’t brushed my teeth, my hair was totally punked out and I wasn’t even wearing underwear or socks.... I guess it was inevitable that I would run into my neighbor, the set designer, who looked like he’d been up for days.

Ian and I got together for lunch again... we went to Mickey D’s... I had a six piece Bin Laden.... hehe...

It’s snowing the first one of the year, and it looks like it’ll be gorgeous... this is gonna be so wonderful.

Friday, 7 December 2001 :)

I met Ian in Kingston for lunch and it was nice to do little things like that.... get away from the house and the ties bind, (cut off all circulation, more like)... it was fun.

I was invited to see Nasir in a college dance performance and decided to go... it was very well done and the enthusiasm that the students exuded was contagious.... It was a celebration. One piece was a memorial to those innocents who were slaughtered in the massacre of September eleventh..... It made me cry.

Seeing as they start so young I’ve got an idea for a would-be-terrorists primer... ”Fun With Osama and Omar”... “See Omar run. Run Omar, run.” I vote we turn him into ‘Spot’.... He and Osama make it very difficult to tell who the bigger coward really is.... hmmm.... I now refer to boneless chicken, covered in egg and battered as a ’Bin Laden’... which I think is totally perfect ‘cause you eat it up and later... well.... ya know.

Thursday, 6 December 2001 :)

A day of taking care of details... more holiday preparation.

Mom came over to stay the night... I was talking with her when my Aunt Joann called to tell me that the house on the river... the one I was interested in, may not be available after all..... damnit... I have to remember that all things for the best.... I just really liked it... just gotta flow with it.

Ricky and Jill may not come up for Christmas this year... *sigh*... I’m flowing already... There’s still a possibility that they may.

Wednesday, 5 December 2001 :)

Please say a prayer for Skip in Key West... the poor guy fell off the roof trying to change the flag.

Magic happened... the Christmas tree is up and lit and snow covered... looks amazing, the best ever! Little bits of wonder are strewn throughout the house.... I am going to enjoy this year extra-special, for lots of reasons.

Mari came over and we took Trever back to court today... What a circus side show that was.... green hair, spikes, leather pants, and mixed in were the red flannel shirts and blue jeans.... Oh.... and one tall skinny guy who wore skin tight tan pants, a black shirt un-tucked with a silver lamé tie - and sneakers. But as diverse as the crowd was they had a common bond - most of them were pretty ripe.... (blech).... The place was packed and very warm. As I looked around I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Dad’s of most of these guys.... then I saw Our Hero high fiving some acquaintances, and I remembered - I was one of those Dad’s!... Ugh... After what seemed like forever, his attorney told us that they postponed the case until January 2nd.... suggested we just go home and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, that he’d see us soon after... right... we’ll have a grand time with this shit hanging just over our heads! Ah well, onward, onward!

Tuesday, 4 December 2001 :)

For the first time in - I have no idea - I took No Imodium today... Yeah!.... that’s a big deal. While I have no clue how long this run of ‘no runs’ will be... *grin*.... still it’s a happy day.... most ‘normal’ day I’ve had in years... with God’s help it’ll be the beginning of a trend.

We began the arduous process of bringing Christmas to the Pisano home... the tree is up... the rest should be finished in a couple of days... lights, balls, snow, and banister.

Terry, (Jim’s wife) stopped by for coffee, she’s got a Brilliant sense of humor... Jim’s fiftieth is coming up and she’s gonna throw a party. She invited fifty friend, (including us) and since he’s freaking out ‘cause it’s, “The Big Five Oh”... she decided to rent out the dining hall at the senior’s building... Muahahahahaha....

In the evening Ian and I spent a few hours with Jeff and Blake decorating Christmas stockings for a group of about forty five seniors.... hmm... I hope I’m able to participate in the Orphan’s party this year... I sure am gonna try!

Monday, 3 December 2001 :)

A frosty morning.... ran some errands and took care to set up some appointments. Shawn had sprained his foot yesterday and today emerged with crutches... a sure sign of ‘not so good’... I’ll have it x-rayed to be sure.

Please keep my friend Colleen B. in your prayers... her feet are sore after walking all over Spain in the Pilgrimage she went on.

Went with Ian to Poughkeepsie to run some necessary errands and got together with Ian’s Mom for a short while... nothing exciting... just me and my buddy hanging out.... yeah!

Sunday, 2 December 2001 :)

There seems to be a real change taking place around here... Ian noticed it too... like things are getting smoother... I dunno... I feel it, but I don’t wanna jinx it either. They wanted to go to Kingston with their pals, Travis and Scott... Eugene was driving.... it went fine... ahhhh.... the act of letting go.

Later we rented Shrek... a totally hysterical piece of animation... a must see... (adults are gonna like it a lot more than the kids!).

Saturday, 1 December 2001 :)

The boys are now Seventeen... it’s official... wow. They had little desire for a birthday party in the traditional sense, but preferred the company of a select group of friends, (the usual suspects)... so to speak.... and in short order appeared all showered and dressed to look like rumpled laundry wearing cologne.... hrmn... kiss bye... and they were off.

As I had expected it took me until almost three o’clock to feel normal, since I overdosed myself on Imodium yesterday... but I have no regrets... well worth it for the memory of being with Trever and Shawn in New York.

Later on while Ian was out on business, I went to a dinner party we had been invited to. There were eighteen guys and five girls from various places: India, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan... most all on student visas.... I found myself wondering just what the last ‘B’ in ‘BYOB’ stood for in this case... hmmm.... was I the only one who brought a bottle? I subtly looked around for fuses and detonators.... hrmn... Everyone there was sorta friendly, except for one girl from Pakistan who had six beers and one very big resentment about the happenings in ‘her country’... I very politely, albeit firmly, shared my thoughts while keeping an eye on the group.... Oh well, it’s better than the dreaded ‘Blockbuster Night’!

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