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Friday, 31 August 2001 :\

Ian went into New York... I dropped him off at the station... he looked so handsome. Meanwhile, back at the ranch I did everything I could to get out of my own way.... yeah... one of those days... oh well... at least it’s done. I got to drop Trever at work... that was kinda cool... he’s getting to be more and more grown up.... I’m so proud of him.

Tomorrow there’s a family get together at Aunt Pam’s, that’ll be fun.

Thursday, 30 August 2001 :/

I drove to Garden City today.... had a business appointment... nothing to report yet.... but on the way back I got so tired that I had to pull off the road and sleep.

Ian’s really good friend, Carolyn, (whom he calls, “Muffin”) has a most beautiful baby girl, named Riley... I’ve mentioned her here before... but now I have a great picture of her and her Mom... isn’t she adorable!

Ian found a knapsack filled with empty beer bottles in the boys room.... when he showed them to me I said they may have an explanation, “Yeah” he said, “Like maybe they were recycling?”... wise-ass.... Other than that the boys have been wonderful and tonight they go to Mari’s house. That had the makings of a ‘big night’ but Ian has to go into New York tomorrow to meet with Blass... next time.

I seem to be in a strange mental space... neither happy or sad, excited or depressed.... sorta in the middle.... kinda numb... hmmm.... very strange.

Wednesday, 29 August 2001 :)

It took too long to get here, but we get to go home today.... between the coverage of the crash that killed Aaliyah, or the two planes that had trouble with their landing gear - it was not easy getting Ian on that airplane... I had to lure him on board using the old ‘Prozac on a String’ trick.

We stopped in Atlanta for lunch and then on to New York. While we both had our own reason, we were both happy to get to Newburgh... (anyone’s who’s ever been to Newburgh would understand that sentence only makes sense as an alternative to being a smudge mark on the tarmac.)

There’s no place like home... uh... remembered that Trever and Shawn have been on their own..... hmmmm.... I hope we still have one.

Tuesday, 28 August 2001 :)

Today was a strange one... Ian slept... I went out and had a ball. I went to the Plant Museum at the University of Tampa....what an amazing place. It was built as a hotel in the 1890’s and it is totally romantic and dreamy.... sucks to be seeing it alone, but it’s better than missing it altogether.

Later, Ian was up to some fun... yea.... so we met up with our friend Rich... he lives in Tampa and loves it.... that was fun.

As soon as we got back we packed for tomorrow... we’re goin’ home.

Monday, 27 August 2001 :)

Beth from the Moffitt picked us up and brought us to the studio where I was introduced to Jorge Alvereze, the photographer that was doing the shoot for the brochure.

Jorge was wonderful and he thought I was a ‘natural’ and was very happy with what he saw... Bill Bush definitely want’s to put me in the video too.

Ian and I went out driving around later... we got to see some cool beaches and stuff... it was nice to hang out with the guy.

Sunday, 26 August 2001 :)

It’s only in the evening that we venture out... the humidity is.... unreal... I do nothing but drink H2O.... I’m taking on more water than Titanic.

Poor Ian...... I’ve never seen anyone sleep so much... I hate doing stuff alone.

Later on we met up with Bill Nichauls and had dinner together at the ‘Bahama Breeze’... it was good to get together with him.... his wife Vickie had passed away a month ago and it did him good to get out.

Saturday, 25 August 2001 :\

No kid’s... no dog... we slept until one O’clock... boy is it beautiful looking out onto the palm trees and the water... can’t wait to go out and do something fun.

Ohmigod is it hot... not sure how life survives here in the summer, but the bugs do just fine. Ian is in a strange mood... could be the heat..... I used the treadmill - I’m staying inside today.

Friday, 24 August 2001 :/

Ian and I woke up early and dashed to Mom’s. When we got there we found both Mom and Aunt Rusty asleep, they had a lousy night last night, so Ian and I went to the airport on our own. When we got there was some overbooking... and our seats were not together... we got that all settled and the trip was smooth. We had to change planes in Atlanta, which give you a second chance to have a take off and landing.... (very cool).

When we arrived in Florida we went to get the car that we had rented... a sporty looking little number that Mitsubishi called it’s ‘Mirage’... after driving it I understood why the name. The car looks fast, sleek and sporty, but when you hit the pedal - nothing happens.... I was in Florida.... Old ladies with blue hair would laugh as they passed us.... I left my sun glasses on.

The hotel was overlooking Tampa Bay.... very beautiful.... we stayed in for the night... kinda hot... tomorrow should be fun.

Thursday, 23 August 2001 :)

What an exhausting day... I had a Continuing Education Class from 9:00 this morning until 6:00 at night... with no nap at all... and I did it! TADA! A bit weary... ‘too tired to eat’ actually... but content that I did it. I got to meet a great teacher, Richard D. Papineau. I was the only student to come in today so I was lucky to have a personal session... very thorough.... I got a 90.

Later I was able to go see Mom.. Aunt Rusty is up for a visit... In the morning Ian and I will go there and Mom will bring us to the airport... we’re leaving for Tampa....I may have to update the site when I return Wednesday.

Please say a prayer for Anthony Z. - he going through a lot right now, health wise and needs them badly... and sense you’re saying them please include Timmy S. too.

Wednesday, 22 August 2001 :(

I had a really bad night last night... I couldn’t get the River house out of my mind. More and more estimates are coming in and it doesn’t look good. I think it may be best to step back... even if it’s for just a short while.

I’m getting ready to head to Tampa on Friday.... there may not be any updates until I return on Wednesday... we’ll see.

My Mom said that Aunt Rusty’s gonna be in town tomorrow... we’ll get to see her. Ian’s Mom headed off to Scotland today... she’ll be back in October.

Tuesday, 21 August 2001 :)

Still making calls for the house... Wow... there seems to be no end to the things it needs... but still excited.

The boys are not as thrilled... they just imagine themselves shackled to the place and forced to work like dogs and eat crusty bread... (who promised them bread?).

Monday, 20 August 2001 :)

Nothing special today... just lots of foot work to learn about the other house and what it needs.

Sunday, 19 August 2001 :)

Kris and Melanie came by to tell us the most wonderful news... They’ve become engaged to be wed.... she picked the date of September 19, 2003. Very cool.

The other thing that was great was that we went to see the inside of house on the river.... boy does this place need work! Three floors, six baths, tower, rap around porch and a wine cellar.... we don’t drink so we’re gonna rename it into a Whine..... and am prepared to send the boys into it when the chores begin. Best is the panoramic view of the Hudson River.... it’s so neat. We may make the offer tomorrow.... what a crazy thing to do... which is great! Life is for being crazy.

Saturday, 18 August 2001 :)

Together Seven years and four months today.... mmmm.... and still mad about the guy.

Ricky and Julia are now husband and wife.... very cool. The wedding was great fun. Ian and I danced two dances... that’s all I was up to. But I stayed until it ended... I had the energy to stay... (and seven cups of coffee too). Julia made a beautiful bride.

I got something today that I’ve always dreamed of.... I met a guy named Gino. It wasn’t a nick name, but actually spelled that way on his birth certificate. For my whole life I’ve been waiting to meet someone with my name... and today I did.... Turns out it’s Rick’s best man. Funny.... My brother’s name is Rick.... hmmm.

After the wedding party, Ian invited a few friends back to the house for a little ‘after party’ thing. It was fun to sit around and swap stories and catch up.

Friday, 17 August 2001 :)

Mom got out of the hospital today and I went over to see her. We talked about the idea of getting the house and I even took her over to see the one I like on the River. She loved it too and an appointment was made to see the interior on Sunday. It’s so wonderful to see her get excited about something.

Edith Mead and her Mom came over for coffee... it was great to see her again. Tomorrow we’re all going to Julia’s wedding.

Thursday, 16 August 2001 :)

*Pssssst*.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Olivia and Mary Grace..... My nieces are starting to gain ground... guess that means I’m getting older.... hmmmm.... after all the crap I’ve been through, ‘getting older’ has a nice ring to it.

The party was canceled so I stayed upstate.... saw Aunt Joann and looked over some houses. I went to see one... a Victorian hotel built in 1840 with a beautiful river-front view.... *sigh*... I’m hoping to see the inside tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 August 2001 :\

I’ve got some really great news... Remember Katie, who was concerned about cancer that I asked you to pray for?..... She wrote to tell me that her doctors feel that she’s in the clear... isn’t that great!.... She sends her Thankx to everybody.

Ian is going into New York in the morning... I’m supposed to meet him in later for cocktails... I’m gonna try my very best. I’m taking Acidophilus and Diphen/Atropine to control the Diarrhea, so far so really good.... yuk... that’s one side effect from Chemo that I will not miss.... but in the scheme of things - small potatoes.

I went to see Aunt Pam so that she would take care of my hair... she’s so talented... and such a sweet soul.

Mom is still in the hospital, maybe she’ll get sprung tomorrow... when I asked her if she wanted anything and she said, “A cake with a file in it.” .... but I know she just want’s the cake! Ian and I are seriously considering getting a Mother/Daughter house ... or is that a Mother/Son house?.... guess it depends on what I’m wearing at the time... heh..... We were thinking ‘Plan A’ could be to buy such a home, situated on a cliff over-looking the river.... If that still doesn’t effect the positive change we go to ‘Plan B’..... which explains the need of “a cliff over-looking the river”.... hmmmm.

Tuesday, 14 August 2001 :/

A relatively quite day... more tired than usual.

Later in the day I went to stay with Mom in the hospital... she’s looking much better. Checked her house for carbon-monoxide gas and found none... that’s always a good thing.

Found a great site: Gilda’s Club that has a great message for people who are living with cancer... definitely worth passing on.

Monday, 13 August 2001 :(

I got a lot done in the morning... errands... correspondence... got the watch back from Verdura and it looks just like it did the day that Ian gave it to me. It was a productive morning.

When I spoke with Mom she sounded better, but not tip-top. I went over there to take her to the Doctors appointment - then to my house overnight.... we ended up doing neither.

She was exhausted and so sleepy... she was all ready to go to the appointment when suddenly she felt nauseous... I ran and got a basin, which she declined in favor of her fabric handbag.... poor thing.... after which she drifted off to sleep... I should have known we were in trouble then. I canceled with her doctor and let her sleep. Three hours later she woke up and needed to use the bathroom, but she couldn’t sit up... I had to assist. After helping her to stand up she couldn’t walk normally, but in teeny tiny baby steps and sometimes she would simply lean forward - without moving her feet at all! That’s when I realised that I was in no position to try and pick her up... not while I’m still in the recuperating phase of the abdominal hernia operation. I called Aunt Pam... she called Aunt Toni-Ann, who headed over to the house. As soon as she got there she assessed the situation and an ambulance was called.... and Mom was whisked to the hospital.

She didn’t put up the slightest fuss... she was that out of it. Aunt Toni rode with Mom and I followed... Aunt Pam met us at the ER. They put her on oxygen and started an IV.... gave her something for her fever and within a couple of hours she was much better than she had been. The decision was to hold her overnight... so by 10:30PM we all decided to head home and left Mom there to stay.

Please say a prayer for my Mom... that she gets better... and that she gets serious about healing herself.

Sunday, 12 August 2001 :/

Thank God the heat broke... I got up and walked two miles... I’ll do two more before bed.... not shabby.

Josh and Crystal, friends of the twins, stayed overnight.... she’s due to have a baby in October, and I feel for them ‘cause I can vividly remember what it was like in the beginning. After the walk I made them pancakes and had a big family style breakfast... it was kinda nice.

I had planned to meet Sourabh at his home in Dobb’s Ferry, but something happened, his plans got all screwed up and we never did get together... oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Stephanie called and was very concerned... She had called my Mom and found her to be rather sketchy... sorta in and out, she wasn’t making sense. I called and found the same thing. Fearing that she may have had a stroke I called Aunt Pam and she headed over... so did Ian and I. By the time we got there Aunt Pam was already there. Mom was a little out of it... she was just plain ‘wiped-out’... of course there was chocolate in the fridgerator and a big chocolate cake on the table, (she’s diabetic) and she was sooooo tired..... *sigh*.... I adore my Mom... but she refuses to commit to her own recovery... she’s ‘involved - but not committed. It’s an enigma to me how such a fascinating, intellectual, educated and strong willed woman - with the soul of an artist - could be such a yutz!

It was agreed that she couldn’t be left alone and she went, (under protest), to Aunt Pam’s house. I’m sure she would have gone with me except that she can’t smoke just anywhere..... Oh well..... After really thinking this through it’s obvious that she can’t, for the time being, live alone... Tomorrow I’m springing into Plan ‘A’ - find someone who will live there, take care of Mom, monitor her meds, do the shopping, make the meals, clean the house, (I hear the theme from ‘Mission Impossible’... where’s that coming from....), schlep her to doctor appointments, run the errands, mind the three little yappy dogs and not mind the cigarette smoke.... hmmmm..... Or, we could always go to Plan ‘B’ - find her a husband... (hey, there’s that music again)....

Saturday, 11 August 2001 :)

Today is my little niece’s birthday.... she’s having a sleep-over... that’s always fun.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANKIE.

Today Ian headed over to Millbrook to catch up with family and I stayed behind. Hilda Simon came over about 1:30 and we talked about so many things related to getting the book published. With over 29 published works to her credit, I found her to be a font of knowledge. After lunch she explained to me a lot of things that I need to know..... I took copious notes.... she knows so much stuff.... at about 5:00 I brought her home.... she asked for a copy of what I’d written so far so that she could read it to get a feel for the direction I was going in. This is going to be an interesting adventure all on it’s own..... I wanna do Oprah!

Looking back I think I had an extraordinary childhood.... we did so many interesting things and my Mom was always introducing us to wild and mysterious things that fascinated me. Every summer, for instance we would have as a house guest a wonderful man named Vethathiri Maharishi. He was a dear fellow how traveled to us every summer from India. The house would be thronged for the next few weeks when all his followers would come to learn from and be near him. I just learned today that he has his own website.... very cool.

Later on, our friend Corey stopped over and hung out with us for a few hours... he’s such a nice guy and fun to be around. We talked and shared a late supper, the three of us. That was fun.

Friday, 10 August 2001 :)

*Phew*..... another day of amazing heat... 107 degrees.... I much prefer the cold climates. I’ve been getting a little anxious about stuff and have noticed that I tend to get diarrhea just about then too. They’re probably related, but I’ve made an appointment to see Dr. Jeff Stewart in Middletown, NY as well as Dr. Larry Kvols in Tampa, Fl - just to be sure.

Tomorrow I’m having a luncheon with Ms. Hilda Simon... she was the Art Director for Hart Publishing and has graciously agreed to share some pointers to help me get the book published. She’s had dozens of her own in print and so did her Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather.... very cool.

Our Hero has been hired and will begins his foray into the working world this coming Monday. He decided that he wants to work forty hours... It’s nice to see him excited.

Speaking of excited.... my friend Colleen is heading off to Holland and from there to Spain to do the pilgrimage to Santiago.... wow.... she’s preparing herself by walking three miles every morning and plans to increase that to TWELVE MILES by the middle of September... (I got tired just typing about it).... OK... She’s makin’ me look way bad... gotta try it too.... can’t get beat by a .... girl! hehehe

Thursday, 9 August 2001 :/

Guess who didn’t make it into the city.... me. I couldn’t do it... I tried but there was just no way that my body was going to go along with it. Missed the bus by minutes again... finally learned that the test’s that I want are available in Poughkeepsie.... *sweet*... Jennifer Shorey left for South Beach... Ian went into New York and had another meeting with Blass... other than that today was just a smudge on my calendar.

Wednesday, 8 August 2001 :)

Travis’s Dad, Arnie, needs some prayers said for him please.... he’s having some heart problems.

Ian went into New York today... another meeting with Bill Blass. He has to go in tomorrow again... so do I.

I’m walking now, only at night... which is better ‘cause it’s cooler, but now it’s only one or two miles a day instead of five... gotta get that back up.

Thankx to everybody who sent me the remedies for Poison Oak.... my favorite was, “Stay away from the stuff.”.... oh, a wise guy huh?

Tuesday, 7 August 2001 :)

Today was H-O-T and I had an appointment with a couple who had no air conditioning.... no way.... we rescheduled... *phew*.... Ian spent most of the day with Jennifer and I kept writing.

Somehow I’ve managed to get a bit of Poison Oak on my leg and the top of my knee... what great fun that is... just wanna scratch right down to the bone... Ughhhh... anyone with some good suggestions PLEASE.... E-mail me!

Monday, 6 August 2001 :)

Ian went into New York for meetings... he’s getting ready for the NYC Spring 2002 Fashion shows that happen in the Fall.

I had a quiet day... a day of trying to get things settled and done. I spoke with Bill Bush and will head to Florida in a couple of weeks for a photo shoot for the Moffitt’s new brochure. I’m told that the photographer does a lot of work for Playboy.... hmmm... guess they could always draw a melanoma in the shape of a bunny.

When Ian got home we hooked up with Jennifer... she’s enjoying her time her in New Paltz. Tomorrow she wants to see Mohonk Mountain House.

My Mom bought a web site: ... pretty cool huh?..... she’s working on getting it up and running... I just think it’s great! I’ll tell ya more as it happens.

Sunday, 5 August 2001 :\

I took Trever to visit Mom and to work off the last four hours at her house. He really took pride in his work - it was good to see.

Jennifer came up from South Beach for a visit... Ian will get to see her today... I’m a bit tired so I’ll stay put.

There’s a site that I went to see written by a fellow named: Gino James Generelli and his website called: ’justGino’ ... very cool... I found it by searching for other guys named Gino, I know it sounds strange, but ya know, to this day I’ve never met a guy whose name is ‘Gino’ on his birth certificate... so I was real happy to find his site... and he’s a creative guy.

Update: Arthur Boyd is doing fine... thanks for the prayers you sent... meanwhile Little Meagan is in Intensive Care... she’s alive. Please keep her in your prayers. She needs each one of them.

Saturday, 4 August 2001 :/

Spent the majority of my time installing AOL’s 6.0 version, and un-installing it ‘cause of the glitches... I downloaded it from the internet, I went and got a disk... Arghhh! Now, the regular 5.0 is acting like it knew I was gonna upgrade it and it’s having problems too..... abandonment issues... heh

Went to see Mom and stayed a while. I was suddenly tired and shaky and wanted sugar... she thinks I should get re-tested to be sure there’s no diabetes going on... I will.

The boys went to the Ulster County Fair with their friends.

Friday, 3 August 2001 :/

Trever was ready for a fight all day, just wacko. Mariann wasn’t feeling well at all. My computer just turned off in the middle of me working and I thought it was kaput - but I took it apart and found a loose thing that was like a tiny barrel with two things sticking out... it’s an ‘extra piece’ now. When I put it back it started working..... hmmm... I’m happy.

Kris called all upset, Melanie wasn’t feeling well. He took her to the hospital to be safe. Ian and I took a ride over to make sure she was OK... They sent her home and gave Kris instructions on how to care for her... she’ll be fine Thank God... she’s an important little lady around here!

Little Meagan, whom I updated two days ago, was in a terrible car accident tonight and rushed, along with her Mom, (Ann-Marie) to the Orlando hospital. Meagan sustained serious head injuries and really needs your prayers, her Mom too.

Full Moon... gotta be.

Thursday, 2 August 2001 :)

What a day! I was eating a ‘Reisen’ candy and took out a filling... yea... on my way out to see the dentist I noticed that the front of my car had been smushed in a bit... later to learn that Trever was playing with his car in the driveway and accidentally did it... I’m thinking of making him sell his car to pay for it..... that’s the brakes.

Ian and I went to see Aunt Rusty and Treasure! She drove all the way up and is staying at Aunt Pam’s. Mom, Aunt Toni-Ann, Kissy, Nauh, CJ, Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill... they were all there and it was great fun to see everybody.

Shawn was picked up it was in a two tone, Silver Cloud, Rolls Royce... and you could tell by the look on his face that ‘this work thing’ was gonna be just fine....hmmm.... Five hours later an exhausted and bedraggled Shawn returned. I asked him how his day was and the first thing he said was, “Do you know how hot is out there?” .... heh.... He told me all about how hard he had worked and what he had learned.... He learned how to dig fence posts... he learned how to dig trenches... he learned that ‘we’ meant ‘him’... when the fellow said ‘we’ were going to ‘bla-bla-bla’... it meant that Shawn was going to work and Matthew was going to watch... I listened intently.... He showed me the money he made with pride and when I took half for the house... as is the deal... his jaw dropped and he stared at me in disbelief. When he said that he goes back Monday, I reminded him that there were still hours owed for this week and he could finish them here - he mustered up all the energy he had and said, “If I could... I’d spit on ya.”.... hehe... I know Shawn... *sigh*.... I know.

Wednesday, 1 August 2001 :)

Wiped out.... that was me for the morning part of the day... yesterday really seemed to zap me...

Please say a special prayer for Arthur Boyd today... he’s having surgery at 9:30 on Friday and really needs them... and since you’re praying, please say one for his wife Nancy too.

UPDATE: Little Meagan, the girl with Prader Willie Syndrome, has been accepted by the doctor that works at the Moffitt and her Mom and Aunt are thrilled.

I was speaking with a new friend, Dollye today... she’s so funny... once said I had “the attention span of a circus monkey”... It just struck me as so funny that I had to write that down before I forgot it.

Well, the boys got jobs... *YEA*... Shawn starts tomorrow working for a fellow named Matt Feder, (whom I met with ... can’t be too careful) and will be doing outside stuff... like digging trenches and erecting fence posts.... he’s so excited.... all he can see is the money and how he’s gonna spend every dollar... hehe... Wait till he learns what it feels like to really work for one..... Now - I’m excited.

Trever starts next week at McDonald’s... cool. When Shawn heard that he laughed... Trever can to me later and was upset. I told him not to worry.... to be here tomorrow with a soda from Mickey D’s and wait... When Shawn gets home after digging a fifty foot trench in 96 degree heat he can just hand it to him, grin and say, “We love to see you smile.”

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