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Sunday, 30 2001 :)

Wow in a month it’ll be Halloween.... cool. I am defiantly going this year... maybe have a party too. There is just too much to celebrate this year and ‘FUN’ is a big factor on my list!

Aunt Rusty is doing fine... no bone cancer, thank God. Ian’s Mom is gonna be returning from her European holiday on Tuesday.... she’s been away - forever! Got some news that Colleen is 20 km. west of Pamplona and having a great time. She’s walking 12-15 miles per day... Go Colleen!

Please keep Aaron in your prayers.

Saturday, 29 September 2001 :)

Still fighting this damned cold thing.... (should be the worst thing I deal with huh?)... but Ian and I went to Salena’s son, Alex, be Baptized.... It was great to see friends all together and to see Salena and Charlie holding their son. She’s gonna make a great Mom... she has the kinda patience that would make a saint sit up and take notice.

I was sorry to hear that the US State Department was not very supportive of The right Reverend Jessy Jackson going to Afghanistan.... what a missed opportunity to do something really good for the country.... I had so hoped he would go.... they shoulda persuaded the right Reverend Al Sharpton to keep him company... perhaps the good professor Ramadan Abdullah Shallah would like to go along too..... and it wouldn’t be a party without our good friends at CNN who don’t want the word, “TERRORIST” used on the air.... heh..... (seems to me they could use a Middle Eastern Get Away).... don’t ya think!

Friday, 28 September 2001 :/

I went into New York and went to the office, which is next to the Empire State Building. I got to see Sourabh.... I sure did miss working with that crazy guy. When I was going through my knapsack he noticed my gas mask and asked me if I really felt that there was a significant chance that there would be a biological attack...... uh.... yeah? (Of course it also comes in handy if I have to use the bathroom on the train too).

The meeting was a good one and I headed off for appointments afterward. It wasn’t until after I returned home that I learned that the Empire State Building had been evacuated due to a bomb threat..... right.... it’s Friday..... I bet it was more like somebody looking for an jump start to the weekend..... hrmn.

Thursday, 27 September 2001 :/

The boys had the day off from school. So while I was working on the phone talking with clients there would be the odd argument over God knows what.... ya know... the normal stuff.

Mom didn’t have as good a day as she did yesterday... I didn’t go see her, but Aunt Pam had told me.

I took did as much as I could... still with the sneezing and stuffy nose. I’m planning on heading into the city tomorrow for my meeting... very excited. Sure does seem strange to head into New York on a Friday.... used to be heading off.... ahhh changes.

Wednesday, 26 September 2001 :\

Had a really great start... the boys got up, I made them breakfast and we chatted while they got ready for school... they didn’t argue once... (gee I hope they’re ok).. oh well, it was actually fun to be with them this morning.

Still with the cold... yuk. Ian and I went to Mom’s and got most of what we could do - done... *phew*... the rest is up to her handyman.... good thing too - we really wanna get the house fixed and sell it. Best news is that Mom is getting stronger... Aunt Pam got her to walk the entire ‘U’ that she lives on.... that’s very cool.

Shawn finally got a job... YES... he’ll be starting Monday at the latest.

Tuesday, 25 September 2001 :\

Looks like I’ve got a runny nose... Trever was a dear, “Could just that chemical warfare stuff.”... hrnm... He’s not working at McDonald’s anymore... he found a fun position at a bistro on the college campus, “The money is better and so are the girls.”... yup... a sixteen year olds priorities all right.

I met Aunt Toni Ann and Aunt Pam over at Mom’s and we banged away at getting the apartment painted... Aunt Pam took Mom and made her take a walk... later she even cooked for her.... we’re damned and determined to get her back to normal... healthy and self sufficient.

Monday, 24 September 2001 :/

OK... I didn’t end up going to my office - but not ‘cause I was sick... thank God, but because my meeting day was changed to Friday... so I’ll go in then. Today I just focused on appointments.

Sunday, 23 September 2001 :/

Went over to Mom’s to get the painting finished, but found the fleas were back... just in fewer numbers... no problem.... Operation Sand Flea... I just treated them to a ‘Bin Laden Brunch’, (nine bombs followed with ‘whatever it takes’).

Tomorrow I plan on going into the office so I went to Home Depot and bought some gas masks, one for me and one for Ian... (the ones with the carbon cans on each side)... very ‘in’ this season and fast becoming New York Chic.... I just figure better prepared than not, I’m anal that way.... I printed, “I ‘Heart’ NY” on the side.... heh.

Saturday, 22 September 2001 :)

A quiet day.... Mari and Robbie stopped by for a visit. Mari made apple crisp... ymmmm... she’s a heck of a cook. It sure beats the ‘apple-crapple’ stuff I made... *blech*.

Later Ian, Eyoko and I headed over to Pat’s house to celebrate Ross’s birthday.... The food was awesome, and it’s always fun to be at Pat’s. Ian’s family is a really great bunch... Teeny, Aunt Alice & Uncle Paddy, Ross & Peter, Christine & Mike, Jamie, Pat & Frankie were there and a good time was had by all.

/\/\/\/\/HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSS\/\/\/\/\

Friday, 21 September 2001 :)

I did it... I went into New York today for the first time since the World Trade Towers fell.... I didn’t quite know what to expect.... frankly I was concerned for my safety. I made sure that the kids understood the severity of the situation - and a ban on all arguments prior to me going into the city was placed. I was not prepared for what I encountered.

The city was amazing... people were polite and even friendly.... and the site of those beautiful buildings reassured me that the city was far from history... on the contrary... it’s very upbeat and alive... (don’t get me wrong it’s not like they’re holding auditions for “Twin Towers - The Musical”.... but, ah, New Yorkers... give ‘em time.

There was much to do.... went into the Park Avenue office (Wall Street was still off limits)... the smell that is in the air is a strange one... (I had thought it would smell like... ya know, decay... *blech*... but it just smells sorta like a barbecue)... hrmn..... I was really reassured by being there. I’m going back Monday. On the train ride back I read the President’s speech... I thought it was absolutely on the mark and he has my utmost respect and my full support.... (and I’m usually a ‘Dove’!)

When I returned home I was greeted by Eyoko... she’s gonna stay for the weekend.... And Ian had a cake waiting - to celebrate me coming home... isn’t he wonderful.

Thursday, 20 September 2001 :)

I went off on two appointments and I didn’t have a single nap. (I was tired - but I refused to give in)...

A rainy day, but a good one. I’m gonna go into New York tomorrow and take care of a few things. There’s a possibility that our Wall Street office will be reopened... I’ll go to the Park Avenue office in any event.... I have no Idea just what I’ll see... but I have to see it. My friend Colleen decided to take a trip to Holland anyway.... she’s with Tara and Marco right now... then off to Spain. Hey Colleen, you are the coolest... Whatta girl.

Wednesday, 19 September 2001 :)

I got the results back from the catscans I took... ‘Nothing found’... Party Time.... Ian and I went to see The Others in the movie theater... it was good.... I was glad I went... It felt normal and not twisted, like life had been getting to feel. It is so important not to lose sight of the good and the fun in life

Plans have been made for me to be in New York Friday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2001 :)

Ian and I are together seven years and five months.... Yes!

On the 12th I asked you to say prayers for Georgette, ‘cause she was missing during cowardly attack on New York..... THEY FOUND HER... YEA.... seems while evacuating the World Trade Center she was struck by debris and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.... She had a concussion and was there.... Thank you for the prayers.

Today Ian, Trever and I painted at Mom’s... we got a lot done... still more to do. Aunt Anne called a car to bring her back to Manhattan, she really wanted to be in her own apartment... she’d seen enough of the country. Aunt Pam, Uncle Bill and Aunt Toni Anne came to Mom’s for dinner and that was great to be with everyone.

Of course the Government isn’t gonna say just what they re planning to do... I know it’s coming.... so lately I’ve been praying for wisdom for the decision makers on all sides.... funny..... I am by nature kind and caring, always oversensitive. This time it’s very very different... it’s personal.

Monday, 17 September 2001 :)

I stayed upstate today after all.... I’m not upset... just can’t do what I’m not able to do... I just worked on the phone.

Everybody I talked too had the same concerns.... the market’s down... so what... “SALE”.... and they all think that Osama’s crazy!... ah... yeah... just look at the guy, I mean - ”Who wears white after Labor Day?”.... and what a cranky bastard... who wouldn’t be, how many years has he been walking around with sand in his shorts?

Tomorrow the guys in Afghanistan are gonna get together to decide whether to give him up.... (Oh, to have the Imodium concession at THAT meeting)... you know they’re probably holding a ‘Bin Laden’ look-alike contest where the winner gets a ‘Free trip to The United States’... hrmn.

Sunday, 16 September 2001 :)

Up and out early to meet with a client. When I was through I came back home and made calls.... nothing urgent... a relatively quite day, all considered.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going into New York....

Saturday, 15 September 2001 :\

Mom had asked us to come over and try to help her an apartment ready to rent by painting it. We agreed but when Ian and I went in to get a first hand look at the task. When we were done and stepped out we both noticed that our socks were full of fleas.... YUK.... we danced around screaming, but the noise didn’t scare them a bit.... I took off my sneakers and my socks and removed everyone of ‘em. Ian did the same. Mom thought we idiots until we explained.... all the while bitching how the last tenant had been so bad. .... Ugh.... now flea-less Ian and I went to Home Depot to get the stuff that’ll wipe out the critters. (Ian had to wait in the car ‘cause he had thrown out his sneakers - hehe)

I went in by myself.... Lemme tell ya how twitchy we’re getting. When I asked the woman at the service counter if Home Depot sold flea bombs and where they’d be - “Not the spray - I want the bombs” there were folks who just froze in place and I quickly reiterated “FLEA-bombs... FLEAS”... *sigh*

Aunt Anne was at Mom’s... she finally got outta New York. Lived there most all her adult life.... this has really been quite the nightmare for her... but she’s tough... she was more concerned for me.... heh... terrorist - schmerrorists.... I’m already ready - I live with twin teenage boys.... She talked about the destruction, the rubble, the smell... Yup - that sounds like their room!

Friday, 14 September 2001 :\

I’ve received so many kind and caring emails from so many people that it will take me days to respond. Hong Kong, London, Guam, Holland, Germany, France, Canada, as well as from all over the country.... Thank you all for all the support. I love this photo of the ‘New Towers’ ‘cause it made me laugh. We really are all in this together... if only the folks who used their life force for destruction could have seen the commonality we all share.... oh well, it’s a bit late for that.

The boys are out at a party... I’m so glad that they are finding ways to have fun... that’s important.

Please say a prayer for my friend ‘Chino’ - he’s a cancer survivor who is in real need of them now.

Thursday, 13 September 2001 :\

Trever and I had a long talk and he decided to stay home... I’m really glad. I tucked them both in tonight..... can’t help but wonder what the future holds for them.... especially with the current climate.... but at least we’ll be in it together.

I saw the video of the Islamic folks dancing in the streets.... got a lot a folks really stirred up... sure would be a bitch if it turned out to just be a wedding or something.

Oh, and for the record.... I’m so over Reality TV..... *phew*

Wednesday, 12 2001 :(

Crazy days... my tooth is feeling better since I’m on penicillin and pain killers - I see the dentist Thursday.

Trever has taken to telling me what he will and will not do. I had to break the news to him that he was not the father... I invited him to move out and I expect that he will move to Ben’s house tomorrow... I’m sad but resolved that I won’t take any shit from a kid.

I have never seen such growing nationalism.... ever. It’s getting to feel stronger and stronger... like we’re all on the same page.... that’s kinda cool. I bet Osama Big Asshole never planned on that!

By the way.... I’ve been emailed that: Friday SEPTEMBER 14 is "Flags Across America." All Americans are asked to display the American flag either in their homes or cars. to: “keep the meaning of UNITED in "United States".

Please say a special prayer for: Georgette - she’s still missing... and for Marc and Stacy Brown, (his kidneys need help).

Tuesday, 11 2001 :(

Today, 9-11 will be the day that everything stopped. Ian and I were shocked to see what’s developing on TV... if it had not been for the medical trouble I have I too would have been in the city working.... wow... Say a prayer for all the people who’s lives are touched by this... .

I’d hate to be the folks who were responsible for this.... If it’s a nation that’s involved I vote to transform them into a parking lot.

Monday, 10 September 2001 :)

Today is the Bill Blass Fashion Show..... Boy is my tooth hurting... yeouch.... got up at 4:00 in the morning. Before Aunt Pam and I set off to meet Ian in New York I put together a trail-mix, (Ibuprofen, Penicillin, Imodium). We took the train in and it was a wonderful ride... we reached New York at 8:00 and headed straight for the tents. The show was actually held in the New York Public Library in a room that was absolutely magnificent. Ian was a dear... he sat Aunt Pam next to Ivana Trump.... figured that they would hit it off perfectly since they have so much in common. She was able to roam all around the area, backstage and see the models get their hair and makeup done... I introduced her to Helen O’Hagan, a dear woman, and several others, Sheila, Marie, Eyoko, André Leon Tally... overall she had a wonderful time, unfortunately Ivana didn’t make the show.... drats.... Later on we all went to Grand Central and had lunch... Ian and Eyoko joined us.

After we got home we took her to see the River House... then we went home.

Sunday, 9 September 2001 :)

Ian went into New York to put the finishing touches on the Bill Blass Spring 2002 Fashion Show... Yea... he may have to stay overnight as we usually do, but I can’t this season... I’ll have to sleep all alone and go into the city in the morning.

I went over to Aunt Pam’s house and Aunt Toni-Ann and Kristen came too... with little Nuah. We hung out and relaxed... Aunt Pam will be going this year and we helped her decide on the outfit she would wear to the show.... later on she decided to come and stay overnight at my house and she brought a white porcelain butter dish in the shape of a kneeling cow.... it’s very cool.

I miss Ian.... hate being away from him ‘cause I get sad... can’t wait to see him in the morning... for now I’ll have to dream.

Saturday, 8 September 2001 :)

Ian headed off to the city and I decided to head off to the Jersey Shore to visit Aunt Rusty. I took off rather late in the day, stopped at Mom’s for a short visit that turned grumbley.... and then... the open road. For whatever reason there were a lot of grumpy people around. I was getting cut off left and right... crazy. When I got to Jersey I stopped in a store to get a cheese cake and got in line behind two very sour looking nuns wearing the long old fashioned habits. The line wasn’t moving and folks were starting to stir.... an old woman ahead of the sisters was getting more and more upset and looking for empathy by making eye contact and rolling hers... but when she looked at the nuns - they made a grand gesture of turning their heads... they were clearly above all that... Until the PA announced that, “register five was now open” .... Wooosh - those babes in black made a bee line for the new checkout... (I haven’t seen a catholic move that fast since the Pope was shot).... So now the old woman, who was originally ahead of them, and I are left staring eyeball to eyeball... she looked at them... she looked at me... I just said, “I guess God takes care of them.”... I must’a caught her by surprise ‘cause she burst out laughing.

It was so nice to visit Aunt Rusty and Linda. Steve and Stephanie and some friends were there too. It was smooth and relaxing. They wanted me to stay over, but I miss being home so at ten O’clock I left and headed North. The traffic was heavier than I expected.... The first call was from Trever... He had been locked out and the extra key was missing - he’s angry at Shawn - had to break into the house... *sigh*... The next call was from Shawn - Trever has an attitude can I talk to him... ugh... Then Ian called, Kimo was missing, probably outside somewhere - Trever won’t cooperate... bla, bla, bla.... I turned the fucking phone off and looked for a U-turn!

By the time I got home, (an hour later) Kimo had been found.

Friday, 7 September 2001 :)

I feel much better today... I’m not 100% between the frequent naps and the reliance on Imodium, but I feel much better every day!... Got a lot done too.... First thing this morning I made muffins for the gang then had to schlep the twins to school... came back in time to take Ian to the station.... Did two loads of laundry, a load of dishes, fed the dog and took out the trash. Later on ‘Butch’ the plumber taught me how to replace the insides of the upstairs toilet at the condo, (I don’t know how that comes across, but it was fun at the time).... Made the bed, folded clothes, went to the post office, worked on the computer and even made dinner again tonight.... *phew*... tell ya what... I’m impressed that my Mom did it for all those years... even more impressed that she never once put a gun to her head... heh.

I’m gonna try to go into New York next week... I’m itching to get back into the game.

Thursday, 6 September 2001 :/

Still feel ‘off’ emotionally.... hard to describe... if I were a framed painting I’d just be tilted ever so slightly... ya know? Nothing horrible or worth complaining about... sorta like a paper cut... just annoying enough to be distracting.

I had three catscans today - every three months they want them done.... there’s nothing to report... and yeah.....No news is Good news.

Aunt Helen called and said that she won’t be able to come visit next week after all... seems Uncle Bill is having eye problems and will be forced to wear eye patches.... so I can understand why he wouldn’t wanna drive up from Baltimore... HEY... That could be the next format for one of those stupid ‘reality’ shows.... just weld a camcorder on the hood, some eye patches and watch the ratings soar....

Ian came home way late tonight.... *phew*..... long day.

Wednesday, 5 September 2001 :/

Trever and Shawn woke to find their tradition intact... they were so happy to see that I didn’t listen when they said they ‘didn’t care’.... apparently they did.... they are full of surprises. Mom had offered to come and stay over to see them, but I thought it might be too much to ask.... she called to wish them a great day. Poor Ian... he still feels yucky... but he took the bus to the city anyway.... (after breakfast)... what a guy!

I got to see Mariann and Robbie later when they stopped by after the guys got home.

I went to see the dentist ‘cause the tooth that he fixed ten days a go still hurts... he thinks it will either get better or “We get a root canal”.... yeah... “We”... bet I go first again.

Tuesday, 4 September 2001 :(

Ian went into New York to work on the Blass show... I did busy work... *blech*.... and stuff at my desk.

Trever and Shawn spent the day with their pals... of course... tomorrow they start Tenth Grade... the time is flying.... In the morning, as is the tradition started by my Mom... we will have the “First Breakfast”. The table is set as if Martha Stewart were coming by... complete with name plates... silver and crystal... a fun breakfast that is supposed to take the edge off the trauma... (a tradition that predates Prozac)... then off they’ll go to catch their bus... waving, while the music gets louder and the credits come up... oops... sorry... drifted there for a minute.

Monday, 3 September 2001 :)

Kissy, Gary, Ian

Ian was not up to doing much of anything this morning... I was... So, I went to visit Aunt Toni-Ann and Kristen.... and little Nuah... poor kid... he’s teething and ya know that’s gotta hurt. Later I took them to see the River House... I enjoyed seeing it again.

Meanwhile the twins are out doing what ever they can to suck in the last rays of Summer.... as if today would be there last. When I got back I made dinner and afterward Ian wanted to go see a movie... I stayed home instead - too tired.

What I saw was even better - I got to see my cousin Gary (the treasure hunter that works for Mel Fisher) on TV... The Learning Channel aired a segment on him, the Magruder and the Atotcha treasure that they found.... very cool... very exciting!.

Sunday, 2 September 2001 :)

a quite Sunday.... Ian is still feeling way under the weather... so he only walked a mile with me... the rest of the day, for him, was spent in bed - sleeping.... Great day to check out your Rude Horoscope.

The twins are hanging with their friends, in a ‘last rites of summer’ get together... the other boys will be staying at our house. It’s really kinda nice to be able to share these times with them... granted they can be draining, but there’s also some magic there.

Saturday, 1 September 2001 :)

It’s chicken soup time at our house.... Ian’s sick.... he’s so appreciative of every little thing when he doesn’t feel well... such a good patient... I tell him he gives great ‘head-cold’.... hehe.

Eyoko returned from her European tour... YEA... she’ll be coming up in a couple weeks.... I can’t wait to see her.... she’s such a ball of fun.

I went to the family get together... uh... it was more like lunch at Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill’s.... plenty of stuff to eat, but only a sliver of family... but it was great to see Aunt Rusty and Stephanie.... Lynda flew up from Key West too... Mom, Aunt Anita and Uncle Leon where there.... Aunt Toni Ann, Kissy and Ali with little Nuah. Since Ian was feeling punky he stayed behind... the twins didn’t go either they went off with their friends to go swimming... Kris had no idea it was happening... We’ll get the word out better next time... maybe have it when Ricky and Jill are in town.

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