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Wednesday, 31 October 2001 HALLOWEEN :O

Mom and her group invited Ian and me to attend a real seance.... very cool.... My Mom has the nicest group that get together... Sue, Liz, Nancy, Rudy, Maryanne, Susan, Aunt Toni Ann, Aunt Pam, Kissy - everybody was so amazing.... there was lots of food and lots of energy and lots of folks who dropped in to give messages too... WoW.... at one point - out of the blue I was told that someone associated with Sir Lawrence Olivier was going to be an instrumental contact.... hmmm... guess what.... I was referred to a close relative of his in London.... wild huh?

Tuesday, 30 October 2001 :)

Met with Sourabh today... we had lots to work on.... not at one hundred percent.... but getting there.

Read the most inane byline... it said, “GI Joe vs. Jihad Joe”..... yeah.... Ok..... ‘course you realize that one smokes a Camel - and the other rides one!

Trever had planned on taking Ian and I out to dinner.... very dear of him.... thing was that Aunt Rusty was in the area for a short time and I really wanted to see her too. Trever was very understanding so I went to Aunt Joann and Uncle Bruce’s house for dinner. Aunt Rusty was there as was Aunt Pam and CJ, Aunt Toni Ann and Mom. It was cool to sit around and share excellent food and stimulating conversation.

Monday, 29 October 2001 :/

We took Kimo to Middletown to have her spayed. She was calm and happy all the way in the car carrier and never complained once. Later on we went back to pick her up.... from the recesses of the carrier all you could hear was a steady growl.... she backed herself up to the cage door and the next thing I knew.... I was all warm.... yup.... guess that was her thoughts on the matter.

Speaking of getting pissed on.... I got the call from Delta today.... they are not willing to trade our tickets (totaling over $800) for a round trip one to get a young US Marine home to spend Thanksgiving with his Mom, (worth about $330). Pretty nice huh? It’s OK for them to cry to the Government to bend the rules and help them out of a tight spot.... but not Ok for them to do the same. I don’t ever intend to fly with them again. That’s how I get the last word.... that and I moan about it for a long time.

Sunday, 28 October 2001 :/

It was wonderful to wake up and realize that you had an extra hour.... when I got up I turned back the clocks. I had great plans for the day.... sadly they amounted to shit... I’ll get over it.

Kris stopped by very briefly.... I love seeing that kid... wish he could have stayed longer. Went over to Mari’s and fiddled with the wires so she could get on the web... and then I headed to De’s house and borrowed the cat carrier for Kimo tomorrow. De had baked me some pecan bread.... isn’t that the sweetest.

Mom invited Ian and I over to her house on Halloween ... for a seance... very cool!

Saturday, 27 October 2001 :)

My friend Marie came up to visit me from Long Island... she brought her friend Virginia and a Cheesecake that was heaven. I enjoyed their company, after lunch we went off to the mountains to see the foliage.... spectacular. While we were there it started to hail.... doyabelieveit? Very wild to watch it bounce off the cars and stuff. Then we popped into some of the little craft and antique shops that New Paltz is know for and we saw some of the old houses on Huguenot Street.

Later Ian and I went to see Thir13een Ghosts.... frankly I think it would have been better if they took more time to develop it in stages instead of the ‘hurry up and get it’ approach they ended up taking.... in short - a rental... oh well.

My friend Colleen made it! She walked the pilgrimage that she had been training for (about 700 Km.) ... *phew*... I’m tired just thinking about it - Go Colleen!

Friday, 26 October 2001 :)

I went to New York... The foliage is spectacular and the train ride in was pleasant. Met with some clients and then headed home. It’s still tiring to go in and out of the city.... I was wiped out on the way home.

Ian and I tried to go to the movies much later, but the place was jammed... we’ll go tomorrow instead.... meanwhile Trever and Shawn are planning to host a small party with some friends.... hmmm... this may prove interesting.

Ian made an appointment for Kimo.... she’s getting ‘fixed’ on Monday.... we’re getting a good night’s rest Monday night.

Thursday, 25 October 2001 :)

At about three O’clock in the morning I woke to see the most impressive site... against the clear dark velvet sky was the most powerful white dome.... The US Capitol... illuminated and so beautiful.

Later we woke... washed up and headed straight for the Dining Car for breakfast. We were in New York by ten.

Wanting to just get home we stopped for a Mocha Frapuccino and then a bee-line for Grand Central. Aunt Pam picked us up and we headed over to Mom’s house to get the pathfinder.... stayed for a visit then Homeward bound.

It was so great to see the faces of those kids.... I missed them desperately.... and Buddy dog and Basil and Kimo... all our friends... the ones that love us and depend on us for food.... ahhhhh home.

And the best part is that... it was all still there.... in one piece.... good job fellas.

Wednesday, 24 October 2001 :)

The departure came off without a hitch and in no time we were on the Amtrak headed for New York... what amazing fun rail travel is. We made the mistake of not getting a room and settled in coach. Very comfortable though. I read my book, “The Satanic Verses”, by Salman Rushdie - excellent... what a writer!

The Dining car was decorated in Floridian sensibilities... coral and mint green. Dinner was great fun. We were seated across from Harry and his wife, a delightful couple... they love to ride the trains... Turns out that Harry is head of transportation for the State of Connecticut.... we had a great time.

Later Ian and I passed the time playing cards in the Lounge.

More reading ... then bed.

Tuesday, 23 October 2001 :)

Had my coffee by the pool over looking the lake.... sigh.

Ian and I headed over to Moffitt to shoot the TV commercial.... it was very fun... they had me in and out of makeup in no time... I come on right after Congressman Connie Mack.... I wanna copy when it’s done.

Later that evening Ian and I went swimming... I’m so glad that we’re together... it really was fate that had us meet.

Tomorrow we head back... on Amtrak.

Monday, 22 October 2001 :)

SAW THE GATOR..... *shiver*... hiding in the water.... sneakin’ around.

Ian and I walked eight miles... *phew*... .not bad huh? We were so happy that we decided to go out and buy some colour ... so we went to the tanning place.... eleven minutes for me.... five minutes for Ian... nothing happened. On the way back to the house we saw our first Armadillo crossing the road... wild.

Later that evening the results of the tanning bed became evident... so did the eight miles... we were both just one gigantic toasted leg cramp!

Sunday, 21 October 2001 :)

Slept ‘till noon... walked five miles....and went swimming again... (forgot about terrorist water spider)... then BAM... there he was. I did the only thing I could think of doing... I smashed the hell out of him - then I air dropped food... heh.

Coloured Ian’s hair again.... added more white to soften both the yellow and the stares... looks hot!

Ian and I saw Zoolander... what a funny movie... we had a ball.

The kids are doing swell without us.... hmmmm... might have to wait ‘till we’re home to get the full story.

Saturday, 20 October 2001 :)

Walked four miles before breakfast... not bad... then I swam some more. I was Mr. Cool... until I met the water spider... UGHHHhhh.

Later we went out to Ybor City with Arthur, our friend who just moved out of New York to relocate in Tampa. Ybor is the coolest part of Tampa... one club after another. We went to ‘NRG’ and saw a drag show and danced until 3:00 in the morning. Coming out of the club there was an ambulance stopped... after seeing all the beautiful guys that are all over the place I figured it could just be a convenience for folks like me who realised they needed Emergency Liposuction.

Friday, 19 October 2001 :)

Went to Moffitt... beautiful day... the tests all came back clear and perfect..... (exhale).... Larry wants to have an endoscopy - to be extra safe - and one was scheduled in New York for the twelfth of November.... no sweat.

Ian coloured his hair... blonde... more like crayon yellow... kinda fun... Later we met up with James and Tony... some friends who live in the area.

I walked four miles and swam in the pool.... very cool.

Thursday, 18 October 2001 :)

We kissed the boys and headed south. Stopped at Mom’s and Aunt Pam drove us to the airport. The plane was a beauty, a Falcon 2000, owned by the Honeywell Corporation. What a flight... Ian and I were the only passengers... two pilots and a flight attendant that was so kind and so attentive. We dined at 43,000 feet in the air.... cool beans!

When we arrived at the hanger the car was waiting and we left for the Tampa House... just one palm tree after another.

Wednesday, 17 October 2001 :)

Ian took Mom back home and then went into New York. I went to take care of stuff in White Plains... what a long schlep... nice part was the scenery.. the trees are peaking.... what a magnificent display. I stopped at Mom’s on the way back.

Tomorrow we’ll fly to St. Petersburg... I’m homesick already. The guys are psyched ‘cause we decided to let them stay home alone.... *sigh*... they can do it. If they fuck up - they’re toast. I just hope I get a good night’s sleep... Kimo was determined not to let that happen yesterday - Every ninety minutes she had me up with her crazy meowing... MeOw MeeeOOOoow MEEEeeeeooOOoow... Ugh... she’s lucky I didn’t catch her.

I may not be able to update every night... I may need your patience in answering your emails too... but I’ll do my best.

Tuesday, 16 October 2001 :)

Today is Mariann’s Birthday. When I headed over to the florist shop to pick out the flowers we sent.... staring at me from under my car was Kimo.... she got out again!.... damnit.... Gotta get her fixed.... I’ve been trying to avoid it but now she’s bouncing off the walls and running around the house breaking speed records set by Afghani chickens... nerrroOOOoomm.... Dee came over for coffee today took one look and said it’s time. So, as soon as we get back from Florida it’s a one-way ticket to ‘Snipsville’ for Kimo.

Thursday Ian and I are heading to Tampa for a week. It’s time for my quarterly check-up at the Moffitt Center. Plus they’re making a TV commercial and they want to include me.... could be fun!

We’re gonna fly down on a corporate jet and return next week on Amtrak.... I know that’s a haul, but I’m not ready to fly commercially... not until they get ALL the safety stuff done. Bernadette and Ricky (who have been a Godsend to me) are letting us have the Tampa house for the week. They are so cool like that.

I went to get Mom, ‘cause she’s gonna stay overnight. While I was there Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni Ann came by too and we had some laughs around the kitchen table.... Family.... it’s what life’s all about.... at least mine.

Monday, 15 October 2001 :)

I had wanted to go to New Jersey, but my stomach had another idea. That’s how it is... I hate it but there’s absolutely no sense in getting all worked up about it. I sent a letter to the CEO of Delta asking him to do the right thing for our friend Doug... hope he’ll help... I sent a copy to Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Thurbert E. Baker, (the Attorney General of Georgia)... keeping my fingers crossed.

Please say a prayer for Mrs. Sen... She’s my friend Sourabh’s mom ... she’s in India and she need your prayers big time. Please send one.

Mom got some great news... she was asked to be headliner at the S.F.F. convention in July. Quite an honor.... It’s due in full to her sizable talent and her stellar reputation. Ya know.... reputation is everything. She’s excited about it... and with good reason.

I keep watching the news, of course - like everybody else.... today Osama warned the U.S. that there would be “Serious consequences if civilian homes were destroyed.”.... isn’t he great... what a hero.... before he became this great religious and moral authority - did he do stand-up? The guy’s a natural... hmmm.... we should tell the Taliban we’ll stop the bombing if they get Osama to do a one man comedy hour on HBO.... We’ll call it, “Ji-Hahahad”.

Sunday, 14 October 2001 :)

I went over to Mari and Robbie’s house. Robbie and I put a computer table together... nothing too complicated.... thank God.

The weather was perfect... just right. I got a call from Bill Bush, he would like me to come to Florida as soon as I am able, he wants to include me in the commercial for the Moffitt. I’m also due for the three month check-up too. I’ll try to get the Angels Network to get me there, (I’m not comfortable to fly commercially until they straighten out their act)... maybe Amtrak is the answer.

Saturday, 13 October 2001 :)

I had stayed up while the twins were out.... they returned with four friends at four in the morning..... so I slept in today. When I awoke Ian’s Mom was here... the two of them were having some fun with the yard sale. I was adorable to watch them together. A fellow stopped by named Nasir who was from India and we talked for the longest time... we may have made a new friend.

The cellar started to flood so I called Lance the plumber - he popped over in fifteen minutes... good thing too.... he had the problem finished an hour later.

My cousin Linda is visiting from Key West... She and Aunt Rusty came up but they will have to be heading back ‘cause Aunt Rusty is vomiting again.... Please say a prayer for her... she needs them now.

Speaking of prayers.. Meagan is back home and doing swell! Thank you for the prayers.

Friday, 12 October 2001 :)

Decided not to go into New York since my stomach was off.

Ian had his Garage Sale... got rid of a lot of stuff... where the hell does it all come from? It comes and it comes....

I emailed NBC an idea early this morning for Saturday Night Live.... A commercial parody: Osama and friend in a cave pondering how they could terrorize the US ... while they struggle to list one lame idea after another a goose, in a turban, whose being chased around by a hungry Afghani is trying to get their attention screeching "Anthrax... Anthrax"...... *sigh*.... who knew?

Thursday, 11 October 2001 :/

Ian and I went to see Mom... Aunt Pam was there and we got to visit briefly.... We went to Stewart Airport hoping to change some tickets that we have. Instead of using them we are trying to get our friend Doug, who’s a US Marine, home for Thanksgiving. It made sense to us ‘cause our tickets are worth $700... The flight costs $350.... so it would be a win-win situation for Ian, me, Doug and Delta if they accept the swap. Well, the guy at the counter said it was some policy that they can’t.... what crap.... so now it’s onto corporate and the VP of ‘Customer Care’... hmmm.... “Customer Care” - I hope they do.

Wanna hear something GREAT.... Trever has been Christmas shopping with his wages... and he’s almost done too. Every day he picks up something for someone else on his list... I’m impressed!

Wednesday, 10 October 2001 :)

Awesome day. I took Shawn to school and went to have coffee with little Mary, our friend who is, well... fabulous. We had coffee and biscotti.... and talked about stuff. Now in her eighties she knows so much... seen a lot.

Later that day I had the chance to talk with Doug... one of Kristopher’s friends that I got to watch grow up... I’ve known him since he was fourteen... now he’s a U.S. Marine. I’m so proud of that guy. We talked about how sad it is that some ‘Americans’ still don’t feel compelled to step up to the plate.... even after being attacked in our own country... it’s a pity. I have an idea.... Start a non profit organization: World International Messengers for Peace, (W.I.M.P.), and what they could do is simply raise funds to buy each of its members a one-way ticket to Afghanistan... aboard ‘AIR INFIDEL’.... With each ticket passengers receive a parachute, (there are no runways left... remember?) once over the target....*Bing* “I see the pilot has put on the ‘Kumbiya’ sign”..... I’d hand them their complimentary bag of nuts, (since theirs are missing), smile big and *POP* their asses out.... heh..... “Game Over.. Thank you for playing.”

Tuesday, 9 October 2001 :)

A beautiful day.... I did a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I still get tired, but I’m so far from complaining. Shawn and Kathleen broke up... I assured him it’ll be fine... and I reminded him that when a door closes another opens. “You’re gay Dad. Things have changed.”... I forgot... he’s sixteen....( what was I thinking?)

Funny thing about labels... while they serve to identify they can also obscure the information that lies underneath.

Monday, 8 October 2001 :)

It really is getting colder... fantastic... Autumn and Winter are my favorite time. Things here are so much better than they were last year and the year before.... the boys are doing fantastically. They are both in school, working on the campus, and doing the right thing... Thank God.

Tomorrow night my cousin Greg and his band, Last Perfect Thing will be playing a Benefit for WTC Relief at the Middlesex County College, in Edison, New Jersey at 6 pm.... if you can you should defiantly go... they are a group to hear.

Sunday, 7 October 2001 :)

Today started off like any other day after a visit to the club.... with a swearing off of all solid food and a determination to look into liposuction.

Aunt Toni Ann, Kristen, Ali, Nauh and Mom all came over for coffee.. that was fun. we had the chance to watch little Nuah laugh and play... he’s so cool that kid. Mom stayed overnight with us... sorta made it feel like we were a troop... in a weird, WW2, Londonesque, sorta way. But the fact is that life went on and will.

Ali talked about the Koran, being a Muslim he’s concerned about how things are going... I am too but we see things from a different vantage point. After spending years as a kid being harassed by bullies I just flat out REFUSE to allow it now... I’m an admitted hawk... (rabid actually). And a capitalist.... Since Osama is targeting “American males” I was thinking of making vinyl press-on pictures of the ‘Bin Boy’ for insertion in urinals.... sort of a way to give the American Male a chance to get in a bit of his own target practice... hehe... ready... aim.....

Saturday, 6 October 2001 :)

The weather was great today and the leaves are beginning to turn colour. We paid Mom a visit and Aunt Toni-Ann was there too. We all had a deep discussion of the current events... Most everyone has similar thoughts... did some shopping. Later Ian and I felt like we should try our best to get out and have fun... enough of the gloomy shit.... on to happy things instead.... we decided to go out clubbing.

At Primetime we ran into Steve, (it was his birthday), Corey, Derrick, Scott, Ross & Peter, and I even saw a face that looked like my friend David from San Diego and sure enough - it was! How very cool to get out and be surrounded by friends and laughter... we stayed out ‘til 3:30 in the morning. The atmosphere was charged and I got the feeling that everyone in the room was committed to having fun.

Friday, 5 October 2001 :)

I went into New York along with Ian today... for him it was the first time back since the Bill Blass Show on the 10th. I went off to my office but didn’t stay long... felt a little ‘blech’. Met up with Ian but while I was on the street a homeless fellow named David came and started to talk with me. He and I talked about so many different things.... just two guys sharing. He lives in the subway now and smells like a bathroom... his story was sad - but he wasn’t... he was upbeat and friendly. Please keep him in your prayers.

Trever had an interesting day... seems there’s a new guy that patrols the school - a safety step for the students protection... “Well,” said Our Hero, “everybody hates him and thought his job was useless. But today he was busy breaking up a big demonstration.” “Really! What were they protesting?” I asked, impressed with the integrity of our communities youth... “They were protesting HIM.” he said nonchalantly.... heh... life goes on all right.

Thursday, 4 October 2001 :)

Thoughts...... I heard that President Bush wants to send food to Afghanistan... hmmm... Wouldn’t it be better to let them get so hungry they eat each other.... all gone. Kinda rough over there from what I hear... I understand that a woman can get beaten just for smiling.... what amazes me is what do they have to smile about? She coulda been getting delirious from hunger and the guy was just trying to revive her... Scary... Wanna know what’s REALLY scary - how ugly are these women? I mean, if guys as scummy looking as the Taliban feel the need to cover them up.....

Wednesday, 3 October 2001 :)

Ian’s Mom returned from Scotland today... she’s so glad to be home. We talked a lot about all that’s gone on since ‘911’ and she shared the ‘buzz’ from Great Britain.

Speaking of global tumble weeds.... I got word that Colleen is “in the town of Logroņo about 120 km into [the] trip... Having a great time” ... *phew*..... what an adventurer!

Wow... They think one of the terrorists attacked the driver of a Greyhound bus causing an accident... A BUS?.... hmmmm..... could it be that the money’s getting tight?... Gee.... What’s next boys? Hijacking Skateboards?.... YEAH.... ‘Boarding Jihad’... Kewl Dude..... “Riding a half-pipe to paradise”... hehehe.... GOTTA BE CAREFUL - They could be trying to make us laugh so hard we choke.

Tuesday, 2 October 2001 :)

Today was a beautiful day weather wise. Getting back into the grove of work again... so many calls to make... I feel like I need two heads.

I spoke with Aunt Rusty, she could use some prayers ‘cause she’s still in some real pain. When I spoke with her she was concerned that she might have to go into the hospital again... we’ll see... please say prayers.

Trever came home with a bag of green apples and asked me to make something... so I tried.... yet again.... and made a pie. I even took the second pie crust and made strips for the top. Mariann had said to use a few pats of butter, (but that’s not what I remembered) and I used a stick. It smelled amazing and looked great! The taste was really not bad in fact it was surprisingly good..... I felt very proud.... it was all the butter instead of juice that took some getting used to.... that.... and the intense stomach craps that came later... Ian thinks I should send my pies to the Taliban.... hrmn.

Monday, 1 October 2001 :)

Wow... Monday already... I spent most of the day on the phone... although I had to take two naps.... struggling against the idea though I did. Am drinking new drink now, Jilly taught me... I mix the juice of half an apple with five carrots... yum.

Shawn started his first real job today... very exciting.... they were both home for an hour after school and then to work. After which they did homework and went to bed... a guy could get used to this... heh... tell the truth.... I’m enjoying this time.... perhaps more than usual ever since 9.11.

I met one of the boys friend, Dave.... he’s planning to join the Army... *sigh*.... scary, but there’s no backing away from this fight.... I bet we are more alike than different. I can’t help but think the Arab community would get behind the idea of transforming Afghanistan into ‘Lake Taliban’.... Don’t you think their Realtors also struggle (given the shortage of good waterfront property).... Ahhhhh... Welcome to Lake Taliban... I think it’s catchy... the new Afghani slogan could be, “Life’s a beach AND you die.”..... or.... “Finally, a use for that towel you’ve been wearing.”

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