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Saturday, 30 March 2002 :\

A strange little day.... hard to explain, just tired and lots of Imodium... and a burning desire to get things done. Later I went to visit Mom and we talked a while. Aunt Toni-Ann came later with Kissy and Nuah. Aunt Pam came by too and we all caught up.

My cousin Drew took first place in a contest and got a wonderful scholarship to Temple... is that great? I’m so proud of that guy.

Trever approached me to ask if we could get Little Buddy, (his basset hound), another home... wow... I asked him why, what would make a kid possibly wanna ditch his dog? “He smells”.... I had to smile.... his answer was quintessential Trever... instead of considering the possibility of just giving him his weekly bath - goodbye Buddy?.... heh... “Gee Trever, if that were a good enough reason for shipping out the ones we love - we’d be having this conversation on the phone.”

Friday, 29 March 2002 :)

Kristopher and Melanie invited us to their home in Connecticut for Easter... It’ll be fun to spend the day with them... sure feels neat to be going to my son’s home for the holiday.

Please put Jeanne and John V. on your prayer lists... They are dear people who need the boost right now that I know your prayers can give. He’s also a new soldier in the war on cancer.... and some fighter too. One of his legs was removed but his positive spirit is perfectly intact. I tell ya the more people I meet who have been though rough stuff, the more impressed I am with the depth and beauty of the human spirit... we really are all connected... it’s so cool.

Thursday, 28 March 2002 :)

What an fantastic day.... Ian and I tipped into New York together. He went off on his appointments and I went off on mine.

I had lunch with John Filimon and we talked about lots of stuff... it was great to see him... it always is.. he’s coming up on the fifth for a party... speaking of party’s Susanne Bartsch called me ‘cause we were gonna to go to her party tonight - she canceled it... (Thank God - I’m wiped)... she’ll be doing others.

Afterward I went to City Hall to visit with Emma Bloomberg... I thought it would be neat to say hello to the Mayor, since I was there, but her Father was in the middle of a staff meeting so we went inside and talked for a while. She’s such a wonderful person... an interesting mix of elegance and ‘downtown’... very real and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed her company.

Please say a prayer for Eleanor Lambert... she could use some.

Ian and I had a fun ride home... Trever and Shawn are at Mariann and Robbie’s house.... and peace has returned to the valley.

Wednesday, 27 March 2002 :)

A beautiful day - weather wise.... *YEA*.... Work went amazingly well today and it was actually fun!

In the afternoon Little Mary and Ronnie came by and we had some coffee and laughs.... they are a hoot those two. Robbie came over too and it was great to see that guy. He took the twins to the dentist who turned out to be an alumni of the Marquise de Sade School of Dentistry... *ughhh*.... Trever said at one point he finally grabbed the guys arm and told him EXACTLY what he thought of his skills... point blank... and no, they’re never going back!

Tomorrow Ian and I will head into New York.... If all goes well I can share some really exciting news... something that I’m really thrilled about.

Tuesday, 26 March 2002 :)

The day started off snowing.... big fat flakes that clung to everything... the town was a showplace. By the end of the day there was rain and it was almost gone. We had company from Westfield come up and we all went out to dinner... it was great fun.

Please add Kenneth and Matthew to your prayer lists.... they are two brothers who need some healing prayers.

Monday, 25 March 2002 :)

Jeannie was cremated today... they are at an Irish Pub in San Diego having a last round... Richard said that he’d be sure to set up three for me, (and drink ‘em for me of course... whatta sport -huh?)

It’s been a while in the making, but after some hard concideration I decided to leave the investment company that I had worked for to join the team at Cadaret Grant... It’s a logical step and one that will work out swell. Most all of my clients will continue with my services and the friends that I made at the former company will remain my friends.... if they were real.... and if they weren’t - I have Ian... my buddy through thick and thin... and ya know what? It doesn’t get any better than that!

I drove home in a real old fashioned blizzard... very cool.

Sunday, 24 March 2002 :)

The boys friend Dan stayed over... Travis and Ben came over later on and they all played basket ball... it reminded me of when Kris was that age. They told me that in the summer they want to take a road trip.. to California or Cape Cod.... get a house on the beach for the summer.... sounds like fun.... we’ll see.

Aunt Toni-Ann and Kristen came over with Nuah and stayed a while.... Ian’s Mom came over too... it was a fun family sorta day.... I knew to memorize it - that it would be a memory.

Saturday, 23 March 2002 :)

Kristopher and Melanie came up and stayed overnight yesterday.... which was really cool. In the morning we all had breakfast and went off to look at places to host their wedding and reception. Wow... to even write that seems weird... life is strange.... Jeannie’s gone and Kris is getting married.... hrmn... Guess life is always evolving and ya gotta evolve right along with it.

Later we went to Wendy’s house for her husband’s surprise party.... it was a fun time... we came home to a the boys and their friends staying over... all part of the life here at our house.

I spoke with Richard, Colleen and Tara Shannon.... Jeannie will be cremated tomorrow and they’ll take her to an Irish pub.... and then go on a whaling cruise... it feels strange to me so I know how hard it is for them.... keep them in your prayers... Little Mary too... she has good days and bad ones.

Friday, 22 March 2002 :(

My friend Jeannie Shannon passed away in San Diego today... She was an amazing woman... a tiny red headed Irish girl who loved her kids, her football, (blech) and politics.... she worked to get Ted Kennedy elected - was there at Chappaquiddick... she introduced me to the music of Edith Piaf... years ago when her son got into trouble and was in jail, she walked in with a lawyer friend - the Attorney General of the United States... THAT was Jeannie... she was a pisser... a thinker.... a fighter.... nobodies fool.... a dear friend who I’d call whenever I didn’t know what to do.... I’m gonna miss her forever.

Thursday, 21 March 2002 :\

Please say lots of prayers for Jeannie S.... she really needs them.

I spent the day setting up future stuff... otherwise, I spent the day very contented to be home.

Wednesday, 20 March 2002 :\

Cathy had planned to go to the dentist and were going to head to Orlando and hang out until the flight home. She was a little worried to go, since she hates to get dental work done, and took a pill that the dentist had suggested, which she referred to as her ‘Happy Meal’... heh... within fifteen minutes a groggy Cathy stumbled into the living room and it was apparent that she could not drive so we took her. By the time she was done we had to book to the airport so as not to delay the flight. The plane that awaited was a Cessna Citation VIII.... it was a so pretty from the outside. The interior was so small that you had to bend completely over to get in. Once sitting the top touched your head... Poor Ian... he is not a lover of flying to begin with.... and this was like an SUV - with wings. It took off and, as is typical in small aircraft, you could feel every jump and sway and drop... We had made the mistake of eating a pepperoni and cheese ‘thing’, from a 7-11 of all places, (we were really pressed for time) and Ian, normally red faced, was now turning white... then green... hehe... I felt bad, but there was nothing to do but pray. The flight plan was to stop at Trenton, New Jersey.... so that the fellow from Verizon could run an errand, then off to Teterboro to drop him off and then take us home. As we neared the first stop in Trenton we were flying blind.... all the swaying and dropping but with no visuals - the windows were all grey... Ian looked like a cat getting a bath.... if there had been an ‘Eject’ button his seat would have been empty! When we landed/skidded in Trenton I thought we were gonna buy the farm... *phew*... but we made it. During the interim the pilot came to us and said that the ceiling was dropping due to the weather, but that he was going to ‘try’ for White Plains anyway... yeah.... right.... Two minutes later I was at the Hertz desk.... we drove the three hours home instead... all the way home we sang and laughed and talked and had fun... every now and then Ian would touch the car door and thank me.

When we got to New Paltz we drove into a magical Christmas scene.... snow everywhere.... It was so beautiful and it felt so good to be home... I was still in shorts.

Tuesday, 19 March 2002 :)

Ahh.... Lab work, blood drawings and all the good stuff that goes along with the territory.... all went fine. Nothing on the Catscans disturbed anyone... and I was happy to hear that!

I met with Dr. Ruckdeschel and talked all about the state of my health and then he introduced me to the CFO of Moffitt, who is also named Jack and I visited with him for a while on business note. The makers of Joint Ritis, who are so great, sent me with a generous donation to the Moffitt.... which I though was just awesome.

The rest of the evening was spent with Cathy.... she and Ian get on like old friends... cool beans.

Monday, 18 March 2002 :)

Today Ian and I celebrated knowing each other for seven years and eleven months.

Cathy, whom I adore, had us stay with her in Lakeland. Her home is so beautiful and she went out of her way to make us comfortable... down to tiny details... I was touched. We spent the day together.... conversations and laughs out on the patio overlooking a huge pond that was flanked by trees covered with moss, a spectacular water display in the center.... up-lit at night... and geese that waddled all around the property and entertained us. It was a little slice of heaven.

The boys reported that all was well... that there was no school ‘cause of a snow storm... hmmm... I missed them.

Sunday, 17 March 2002 :)

The morning was a blur... a crazy haze of getting things ready and packing... and then whittling it down to just the things you wanted to really take. Ian and I were able to melt it all down into a shoulder bag and a holder for the Catscan films... not bad. Then we went to Mom’s hose and Aunt Toni Ann was there to take us to the hanger... she stayed until we were ready to board.

We took off from aboard a Gulfstream III that was gorgeous... Gee wiz it was like a lounge, the leather was soft and the woodwork was exquisite and polished... even the bathroom was well done in mahogany and granite with touches of gold. We flew with Pat Russo, the President and CEO of Lucent Technologies who was both pretty and friendly. Lunch was unreal (I had asparagus soup and the grilled prawn) and we landed at the Signature hanger in Orlando... what a joy that ride was.

Saturday, 16 March 2002 :)

Today was a bunch of details to take care of. Later Ian and I went to Little Mary’s house to help her and Ronnie finish off the stack of thank you notes that brought that part of Robert’s death to a close.... we laughed and cried.... ‘cause we were all writing them out when Mary interrupted to ask, “What do I write to this poor woman.? Listen to this letter, ‘Dear Mary, I know that it’s hard deal with Robert’s passing and that you’ve lost two sons... I know because I’ve lost three.’”... Everyone was about to tear up and I looked at Mary and said, “What about, ‘Dear Soandso - You win.” and Mary burst out laughing and we followed suite.

I saw a program on the 1964 Words Fair, which I vividly remember... the Sinclair Dinosaurs, the IBM Pavilion, the Pieta... and where I fell in love with Belgian Waffles.... and that’s when it dawned on me - I’ve NEVER brought any of my children to a Worlds Fair... How did that happen?..... hmmm... something to look forward to.

Ian and I are pretty much set to take off tomorrow.... The first jet is a Gulfstream... coming back is a Cessna Citation... I’m psyched. We’ll only be in Tampa a few days this time... I may have to wait until I return to update the site.

Friday, 15 March 2002 :)

I didn’t go into New York after all there was just too much to do for Sunday and I was feeling a bit under the weather... so, all the appointments were rescheduled. There was a lot on my desk that had to be handled and, finally, it’s all neat and clean... YEA... clearing my desk felt good.... boy do I need to get out more.

A wonderful thing happened today... my friend Bret was selling Scrumb tee shirts... I bought one and asked him to sign it.... I got it back today.... very cool.

Thursday, 14 March 2002 :)

A hectic day.... filled with tasks... and Imodium.

I had three Cat Scans in preparation for going to the Moffitt... and then an appointment with Paul Borrows, the gastroenterologist who made the initial discovery of the cancer... except that after going all the way to Fishkill.... they goofed... he was on vacation. The women in the office were so upset... What already? It happens, (a lot) ya just gotta relax already.... although..... getting them all upset creates ulcers and drums up more business..... uh.... Nah.

Shawn asked me to come to a ‘Tolerance Day’ assembly at the High School... A woman in a chair, who couldn’t speak without the aid of a talking machine, slowly, painfully, told all about the trials and tribulations she had to overcome living with cerebral palsy.... she was tremendous... a tower of inner strength.... the questions and answer period was rough... but she did it. When she was done Shawn was to speak but at the last moment he thought he wouldn’t be able to talk and begged me to take the floor..... so... in front of all those high school kids, after a woman who has real problems I was supposed to tell them what it was like being gay.... hmmm.... (usually, when I have that nightmare, I’m wearing a mauve mini-skirt)... I started talking to them about the stereotypes that Hollywood had created.... then I brought the point home by asking if there were any ‘Jocks’ in the room - hands flew up. I looked at them smiling and asked, “Should I talk slow?”... then I asked how many ‘Blondes’... I had them laughing in no time.... Shawn came up and joined me... I stressed to them that the toughest part about being a ‘Gay-Parent’ was not in the ‘being Gay’ part.... more in the ‘being a Parent’ part.... Shawn was cool and collected and for reasons I cannot fathom, all the kids had questions for him... wondering what his life was like, was it hard, did his friends come over, were there rules... they really got into wondering. Shawn was great... he told them that the biggest difference from his life and his friends was that he “had twice as many clothes he could borrow”... hehe.... go Shawn.... What did they expect? Gay - Straight... it’s all the same really... If you cut us do we not sue?

Wednesday, 13 March 2002 :)

There were a ton of calls that needed to be made today... which I did... *phew*.... Then the Angels network called and it looks like we’re going to Tampa on Sunday... just for a few days. I’m in the middle of planning the itinerary... it’ll be great on several levels.... I’ll get all the tests done and talk business too.

Later on I went to meet an attorney to help do something very exciting... The interview has me convinced I’m on the right track... now I have to figure out the details... sorry to be so cryptic... but the project is still under wraps.

I was invited to attend a New Paltz Village Board meeting and I went... My friend Suzanne Saland wants me to join the Housing Board.... I’m flattered for the invitation and everybody does have to do their part... I’m giving it serious thought.

Tomorrow I have to go to the High School to support Shawn... he volunteered to speak at a gathering to discuss tolerance, that takes a lot of guts at seventeen... then I get to have some catscans taken and then meet with Dr. Paul Borrows to set up the next operation that I need to stretch the esophagus.... not so bad!

Calling all Angels... Please say a prayer for a young teenager named Bart G. and his family.... he was in a horrific car accident and needs the prayers to heal... Please, also include a woman named Michele O.... she’s been through a hell.... send her inner peace and calm. Thank you for sending them.... I know that your prayers make a difference... after all, I’m here aren’t I?

Tuesday, 12 March 2002 :)

Please surround De Leopold, and Banu’s friend Bruce with prayers... they both need them.

I set about to take Mom to the dentists appointment that she had and then to Middletown so that she could order the new furniture she needed. When we were done I headed back home to try and achieve things on the phone.... which I did.

Aunt Rusty is having fun in Key West with Linda and Gary... she sounds great.... that’s a good thing.... ‘cause lately she hasn’t been.

I had this idea for a cartoon..... A drawing that showed two men in suits..... sitting in an office... The hand-painted sign on the glass door is backwards but reads ‘Hypochondriacs Association’ and they are engaged in an interviewing process.... the one behind a desk scrutinizing a piece of paper the fellow across the desk who looks a little nervous and appears to be explaining... and the caption reads, “I’m between illnesses right now.”

I made dinner tonight.... fast... hot-dogs, beans with brown sugar, and red cabbage..... What was I thinking? I watch CNN... I’ve seen suicide bombers that walk with less!

Monday, 11 March 2002 :/

Six months ago... wow.

I worked from home today... I didn’t go into New York as was originally planned. Ian and I were invited to Cassandra Wilson’s party at the Blue Note.... there was just too much to do here. I may be leaving for Florida on Sunday... it’s a work in progress.

I had a long talk with Trever today and we agreed that we have to take better care with each other... he agreed.... time will tell.

Sunday, 10 March 2002 :/

Still feel out of sorts.... but I’ll get over it. Ian and I went to Mom’s and she took us out for breakfast... that was fun. After that we headed to Middletown. Shawn’s behavior was wonderful and in sharp contrast to Trever... but hey, there’s no Police cruisers in my driveway.... so.... life is good.

we had ‘Tam’ weather today.... Rain with thunder and lightning real early, sunny and cloudy, calm and then heavy winds... and finally snow... *phew*.... enough already.

Saturday, 9 March 2002 :/

It was Nuah’s first birthday party... he is so adorable.... Shawn and I went. It was great to see everyone, Kristen, Aunt Toni Ann, Aunt Pam, Aunt Joann and Uncle Bruce, Tracey and Billy, Danielle and Brian... and all the children... what a really good time. It was held at Aunt Pams and the decorations were magical.... balloons everywhere, streamers, sparkly things and lots of yummies. Kissy admonished me for scaring Nuah, (not a good thing)... he’s just so cute when he’s startled... but she’s right... it’s mean. Mom wasn’t up to coming and Ian went off to Pat’s house ‘cause it was her birthday too. We had planned it better, but like all things planned it was messed up.

Later I dropped Shawn off at Mom’s so that he could stay overnight with her, she loves it. She said that, “if Trever had come to stay over it would have been PERFECT”.... hmmm.... can’t argue with that.

Friday, 8 March 2002 :/

The weather was great and I went to New York to meet Marcia Sherrill and discuss some plans I have that I will elaborate on later. Funny thing was that as I walked from the station to Bigbucks, standing outside the coffee house were three men in police uniforms but the shoulder badges said, “Fashion Center”.... It struck me, (I hadn’t had coffee and I was in a goofy mood) and I laughed. They stopped talking to stare and I said, without thinking, “Ohmigod, you mean there really are ‘Fashion Police’? That’s great! Hey Fellas,” I glanced at my outfit, “am I in trouble?”.... For whatever reason they failed to find the humor and just looked at me with a “Gee, I’ve never heard that before - eat shit and die.” sorta look on their face. Oh well ya win some, ya lose some, ya try to leave a coffee shop by the back door, only ya can’t find some.... hehe.

Later I met with Eric and Patrick, our friends and we went out to dinner at a little place called, ‘The Three Of Cups’... It was fun to be with them and I had wished that Ian had been able to come into town with me.... by the time I returned it was eleven o’clock.

Thursday, 7 March 2002 :)

A very busy day..... I headed into New York, met a friend for lunch, then dashed to Great Neck to meet the team that manufacture Joint-Ritis, the product that brought me TOTAL relief from the incredible joint pain that had been brought on by the Neupogen... *yEOUch*.... David, Scott and Gloria, the team that run the company are wonderful.... so real and down to earth.... just totally cool. I’ve been talking on and off with them for almost a year now, (boy, can time go fast when it want’s to).

Afterward I headed back to Manhattan and met up with my buddy Sourabh... He just returned from India and we had a lot to catch up on... He’s gotta come up to New Paltz and have a brain storming session... get Scott in on it too... Ahhhh - business talk.... I love it! It felt so good to sit having coffee at ‘Bigbucks’ and talk strategies!

Wednesday, 6 March 2002 :)

HAPPY VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY NUAH... I wanna re-count... I mean - it was just a little while ago that he was born.... wasn’t it?

I got to see Robbie today, he came by for coffee and stuff... which was cool... and Jim Suto called to tell me that all went ok... and to thank all of you for sending him the prayers... he can see again! The Cotes Disease that took the sight from one eye was threatening to do the same to the other eye, until they removed it... they put in a prosthetic eyeball and attached the muscles to it. So in a few weeks when he heals up, and he looks around, the new eye will follow too... very neat... and same day surgery no less... amazing!

I have a stuffy nose, watery eyes and I’ve been sneezing tonight... tough... tomorrow I head to New York and Long Island.

Tuesday, 5 March 2002 :)

I had a great day... YES... got a lot done and even got to see Mom and Aunt Pam, C.J. and Jenna too. Mom is really feeling very badly, headaches, body aches and some nausea too.... please say prayers for her. I tried to reach Aunt Rusty, but she’s at Linda and Gary’s in Key West... I’ll call her tomorrow.

Please keep Jim in your prayers... he gets operated on Wednesday.

And, since your praying anyway, please say one for Vivienne Tam... uh... actually say five.... (one for each personality) poor thing.... Ian finally had enough of the ’Bipolar-Roller-Coaster’ and quit... he had to.... couldn’t do it anymore. He decided that if he’s gonna put up with those extremes of up and down he wanted a good narcotics habit to go along with it!... heh... go Ian! Life is just to fucking short.

Monday, 4 March 2002 :)

Please say some prayers for my friend Jim Suto. He’s going into the hospital to have one of his eyes removed... he hasn’t been able to see out of it for years, but he’s understandably nervous. He’s such a good man... honest and friendly.... the kind of guy you’re proud to know.

Today went really well... no sore throat to speak of and I went into the office and spent the day in relative peace.... free to simply work. After I was through I stopped at Mom’s for a brief visit... her car is dreamy and she loves it... I’m glad that she’s happy... it’s my very firm belief after seeing all that I have seen, that being happy is a true key to longevity... I’m sure that if the government spent millions of dollars they would be able to explain just why that’s true... Lemme do it for free - IT JUST WILL, ‘nuff said. Besides, if I live my life that way and I’m wrong - who cares - I’ve still had a ball! People really do beg for their miseries... hey... that’s your right too!

Sunday, 3 March 2002 :)

Woke up to a fiery sore throat.... no big deal... some tea... some honey, and a lot of chicken soup ‘ala Jilly’ and it was, as always, a big hit. For the rest of the day the boys stayed out of my way, (sensing my mood) and the place was uncharacteristically peaceful.... and as quite as the Yates household after bath-time.... hrmn.

Saturday, 2 March 2002 :)

Ian and I went to Poughkeepsie and visited his Mom. She gave me a rug she made for Ian when he was a little guy... very beautiful and how cool.

My Mom went upstate to pick up her new Town Car.... which I hear is stunning... she’s so excited... and that could be the start of something good!

Patrick and Eric are up from the city, I had hoped that we’d get the chance to hang out, but it didn’t happen.... they were way busy helping Mary, so we never did get the chance

Friday, 1 March 2002 :)

I’m working on something that’s so exciting... I don’t wanna jinx it... but boy am I excited!

Ya know... I was thinking all about the last few years and I am just so blessed to have the friends that I have, and so many too. The best part is - they’re all real. The adventure that I have been on has really and truly given so much more than it took... What is the value of knowing who your friends are? Or in being able to truly comprehend the fact that we’re really just killing time before we leave the planet - so have fun, and make sure that your ‘work’ is something you love, and always do the right thing.... and if folks don’t get it - that’s ok - just so long as you do... after all, what other people think of you - is none of your business.

Jim and Terry came over for a meeting and to visit... they are so neat. By the time Ian came home a cluster of teenagers had descended upon the kitchen.... the place was crazy in a fun way... one of them saw me taking the big red Keflex pill (for my tooth) and asked what that was for, I looked as serious as I could (while tapping the side of my head), “It stops the voices” - his face was just.... perfect... heh.

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