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Monday, 31 March 2003 :)

Today was a wild time of getting stuff done. It was wonderful and I achieved a lot.

Later on Ian and I took Shawn to a college in Poughkeepsie for an entrance exam..... *sigh*.... college already.... It was a bittersweet moment to see him climb up the campus that he may end up discovering himself on. He looked like a really big kid to me and I realised that when I climbed my campus hill I distinctly remember being a man, as far from a kid as one could be. Now it’s my turn to let go of the tethers and watch this precious balloon embark on it’s own adventures... strange... a feeling of accomplishment and abandonment, sobriety and celebration in such a rapid fire I felt numb, but aware while I watched him that this was important... he never looked back.

After such a beautiful moment Ian and I knew we needed to go to a sacred place to process our emotions.... we settled for the Mall. It’s hard to feel sad there. Always something going on. Watching people being people.... A mother shouted at her little daughter, “Malaysia... you get over here girl.” and it just struck us both as hysterical... we expected her to follow it up with, “...and bring Indonesia with you.”

Sunday, 30 March 2003 :)

Today was a surreal one for me. I was able to share some of the morning with Kris, Shawn and Trever. Ricky came over too with Mom, then Aunt Pam, Aunt Toni-Ann, Kissy and Nuah came over and we all had breakfast... it was magical. To make it even more amazing.. it actually started to snow.... wow.

Ricky had to leave today to fly back to Arkansas where he’s working on an aeronautical engineering project. I miss him already.

Saturday, 29 March 2003 :)

What an amaizng day. It started off with a visit from Chris, a friend of ours that had gone to Marist. Later Melanie came over and we chatted a while. Trever bought his new cell phone... the kind you can take digital pictures with... He paid four hundred dollars for it... *ouch*... but it was his money and he’s psyched... (I’d be crying too hard to call anyone)... oh well. Then Kris and his friends who I saw grow up all came over... that was a walk down memory lane. Later Ian and I went into Newburgh and had coffee while we visited Aunt Pam, Aunt Toni-Ann, Kissy and Nuah.... nice... Made a stop at Mom’s and saw Ricky, since he was in town and visited for a while... then headed back. Right now, as I’m recording this, my three sons are all asleep and under one roof... a special moment. I started to get misty eyed... I don’t know if it was ‘cause of the guys being together or a flashback to Our Hero and a Four hundred dollar phone.

Friday, 28 March 2003 :)

Edith was in town and Ian went off to have coffee with her while I drove Mom to see John Carroll, the healer that lives in Hurley. I sat in the car while she met with him. After about three and a half hours she came out and we talked all about the experience all the way home. I hope she has some positive results... time will tell.

Ricky flew into Newark to come and do some stuff with our older brother Phil and his wife.... he wanted Rick to help design something special for their home.... we’re gonna try to get together at some point later on.

Thursday, 27 March 2003 :)

I had some abdominal pain, as a result of the surgery. I asked the doctor and he told me that since I have about an inch of stomach left I have ‘Dumping Syndrome’ and though there’s no medicine for it I have to eat solid food, with little or no fluid. Then after about an hour drink liquids and wait again before eating solids... ugh... so much to remember.

While I was preparing for dinner I heard the sounds of Shawn and a group of his friends playing basketball on the driveway... the sounds of the ball and their laughs were magical - I just enjoyed it... memorized it.

Tomorrow Edith is coming over for coffee. Mom is coming over too and then we’ll leave so she can have a session with John Carroll, the healer I talked about in my 11 March entry.

Please send prayer to Tara Shannon, she really hurt her back shoveling snow in Colorado and still has to fly back to The Netherlands this weekend.

Wednesday, 26 March 2003 :)

I went to Albany to meet with Michael Schrom and Darroch Moores, two of the surgeons who had worked on me. Michael was very happy with the results of the vocal cord operation and my neck looks a hundred times better than before. After I saw him I went to meet with Darroch. He was delighted with the recovery and we talked for a while. He went on to tell me how amazing the whole thing really was and how most surgeons would have told me it was inoperable.... yet here I am. He doesn’t need to see me unless I run into trouble, (which I am not planning on).

Speaking of trouble, I saw on the news there were a bunch of people were protesting the war on Saddam by holding ‘Die-ins’. (they must really love this guy) They splotch what looks like blood on themselves and lay down in the middle of the road hoping to enlighten the world. This forces the police who are so badly needed to look for terrorist activities to stop and pick up these assholes one by one and haul them to jail... hrnm.... While I can see how they might play hell with the smaller cars, with so many of us driving SUVs I say throw it into four wheel and down shift already... heh... didn’t their Moms ever tell ‘em not to play in the road?

Tuesday, 25 March 2003 :)

Please say a prayer for My Uncle Bill Dixon... My Aunt Helen just told me he has skin cancer. He’s seeing a good doctor at John Hopkins

Today was a quiet one for me. I stayed home and tried to get things done.... nothing very exciting. I tune in frequently to see what’s happening in Iraq. Ya know, I wouldn’t be surprised if, before long, Baghdad becomes a tourist resort to rival the best of and see.

Monday, 24 March 2003 :)

Ian didn’t dress anyone this year so I had no real desire to watch the Academy Awards.... I did, however see clips this afternoon... hmmmm. From what I could see Michael Moore, (Bowling For Columbine) really puts the ‘Red’ in red carpet... what a putz.... I have a really great idea where he could put his Oscar... heh.

I hear some anti Muslim talk... a lot of anger... and I some of it was even coming from me. I had to stop and remember: Muslims are not all crazy - some are. They’re not all cruel bastards - some are.... what they ALL ARE is human, our brothers really and an important part of the greater mosaic we all come from. Great reminder... hope I’m listening. As far as the situation in Iraq goes - I’m behind the Coalition one hundred percent... I believe it to be needed and sad... all at the same time.

When you’re saying your prayers please say some for Ian’s Mom.... poor thing... she’s really feeling sick. Flu like symptoms and she’s feeling yucky. Just a reminder: There’s a Prayer List on this website which you can access when you send prayers to include those on the list... and feel free to E-mail me with anyone you would like added to it. Prayer is like the most amazing thing. I’m by no means a religious man, but I am a man with faith, (and it comes under the heading of ‘Hey it couldn’t hurt already.)

Sunday, 23 March 2003 :)

Please say a prayer for Joe-et... she could use the prayers.

Tom Hoffay came by for coffee and we shared the time with interesting discussion and some laughs. We’re planning an escape with a small group in the spring... a long weekend get-a-way to Montreal.

Saturday, 22 March 2003 :)

Mom and Aunt Pam stopped over for coffee before taking a road trip to Gloversville. It was nice to sit and talk around the table.

Ian and I had some nice plans to get together with Tom and catch a movie, but for some reason my ‘stomach’ was one gigantic cramp and we had to beg out. I got so frustrated after a couple of hours so I took a pain pill to spite it... and it worked.... I might be onto something.

Friday, 21 March 2003 :)

Spring started today... (with a bang in Baghdad)... It was pretty here. I watched the press briefing. I was amazed that the most of the people who got to ask Ari Fleischer questions were so concerned if George Bush watched television... when they were told he didn’t watch the tube as a rule they became unnerved... almost rabid. They had to ask the guy five or six times if that were really the case. Christ I wish their metal folding chairs were rigged with electricity... and the red button on my remote made them work.... “Ari, Are you SURE the President doesn’t waa..”.... fffiiizzzzzappp.

Thursday, 20 March 2003 :\

Funny... I’m a very peace loving guy... I don’t enjoy conflicts. I don’t, however shy away from a fight when I feel it’s worthwhile. It is my belief that we need to remove So-Damn-Insane and other loose canons from being in a position to harm the rest of us. During my travels I saw some good hearted folks protesting the war on Hussein by standing on the street corner holding up pictures of sad looking Iraqi’s... I realised there were probably good hearted folks back in the forties who stood on the same street corner protesting the war on Hitler by holding pictures of sad looking Nazi’s too... God bless the Freedom we have to express ourselves... Just wait ‘till the Iraqi’s get a taste of this... maybe they won’t look so sad.

Wednesday, 19 March 2003 :/

The weather was terrific today too. In the morning I took off my neck bandage and the gauze which was stuffed in my neck came out with it. Sorta reminded me of a circus clown that pulls one handkerchief and a long trail of hankies comes out... hehe... It was wild to stare in the mirror and see an honest to goodness hole in the middle of my neck.... ugh.... but it’ll heal in a short while... I covered it with a bandage.

Ian’s Mom came over for dinner and we enjoyed each others company... we had a chance to talk about lots of things including Saddam Hussein, or ‘So-Damn-Insane’ as I like to call him. Seems President Bush gave him ‘till eight to get outta Dodge.

As I understand it the war began just after eight much to the shock of the current Iraqi regime who were not sure if the President meant Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time or Howdy Doody Time.... One high ranking Iraqi official was overheard to complain, “We’ve been so busy building weapons of mass destruction I guess we overlooked a watch factory. What time do you have?”

Tuesday, 18 March 2003 :)

Today was just grand weather-wise... Ian and I celebrated our eighth year, eleventh month anniversary... I think we just like any reason to celebrate our meeting... and that’s a good thing.

I went to see Mom today... she was feeling okay and had a bag waiting for me to inspect. Inside were some beautiful hand-painted Chinese dishes she had bought me in China Town... she has a great eye for cool stuff.

Trever came over and was in a really great mood and we enjoyed his company. Shawn helped me wash up the Pathfinder and then went off to work at Shop-Rite. When he returned four hours later he brought me a candy bar as a present... that’s the kinda kid he is.

Please say a prayer for Robbie and his family... His Aunt Clara passed away and I know they’re saddened.

Monday, 17 March 2003 :)

What a really beautiful day, sunny and warm It was the kinda day that makes you wonder where your shorts are. Ian and I headed up to Albany for a meeting with Michael, the doctor who gave me back my voice. All the way up I was wondering if I had to just get used to a noticeable Adam’s apple... as mine was now larger. I asked Michael when I saw him and has assured me that would not be necessary... I still had a wound infection. He removed the stitches and lanced it. What I heard sounded like a tub toy that was being squeezed in the water... *blech*... I saw Ian’s head slowly tilt from behind the doctors shoulder, freeze and then slowly move back becoming eclipsed again. Next thing I know Michael is holding gobs of tissues at my throat while Ian, (who’s as green as St. Patrick) is heading for the door muttering, “I’ll just wait out here.”... hmmm... When he was done Michael stuffed the opening in my neck with some gauze and wrapped it up. I’m not to touch it until Wednesday.... fine by me.

After we were done we went out to eat... my mistake... although I was hungry I MUST remember not to over eat... I was in agony for the hour plus trip home.

When we arrived back at the house the most wonderful thing awaited me... My sister Jilly and my nieces: Frankie, Livvy and Mary Grace who live near Atlanta had sent me another ‘cookie-care’ package filled with a delicious assortment of tasty treats... along with a pair of pajama pants covered with the trade marked Hasbro game, ’Operation’ all over them! I loved them and plan to wear them when I go get the Porta-cath removed... HA. Love those southern belles.

Sunday, 16 March 2003 :)

Today there was a parade in Kingston and Tom had invited us to join him there. Ian and I tried to connect with him in the spot he had mentioned but the place was thronged... and we never ended up getting together... damnit. I spoke with Tom later and we agreed to make other plans to hang out.

So Ian and I just ended up going back home and spent the day relaxing and enjoying our own company.

Saturday, 15 March 2003 :)

The weather was amazing today... warmish, snow covered and sunny. I slept in but it was still gorgeous when I got up. Ian and I went to have tea with Aunt Alice and Uncle Paddy at their home in Millbrook. They are such dear people... just lovable. She poured the most delicious tea while we nibbled the homemade scones and English custard she had made for us.... It was really a wonderful time and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Afterward we headed to Mom’s and visited a little while. She made us some coffee and fed us pasta and homemade sauce... yummy... when we left her we headed to visit Michele and meet her boyfriend Pat... Michele looked fantastic and it’s great to see her happy. Pat was super nice and introduced us to his pet Macaw... Prettybird... who can talk. I fed him some food and was just in awe of how cool it was to by him... or her... uh... I’ m not sure if it was a male or female... but it was really cool none the less.

Friday, 14 March 2003 :)

Two strange things happened....

For starters I had a dream... in the dream my late friend Jeannie Shannon was helping to raise money for the Elting Library in New Paltz... it was a pet of hers... she was carrying on and on about it and about an old woman who was giving her a hard time... next thing I know my gramma is there wearing a blue satin dress with pearls and giving me a hug and telling me she loves me... I could smell her perfume, Jungle Gardenia, and feel her warmth... when I awoke I realised I had slept perfectly good and fine - with three pillows! (I usually need seven).

The weather was great... sunny and on the warm side. Ian and I headed out to breakfast and then went to the Airport. We flew back to New York with Bill Kerr, the Chairman & CEO of Meredith Corporation, aboard his Lear Jet 60. The flight was delightful. As we neared the Westchester airport we saw the Poughkeepsie bridge from the air... it was beautiful... we were on the ground before we knew it.

Diana lives in Pleasantville so we stopped over to say hi and see her children... two handsome boys named Kevin and Jake. They were wonderfully behaved and we spent some fun time catching up with Diana.... and we got to see Matt too.

When we arrived at home Trever was there waiting to talk. He apologized and we agreed to a ‘do-over’... good.

Now, are you ready.... when I walked into the kitchen, there opened, resting in the counter, was an envelope that came in today’s mail.... it was from The Elting Library in New Paltz.... they’re trying to raise money!!!!!!! I laughed out loud... and I’ll send a check in Jeannie’s memory in the morning.... wild huh?

Thursday, 13 March 2003 :)

Saw Shawn off to school and now we are in the process of getting ready to tip off to Detroit. I don’t expect to be able to update the site until we get back tomorrow. The impending snow is a little unsettling but we’re riding on a Falcon 2000 with the Ford Motor Company, so I don’t expect a problem but, please keep me in your prayers... and while you are praying please hold Sheri Smith in your prayers too.... she’s twenty two and is a soldier - who intends to win the war!

Ian and I finally arrived in Detroit, at the Ford hanger... got a Mustang and headed for the appoint we had at the hospital. It was great to see Jack again and after a lengthy and thorough examination he assured me everything was clean... no sign of cancer... the surgery was spectacular and all we had to do was keep doing what we were doing and watch. He said that after a while I won’t even worry about cancer and such things... I can’t wait! He want’s to see me again in six months... very cool.

Ian and I were delighted... we headed out to celebrate and went to Mario’s a charming Italian restaurant in the middle of the city. They were very busy and had wanted to sit us at the bar, but after I told them I could not eat where there were other guests smoking they sat Ian and I in a huge empty dining room.... we had the whole thing to ourselves... it was unreal! The food was excellent and Paula, our server, was flawless, outgoing and fun. It was a great way to spend our first evening in Detroit.

Wednesday, 12 March 2003 :)

The Adirondack Diagnostic Imaging & PET Center... sounds like a fancy animal spa... was the first place Ian and I went this morning. It’s in Albany, a city I really like and the people couldn’t be nicer. The doctor who was there knew of Dr. Ruckdeschel, (the fellow I’m seeing in Detroit tomorrow) and really admired his work... he also told me the PET scan and the CT scan looked fine with “no problem”... Yay! Guess what? I laid perfectly flat for over one hour with NO REFLUX at all! I don’t have an explanation... they were happily surprised too.

After the test we stopped over to see Michael Schrom, the surgeon who fixed my voice. He was a little concerned with what he thought was atypical swelling and put me on an antibiotic right away. I’ll see him again on Monday.

I had planned to get together with Ian’s cousin Pat, but the best laid plans of mice and men..... Mariann stopped over and we had a chance to catch up... a good thing. Kris and Melanie came by and shared dinner with us.. that was great!

All in all it was a fine day.

Tuesday, 11 March 2003 :)

BIG NEWS... remember the healer Aunt Toni-Ann took me too? Well, I didn’t have any real stock in what the fellow was talking about... frankly I thought he was just a flake... but a really nice one. We talked about all the things that bothered me... including a hemorrhoid I developed, (from the endless bowel movements Chemo Therapy can bring). In fact I had the problem since August and just lived with it... I figured as soon as I could I’d have the surgery to correct it... I have been quite since Thursday last ‘cause I didn’t wanna jinx it... but there’s no longer a problem to talk about. I’m totally speechless. It may not sound like much to some but it has been a true relief to me. The man’s name is John Carroll and he lives in Hurley, New York. Aunt Toni-Ann will be seeing him as will my Mom and Kissy too. I would personally recommend anyone go see him. His telephone number is (845) 338-8420 and he had said he could do appointments via the phone... I owe him an apology... it’s really amazing. I even told Dr. Jacobs.

Ian went to New York... another meeting with Bell’Italia... I went to get the three CAT scans (which I usually get every three months). This time they were scheduled at a new place, across the street from the doctors office, (turns out they own it)... I should have had them done at New Paltz Imaging like I usually do.... They’re so fast and they really work with you. When I asked for a copy of the films the technician told me they were going to start charging for them, but since she wasn’t told when they were starting she wouldn’t charge me. Then while I was on the table, needle in arm, she told me there would be a fifty dollar charge.... wha?... I told her I would not be returning. Crazy... For the procedure they charge one thousand dollars a section, (I get three at a clip)... I get four sessions a year... that’s twelve thousand just for the CATs and for fifty bucks they lost a good customer... I shared that fact with them and after keeping me waiting for over an hour and a half (I’m used to fifteen minutes) I was on my way.... ugh.

Then I went to Aunt Toni-Ann’s and there I was treated to an amazing dinner of lobster tail... huge... and we stayed together before she and Kissy took off for Key West. Mom had come with me so we were all together.

Monday, 10 March 2003 :/

I was a bit foolish today... not on purpose but by being neglectful. I had a mountain of things I had wanted to do and I wrote them all out on single post-its and put them on my bathroom mirror... as is my custom. Today it was hard to brush my teeth, (guess I use the reflection more than I thought). I worked at resolving one post-it then the next until I had worked them down to three.... I was thrilled to be ‘doing stuff’. After setting up a PET Scan, three Cat Scans, resolving all the insurance problem stuff, cleaning the house, running three errands around town, doing the laundry, organizing my medical records for Thursday’s appointment, took care of a stack of correspondence I had piling up and then went to Newburgh. We went to Home Depot and got the paint to redo Trever’s old room, went to Wal-Mart and got the stuff I needed for Thursday... went to Mom’s and dropped off the stuff for her... was in the process of heading to Kissy’s when I suddenly felt WoOzy... really wiped out and sick... that’s when I realised I had eaten nothing all day while downing two Hydrocodones every four hours for pain.

Shawn, who came along to drive, took me home. I ate some chicken and went straight to bed... *phew*.

Sunday, 9 March 2003 :\

I slept in today and it felt good. Later on Ian and I headed to Newburgh and visited Aunt Toni-Ann and Kissy... we had a nice relaxing time and before going home we stopped at Mom’s for a brief stay. I haven’t seen Ian’s family in far too long... they’re so much fun to be around... so I made some calls and set up some times to get together and catch up.

Saturday, 8 March 2003 :/

We were awakened every two hours... Ugh... I forgot how exhausting a hospital stay can be. Finally at six o’clock I stayed up and just got dressed in street clothes... I couldn’t wait to get discharged. Shawn was a great help - he went to get coffee and donuts. Damon popped over too... it was so cool to see him again. We all had coffee and caught up and before long Michael came and gave us the green light to go home... which we did.

Shawn drove us all the way home and did a splendid job, with the slight exception of pulling out in front of a tractor trailer or, as I like to refer to it as, ‘The first time I really tried out my new voice'... heh.

When I got home I encountered a very tired Trever who was a total curmudgeon. After some heated exchanges I sent him to his room... yeah... the one at his Mom’s!

Ian was still in New York so I headed over to Kristen’s house to celebrate Nuah’s birthday party... it was a blast... wall to wall kids... all having a ball. The house was decorated exquisitely and everyone had a great time. Mom gave me some Pinchas Water: Kabbalah Mountain Spring Water for healing.... I just thought it was really dear of her. I drank some and it tasted okay, but nothing happened... although I’m beginning wonder how much it cost and hoping she didn’t pay retail.

Friday, 7 March 2003 :)

Wow... the day of the surgery and I’m really pretty nervous. Ian went off to New York and Shawn and I headed to Albany. Shawn drove the entire way and we arrived safe and sound.

He waited in the holding area with me until they came to whisk me to the OR. I was very concerned about the MAC they were going to use ‘cause of the horrible memory I had when they installed the first port... I brought the medical records from the port operation and after reviewing the anesthesiologist showed me where they had gone wrong and why. The anesthesiologist during any MAC procedure, (when you stay conscious) is only able to effect the general body relaxation... the surgeon has the job of numbing the local area. This concurred with what Jack told me after the event so that was good... Then Michael came over and promised me I would find the operation very positive and I would have a voice again... (I asked for an English accent).... PS.... he was 100% correct!

By the time I got to the room I was starving.... Since I was told in recovery I could eat anything I could tolerate as soon as I landed in my room I ordered some Chinese food and sent Shawn out to get it.... mmm-mmm.... We had wonton soup, spring rolls, fan-tailed shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, and shrimp with lobster sauce... and of course rice. It was kinda funny to see the expression on the face of the nurse who proudly came in with my food try.... It had ice cream, a Popsicle and some green Jello - and there I was finishing my dinner.... HA!

My room mate was a really nice guy.... a peace officer named Rick who had been there for almost a week and couldn’t wait to get home.... me either. I got calls from lots of family and friends... it was nice to be heard... and with a real voice too!

Thursday, 6 March 2003 :)

A snowy and magical day....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nuah!! He’s just adorable... full of life and fun.... here’s a picture of the birthday boy himself.... whadid I tell ya!

Aunt Tony-Ann took me to meet with John Carroll in Hurley. While, to my knowledge I didn’t receive an instant healing, I hold open the prospect of realizing them shortly... Hey... ya never know! I found him to be a genuinely caring and kind fellow.

In the morning I have to head to Albany. I get to have the operation that’ll restore some kinda voice to me... yay... Shawn is gonna come with me ‘cause Ian has to be in New York for the Bell’Italia launch party... and the dinner that follows too. Check it out, when you open the magazine - Ian MacKintosh is right on the masthead under Publicity.... very cool... Drats... wish I were going.... an entire room filled with some of the most interesting CEOs and I’ll be laying in a hospital bed!... ugh... I’ll stay overnight in the hospital so they can be sure I’m A-okay, Shawn will be staying too... *sniff* .... I’m missing Ian already.

Please say a prayer for my Aunt Dorothy... she fell and broke her hip and she has to be in the hospital too.

Wednesday, 5 March 2003 :)

Calling all Angels... Please say a special prayer for Tommy... he’s one of the newest soldiers in the war on cancer and he could really use the lift. If you know of other prayer lists please add his name.... thank you all so much. It’s just amazing what prayer can do.

In the morning Aunt Toni-Ann is taking me to meet John Carroll, a man with an impressive reputation for being a channel for healing. I’ll write all about it tomorrow.

I have an appointment with John Ruckdeschel, my chief oncologist and now he’s at The Karmanos Cancer Institute so Ian and I are heading out to see him. I spent the majority of the day taking care of the arraignments for the flight to Detroit. God bless the Corporate Angles Network... they have taken such good care of me and gotten me to all my appointments safe and sound.

This was the best... I received a large package in the mail... (and God knows there’s nothing I like better than a large package)... much to my surprise it was filled with one container after another... each one stuffed with the most delectable treats... cookies, fudge, truffles, brownies... each better than the one before. They were all baked by Jilly, my Jilly and my beautiful nieces and shipped here from Georgia.... what an amazing thing to do!

Fat Tuesday, 4 March 2003 :)

Today was great. Ian went off to New York on business and I got a lot of things done. I canceled the operation scheduled for tomorrow. It was to remove the Porte-catheter in my chest. Since I can’t lay down flat so easily I figured it was wiser to postpone until the vocal cord is fixed (Friday)... Tim, the surgeon agreed so we’ll do it later.

Looks like the flights are arranged to tip off to Detroit next week... I’ll firm up the plans in the morning. It’ll be good to see Jack Ruckdeschel and hear what he has to say. Meanwhile, I tuned into the ‘Town Hall Meeting’ held by and I heard a lot of interesting stuff and a lot of it made sense. I called in but it was so hard for them to hear me I finally gave up and typed the question instead... oh well... come Friday I’ll be sounding better.

Oh... I also went on my first business appointment in quite a while... *Tada*... It was exciting.... my tummy started to make quite a racket though... to the point where the couple asked if I was hungry.... don’t ya hate that?

Monday, 3 March 2003 :)

I went to Vassar Hospital to see their PET Scan equipment... not very impressive.... it’s an older machine in one of those mobile trailers. I didn’t have to go through a test run ‘cause I knew I couldn’t lie flat under any circumstance. I’m so surprised there isn’t a machine designed to accommodate you in a variety of positions... oh well... maybe after I get the vocal cord fixed I can revisit the idea of getting the test.

I went to have coffee with Aunt Toni-Ann and got to see Kissy and Nuah too... it was fun to sit around talking and laughing.. Nuah is gonna be two years old on Thursday... wow... was that a snap!

Afterward I went to see Mom... she was up and out running errands. She had bought sushi so we shared some. I had originally gone to help her with the grocery shopping, but she didn’t need any help at all... go Mom!

I wanna let everyone know about a new website that was designed to help cancer patients and the ones they love... It’s called It’s the brainchild of actor Rob Lowe, who has seen several people in his family affected by cancer. I think it’s a great idea and Tuesday, 4 March 2003 at 8:30 (Eastern Standard Time) there is gonna be a ‘Town Hall Meeting’ with Rob and some chemotherapy specialists to discuss the pro’s and con’s of chemotherapy. There will be a question and answer thing happening and I am going to be logged on for sure... I’m gonna add it to the ‘links’ page too. If you would like to join us just log onto: or just CLICK HERE.

Sunday, 2 March 2003 :)

Today turned out to be quieter than I thought it was going to be. We had planned to go ice skating with Sonya, but decided to go off on our own... that was the plan. What happened was we went food shopping and then home again... Ha!

Neat thing is that Shawn had some friends over to work on a school project... they designed and developed a product... then shot a commercial using our camcorder and cue cards... it was adorable to watch them get it done.... lights, camera, action!

Saturday, 1 March 2003 :)

Wow I’m just amazed at how fast the time passes. Hard to believe it’s the first of March already.

My Mom wasn’t feeling her best so I went to see her. Shawn drove me there but then I dropped him off to help Kris. While I was there Aunt Toni-Ann came by and so did Aunt Pam. I love when we can all be together like that. We talked about the house plans and with Spring coming it may just happen.

At one point while I was visiting Mom she asked me if I wanted to play cards. I said I didn’t want to, but knowing she liked to play I added, “I guess I should.” The next thing she said was pure genius: “Don’t let SHOULD happen!”... is that great or what.

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