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Sunday, 30 June 2002 :\

Today was better than yesterday.

The boys are staying in Connecticut with Kristopher and Melanie... They’ll be home tomorrow... I miss them. Ian and I had a chance to really talk... we’re both going through so much... he’s amazing.... I wish that everybody could have an ‘Ian’ in their lives... I sure am glad I do.

Saturday, 29 June 2002 :/

Today was St. Patrick’s day at our house... at least it was to look at me... The Chemo pump was removed which was a good thing and I learned a new word today too..... “Thrush”... hmmm... . funny thing is if I bought a cashmere tongue sock at Neiman Marcus I might feel differently about it.... ugh... maybe not. I’ll be calling Jeff in the morning and getting to the bottom of it. Just glad to get this one behind me.... today could not be confused with fun.

Friday, 28 June 2002 :/

I am still in the delicate adjustment phase of understanding exactly what works for my body on this new chemo regime.... doesn’t that sound friendly? a lot better then, “What the hell is THAT about?”

Tomorrow the woman comes to take off the little jet pack.... yay!

I saw Mariann... stayed outta the sun.... I slept... and I, oh yeah I finally realized... remember when Bugs Bunny was being chased by the big orange monster and he did this hair all up in curlers and they exploded? Okay, remember when Bugs finally had enough and took out that BIG wooden mallet and *THONKED* him right in the middle of his forehead and the big guy just saw stars and tottered off?? Yeah- Yeah.... WELL THAT’S THORAZINE!

Thursday, 27 June 2002 :/

Ian, and I headed out to get Corey to set out to the Grand Hotel.... To attend the New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer present A Charities Symposium. “Right From The Start”..... Lunch was to follow, but I was not feeling top shelf and started to get the loudest hiccups. So I took some of the Thorazine the doctor proscribed.... I think it worked. Then Ian stepped out into the garden to talk with Corey and one of the handymen unwittingly turned on the sprinkler... heheh..... There’s Ian soaked to the skin in a striking double breasted Armani suit..... Between him being drenched and me drugged up on Thorazine to get rid of the hick-ups... Hahahahahahaha........ fagetabout it.

Very awkward day... hard to get out of my own way... lots of nausea and stuff... oh well.... (just ran into the bathroom to... well.... ) I get to wear this shoulder pack like Zelda..... Kinda cool..... I call myself Puke Skywalker...

Calling all angles.... PLEASE say a prayer for a seventeen year old kid named Michael Best.... he has prostrate cancer and this kid could use every prayer you can send... please, hold him close and surround him in healing... miracles happen all the time.

Wednesday, 26 June 2002 :/

Today I got out of the hospital.... I slept.

Tuesday, 25 June 2002 :)

Still in the hospital; but I’m getting out tomorrow morning with a Chemo fanny pack that I’ll wear until Saturday.

Jeff Stewart came in and after discussing the situation It was decided that I’ll go home Wednesday morning... good... I have a luncheon with Tom Hoffay and Eliot Spitzor Thursday which I’m excited about and do not wanna miss.

We bought the floor Pizza for lunch... I though it would be a relatively inexpensive way to say thank you for all the extra cars they give... ‘course now reflecting on fact this floor is a Chemo.... that everyone on the floor is trying their best not to hurl..... guess the smell of the Pizza cheese wafting down the corridor may not have been the best idea... *Blech*

Mom came over to visit me and that was cool.... she brought a beautiful teddy bear and a bag full of candy... yummm..... it was so great just to see her.

Kris and Melanie came all the way from Stamford to see us and I thought that was very dear. They took Shawn home when they headed back.... I miss the little guy. Ian is hear with me. The nurses are truly of the friendliest that I’ve ever seen.

Monday, 24 June 2002 :)

Okay... a little nervous, but fortified in the knowledge that sooner started - sooner done. They had suggested that we get there at 8:30 Am but I told them that we had some things to get ready and would it be all right if we came around ten.... they said yes... so we went. The hospital was as pretty as I remembered it having spent a year of my life working here through college..... good days.... I was an Operating Room Orderly... 19 years old and just ready to learn.

They were very gracious at the registration desk and before you knew it they had put us in a very comfortable private room and had the TV working and two phone line so I could use the lap top that Aunt Pam loaned me.... WEizza cookin’ with oil.

Shawn came with us and asked if he could stay the night he was a perfect delight. Ian, my Ian bounced home around 9:00 PM... He was very kind to do that - we’ve spent less then ten days apart since we lived together.... Not being with him is the part I hate.

The Chemo is going steadily (even as I type this entry)... I was WoOozeY only once and with maximum patience and minimal bitch.... they went ahead and gave me the meds early.... the A-port is real positional... it stops at will if I turn my head a certain way of lift my shoulder.... oh well.... should be the biggest problem huh?

Sunday, 23 June 2002 :)

What a great day... Aunt Rusty and Stephanie came over for coffee... we got to visit for a while and Mom and Karin came by for coffee too.... after they had left Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni-Ann came by and we had even more coffee... *spinning*.... At one point I thought the stereo was too loud... turned out to be the sound of my blood going through my ears and I could almost swear it was to the tune of ‘New York - New York’... hmmmm.

Ian was determined to send me off to the hospital in style.... He got me some Ralph Lauren leopard print pillow cases, (God forbid someone should mistake me for straight) some blue and white striped Calvin Klein pajama bottoms and an amazing Fernando Sanchez robe that makes any Intravenous they wanna give me worth it!

The twins have been so helpful.... almost too helpful... but I’m enjoying the cooperation.

Saturday, 22 June 2002 :)

Mom and her friend Karin are going to go to a Buddhist temple. Karin is an interesting woman... she’s a grief counselor who founded The Orphan Connection... then they’re gonna come to our home for tea... neat.

Ian and I spent a totally relaxing day together... just did errands... went to get stuff for the hospital Monday.... washed the car in time for it to rain.... ya know... stuff.

Friday, 21 June 2002 :)

The first day of the summer... and the day I got my very own, brand new shiny port-a-cath.... yay! Monday we’re taking it out for a test drive.

Ian took me to Albany... we got to Saint Peters, a charming and friendly place, at 5:30 this morning.... Funny thing - the nurse asked me if I would be willing to walk to the O.R. instead of being wheeled in a stretcher. First thing I thought was ‘Damn that HMO’.... she told me they are so short on stretchers they were trying to get a group together to walk to their surgery en mass with a guide.... I got this visual of a bunch of half drugged pre-op’s stumbling all around in slippers - gowns all open in the back... I just started to laugh really bad... “Will we be singing ‘Cumbaya’?” I asked, “They will put me on a table when I get down there right? Why not raise money by selling tickets - call it Parade of the Un-insured...”... I’m still laughing and so are the other patients in the room, “Wait,... (I said with mock seriousness and tears from laughing in my eyes)... How will I get back once the anesthesia wears off? Am I gonna be roamin’ the halls?”... she was laughing too but she started to get red faced - PS they took me down on a stretcher.

The operation went off without a hitch... I’m just really sore. When it comes to pain the trick isn’t to see how ‘tough’ you are... it’s staying one step ahead of it by using as little medication as possible... so ‘Tylenol and Rest’ are my words du jour.

I’m really psyched!

Thursday, 20 June 2002 :)

I went to Albany today and met with Tim Willox the surgeon that will insert the port-a-cath... it will be done tomorrow at 7:30 AM so we have to be in Albany at 5:30 in the morning... yikes. After I met with him I had to go to Middletown to meet with Jeff Stewart... we had a serious meeting and it’s all settled - I begin Chemo on Monday morning. I’ll have to be admitted into the hospital to get it started that early but should only be there for a few days.

Tara called and we talked..... She’s so dear. I might get to see her Thursday.... YES!

I’m so proud of the boys... they’re behaving so well... thank God.

Wednesday, 19 June 2002 :)

A lot of detail had to be done today... After calling no less than five surgeons I was able to arrange an office visit in the morning and schedule the operation to get the port-a-cath installed Friday... YAY.... I called Jeff Stewart the ‘local’ oncologist who I had wanted to administer the Chemo treatment. I wanted to begin Monday, since you need a day for the wound to heal anyway. What I was looking for was a ‘Lets roll’ spirit... what I encountered was a ‘Gee, my schedule is kinda tight’ feeling... I have no intention of adjusting my Chemo therapy around a busy schedule... either he adjusts his schedule or I adjust doctors... it’s really that simple.

I saw the piece on Bill Blass in the Poughkeepsie Journal - it quoted Ian all over the place... and I also saw the article on Ian in the New Paltz News... cool-beans... great photo too!

Please say prayers for David Schrader and for my friend Neil’s Mom, who’s still in England... they were both diagnosed with cancer and need the prayers.

Tuesday, 18 June 2002 :)

Ian and I met eight years and two months ago.... and I here we are riding a train... I just love the guy!

We awoke in Washington.... so cool.... we were going to have breakfast when the coachman came to tell us there had been a train accident just ahead of us; two trains had collided and derailed and we would be held here indefinitely.... I felt sorry for the folks in the other trains.

***LATE BREAKING NEWS*** Larry Kvols called to tell me that the results show that the cancer hasn’t gone anywhere... still all in the esophagus... YAY... I have to get an “A-port” installed and get ready to get Chemo... and yeah... I’ll probably lose my hair again... big deal. After four to six months we’ll revisit the idea of a second Esophagectomy.... okay - it’s a plan.

Later... we got to see Corey.... and then Mariann and Robbie came over... it’s good to be home!

Monday, 17 June 2002 :)

We had a car pick us up and take us to the train station in Tampa. We had about an hour before boarding and I really wanted a cup of coffee... so off we went... on our quest for caffeine... whatta task... there was nothing anywhere in sight... finally I asked someone where we could get some... she said “Inside the Court House”... so we went in. There we were surrounded by policemen and had to go through a radar detector and the conveyer belt thing too. The guy on the other end was aghast, “I saw scissors in your bag.” ... ‘Yeah’ I said, hoping that he had a point... “I need to see them”... so I had to unpack the whole thing so we could play ‘I’m-a-terrorist’.... “Where are you goin’?”, he asked... I was laughing, ‘Over to the coffee shop to get some coffee... which I sure hope is worth all this!’.... it was Cuban coffee and worth all of it.

The trip was familiar to us and we settled in nicely... I enjoy Amtrak. After lots of phone calls we had some lunch, played cards, talked, dished, had dinner, read books and went to sleep....

No word from Larry with the results... The tumor was in the muscle and by the blood supply... oh well.... I just can’t wait to get home and see the boys.

Sunday, 16 June 2002 :\

It sure was hot... but Ian and I walked anyway... loved to look at the architecture and the amazing foliage you only see in tropical climates... Chris caught a lizard and let him go... we spent a lotta time laughing and goofing on stuff. Brian had invited us out for a day on his boat, but I didn’t really feel like it - even if we could sit in the air-conditioning of the cabins... I really just like looking at the wet stuff... I was always afraid of drowning... heh... I guess it’s pretty silly all things considered. I’ll work on conquering that fear too.... just not today.

Saturday, 15 June 2002 :/

Ahhh... I feel better today... Ian and I are ready to head home... might just leave early... not sure yet. I'd like to stay and have fun, but we both are really a bit too preoccupied... and it's too hot outside to go to Disney.

Chris Miller, Ian and I went to a really cool spot on Clearwater beach that served lunch. It was lot's of fun... crazy colours... looked like a party and was just super.

Friday, 14 June 2002 :o

We had to get up way early and head to Moffitt... I met with Dr. Larry Kvols... he took the slides to see if there really was any cancer and after about twenty minutes came back and confirmed that there was.

He said it looked serious... which explains why nobody in the oncology wing was in clown suits and face paint... I was sent to the first floor for a PET scan to see if the cancer is playing Hide-and-seek. I'm tellin' ya it's a simple test... they gave me an I.V.... injected some med. that makes you have to urinate... a lot... oh yeah ... and some Radio-Active stuff... hmmmm... mighta been the same stuff Peter Parker got to become Spiderman... hehe... as interested as I was... I fell asleep.

When It was done Ian and I went to Denny's. The menu on the back read, "Discount for Folks 55 Years old, or older."... and the strangest thing came over me.... and I started to cry and had to leave the table.... At first I didn't know what was sadder... not getting to see what 55 years old felt like... or getting there and STILL eating at Denny's - either way, a cry was in order. When I was done I went back and sat down... I asked Ian to promise when I'm 55, no matter where we live to fly back here so I can get my ten percent discount.... Hrmn.

Thursday, 13 June 2002 :(

We got a very sad call early this morning... yesterday our friend Bill Blass passed away... such a great guy.... When he was first diagnosed I tried to get him to go to the Moffitt, but he didn’t wanna leave his dogs..... *sigh*.... He was one of the very first to encourage the idea of ‘A Stitch In Time’ and one of our first board members.... and he’s gone... seems horribly weird.

Still we had to get ready to go to Teterboro and catch the flight to Clearwater... Michele met us at the office with the most beautiful flowers... sweet...Kissy was kind and drove us there... we had a ball too. The Lear Jet was a 35 model... it was really pretty and sleek.... small is another word, but no way as small as the Citation... *phew* ... we crawled in and strapped ourselves down. Allan, the fellow who shuttles every Thursday was really nice and we enjoyed talking to him for the trip... we stopped in Delaware and North Carolina before getting into Clearwater. The ride was really comfortable though... I'd do it again... Ian would too, probably, once his colour comes back... heh.

We are staying at the home of Dr. Brian Cook... Arthur's brother, who I've mentioned before. He's so wonderful... he went out of his way to make us feel at home. His buddy Chris was there and we all went out to dinner... afterward we hung out by the pool. His home is very grand, in the Floridian-Italianate style... stunning vistas, amazing foliage, fourteen foot ceilings, except in the living room which is twenty four... really well done and beautiful.... we were wiped out and soon went to bed.

Wednesday, 12 June 2002 :)

Another day spent gliding on phone wires... But I was able to get the E.U.S. scheduled....Yes!.... ended up getting it done at Westchester Medical by Dr. Stephen Heier... whatta really nice guy... Best part is once he was done he told me he saw nothing unusual... and urged me to get a second opinion, which I will get Friday. I left with a copy of the report and the films... Boy I’m gettin’ quite the collection.

Tomorrow the Millbrook Round Table, Ian’s hometown paper, will be running a story on him.... Meanwhile we’ll be in the air heading toward Tampa.... We’ll get to see our friend Arthur Cooke and his brother Brian.... very cool.

Tuesday, 11 June 2002 :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kristopher Pisano... we all love you!

What a day... *phew*... I had to make calls up the wazzu to get everything squared off for all the treatments that need to happen... at one point I was typing a fax while Ian faxed another, a right ear headset to a double lined phone and a left ear device to the cell phone in the other... and I would switch back and forth and at one point they all rang and for all my ‘snap-to-it’ I sat there utterly dumbfounded.... all I could think of was ‘I Love Lucy’ in the cooks hat stuffing her mouth with bon bons as the conveyer went faster and faster and... Ugh.... I stood up and went for a walk to the corner store... for chocolate.

My primary doctors office was having a hell of a time getting the authorization from my health insurance company. Finally I got the name and number and called the woman myself. She was very pleasant until she realized I was a patient, “How did you get this number?”... (insurance nazis)... I spoke with her at length and made her get to know me as fast as I could as a human Dad and reminded her Fathers Day was Sunday and at one point, reminded her of the past legal action I had to bring on and would do again in a heart beat if..... She started to warm up and told me the problem was also the old doctor’s office didn’t send the new one all the information they needed, while claiming they sent it all. She told me it would take a couple of weeks to track it all down.... I smiled to myself.... I told her I had every single scrap of information carefully organized by Doctor and date including the original glass slides of the first biopsy, (an edict from Jack Ruckdeschel to always keep a set together)... she was impressed... Ian drove it to the office for them to photocopy what they needed... I had my authorization by six o’clock! What the hell happens to the folks without a big mouth and the balls to use it?

Something really special..... My neighbor Ronnie, who’s had such bad back problems, came to chat for a moment and told me something I kept thinking about for the rest of the day.... She couldn’t get her lawn mower started and asked Shawn if he would start it for her... he took the mower and mowed her entire lawn and when she tried to offer him money, declined... said he was happy to do it to help a neighbor.... and the best part... the part I consider my Father’s Day present.... ready?..... he never mentioned a word..... not a word.... I told him what it meant to me later. Guess this means there’s a chance I raised ‘em right... huh.

I went off on a business appointment that went super swell... except for all the imaginary phones I heard ringing... hehe... Afterward I went to hangout at Mom’s and it was great to see her.... (Please send healing prayers to her hips and lower back... she’s in real pain.)

Dr. Stephen Heier called me at ten o’clock to tell me he would try to fit me in for the EUS tomorrow... he asked me what the Plan Of Care is and I told him we would know better after Friday. I mentioned Photodynamic Therapy as a possibility.... “Very interesting, what do you know about the procedure?” he asked. I told him and he started to laugh.... “You seem to be well informed, tell me, do you happen to know who invented the procedure in the first place?”....... you guessed it..... HE DID... is that amazing or what?... There really is no such thing as coincidence!....... wow.

Monday, 10 June 2002 :)

We’re going to meet the team in Tampa on Thursday. The Corporate Angels have arranged for a Lear Jet to get us there... wow... coming home we’ll take the train. That will mess up our weekend plans, but cancer can do that... ugh..... Friday we’re planning a PET scan, which will help shed more light on this nuisance.

My day was a twisted mess of calls... didn’t get to all of them, I hate not finishing.... just too many things which all have to be done. Tomorrow I’ll try to touch base with Steve and get an EUS, where they look down the throat and take pictures - that will be very telling.... Sorta like Blue’s Clues... If Blue was a cutesie tumor.... now that would be a bitch to get on a Saturday lineup... heh.

Ian was interviewed by the Poughkeepsie Journal, a good sized paper who may have something more to talk to him about.

Sunday, 9 June 2002 :)

A friend of Ian’s named Star, came to visit today. Ian went to breakfast with her - I had to stay and get more done... fun fun.

I got the dearest eMail from Kimberly Lark, the publisher of OUT-Sight.... she and her partner Gail got a kitten and named it Gino Quincy Lark.... is that wonderful or what... to think that there’s a little pussy out there with my name on it, (boy would my mother love to hear that!)

Saturday, 8 June 2002 :)

A slow day... taking care of stuff that needed taking care of day.... *phew*.... okay - I’m tired.

Tom introduced us to the sounds of Rufus Wainwright and I’m hooked! The lyrics are inspired, his voice soothing his style... seductive...... Wowzer.

It’s so cool to appreciate things... Ian and I walked and I stopped and bought some Spiderman candy... then I got SweeTarts... then I got some rock candy too... Then it hit me... I realized that I was walking home, with all my favorite candy, wearing my new sneakers, laughing with my best buddy in the world... *sigh*.... it doesn’t get better than this.... Rufus is right... “Life is a game and true love is the trophy.”.... thank you Ian, my Ian.

Friday, 7 June 2002 :)

A busy day for Ian.... he had an interview with the New Paltz Press in the morning and the Millbrook Round Table later on, the Poughkeepsie Journal is scheduled for Monday.... I was just making calls and trying to get stuff sorted and in order for next week. We may be tipping off to Tampa soon.

Tom Hoffay had his article, ‘A Place To Call Home: A Century Of Immigration’ published in the Souvenir Booklet of the Daily Freeman. It was great... talks about the early days of this delightfully charming city.... (Kingston, New York is 350 Years old today)... it’s a very cool place.

Please say prayers for my Aunt Pam.... she was feeling really sick today.

Thursday, 6 June 2002 :)

First I gotta thank all of you for the emails of love and prayer... I am so touched... really and truly. And let me tell you it’s different this time... no where near as scary. I’m so ready to kick it’s ass that it’s almost funny. The kids are being so supportive too... nothing like the last time. I’m a lucky guy and everything is just as it should be.... you’ll see.

Please say a prayer for Debbie... she’s 34 years old and is ready for a miracle... and God knows they happen here.

This morning I got three catscans... Chest, abdomen and pelvis... (or what I just call ‘the usual’)... they really like me at the imaging center... such nice people too. The doctor, Louis, was new to me... I swear he looked like he was in high school..... hrmn. The news was really great... NO METs to be found at all.... ahhhh - yes.... another good reason to party!

Kris and Melanie came over from Stamford and after car shopping we had a little lunch in Poughkeepsie... they chose a beautiful car... a snappy black Honda two door... with a spoiler... very cool... now it’s my turn to borrow the car... heh.

Later we decided to go out and celebrate... Tom took Ian and me to see Spider-Man... What a really great way to end the day.

Wednesday, 5 June 2002 :)

What a magical day... The launch of ‘Stylemakers: Inside Fashion’ was today. Tom Hoffay, Corey Williams, Ian and I all decided to go to New York together... that was cool. When we arrived Ian had to go to Bergdorf Goodman’s to sign some of the books that would be available at the launch. So Tom, Cory and I headed across the street to the Savoy Plaza’s comfortable Oak Room where I settled into a dirty martini... we were having good fun.

At six thirty, the appointed hour, we left the sanctuary of the Oak Room and headed to Bergdorf’s when I noticed that the window was totally dedicated to the book... posters everywhere... ‘Ian MacKintosh - Upstart Publicist’.... it was totally cool. Inside I expected to find folks trickling in... ya know.. just starting .... instead I found the party in full swing. Of the Five hundred that had been invited they excepted two hundred to RSVP ‘yes’... they got three hundred sixty eight. Wow... it was fantastic.... Peter Arnold, Fern Mallis, Marcia Sherrill, Patrick McDonald, David Wolfe, Lauren Ezersky, Leon Hall, Rados Protic, Mary Hillard, Kevin Krier, Robert Rufino, Michele Fix, b. michael and so many others... Billy Erb came later and it was super to watch Corey’s eyes light up when he did. Diana and Jay were there and Eyoko Robinson popped over too.... very cool. There were so many that after a couple hours they had run out of glasses and announced that you would need to have one to get any more refreshment. I wanted to take a vitamin so I took a crystal goblet right off the table display and approached the bar. The bartender was aghast and told me that he couldn’t fill that glass. I assured him it could be done and demonstrated how by placing a scoop of ice and pouring the water over top. “That’s how ya do it.”... and I took my pill. When I rejoined the group I told them what I had done... they didn’t believe it until I lifted the glass and there was the tag \$165.00.... hmmmm.... I thought that water tasted better. When I was done I returned the goblet to it’s rightful place on the table display.

After the feté was done the group headed out to get some food... it ended up to be Tom, Eyoko, Ian and I who went to Jerkily and Hyde for a dinner that was delightful... what a great time... lots of laughs and the company of friends..... pure magic.

Tuesday, 4 June 2002 :/

Please say a prayer for my friend Timmy... he’s in the hospital and I haven’t even gone to see him... geewiz.... just a bit screwy over here.... Please say a prayer for Carol Miller too... she needs some... Prayers are so fantastic. And say one for Michael J. Fox too... he’s such a fighter. I had invited him to join the Board, but while he wishes me well, he is too ensconced in his own Foundation

Instead of going to New York for a continuing education class, I stayed here to get three catscans and take care of getting all the things I need to get set up. Funny... I know exactly what I need to do and what to take care of first... guess I really was paying attention the first time.

The catscans didn’t happen - there was a problem with the Primary Physician... they weren’t prepared to snap to it as quickly as I was... their policies didn’t allow them to offer referrals that fast... to bad... I switched primaries.... fuck them. They called me back three times to apologize and to offer their full cooperation... I switched back, everybody deserves a second chance... I’ll get the catscans tomorrow.

Ian and I took a nice walk... got coffee, laughed. I got a really cool polo style shirt in a teal green.... When I got it home I put it on.... Trever was passing by so I asked him how I looked.... Our Hero didn’t hesitate, “You look like one of those old guys who get their exercise by walking around the mall.”.... goodbye shirt.

Mariann stopped over... so did Mom and Aunt Pam, Aunt Toni-Ann, Kissy and Nauh too... they brought Chinese food and we spent the evening cracking jokes and talking about stuff... just an opportunity to get together and remind each other that we love each other and that you can’t be alone in this family.... I’m so lucky.

Monday, 3 June 2002 :o

We woke up to a great morning and got packed and ready in no time.... I was missing the boys big time... and as amazing as the place is and as fun as Tom is... there’s no place like home.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway... as I was by the front door... the cell phone ran... It was Paul Burrows with the biopsy results... positive.... some cancer was back! Fuck! I felt like I was punched at first. I hopped on the other line to the Moffitt and spoke with Larry Kvols the doctor there.... scheduled to have bloods drawn and set up a catscan... all before I even said goodbye to Tom Hoffay... It was all that crazy.... *phew*.... while initially I was in the ‘Oh-Fuck’ stage... I’m feeling better now... Cancer has to be stupid to attack me twice!

Sunday, 2 June 2002 :)

The ocean, once soothing, is exceptionally loud this morning... and the sun appears to be brighter than I remembered it too... oh my head.... found my way downstairs to find there had been another party in the house... seems the ants found some vodka on the counter and had all imbibed too... there they were... walking around in circles.... and with my now acute sense of hearing I could swear I heard them singing an insect version of the old Irish classic... ‘Danny Boy’... hrmn.... don’t have to worry too much about the ants... they’re stumbling off the counter.

After another day of fun in the sun and lazy relaxation.... where the ‘Code Of Loafing’ was strictly adhered to... we did the unimaginable...we sacrificed yet another bottle of Grey Goose... Wowzer!

Saturday, 1 June 2002 :)

We went to Cape May.... what a beautiful place that is... definitely a place to go again.

Ian is so much fun to be with... and Tom is terrific!

I called Ricky and Jill from the deck... and with them both on the line I described the views of the ocean, the specter of the endless shoreline and the perfect purple and blue sky that met the green blue waves of the ocean... and the salty smells... and the romantic sounds that the gulls made as they flew over the beautiful flowers and the sandy beaches - all which were in view from my perch on the deck... when I was done I perfunctorily asked , “What are you guys doing?”.... Jilly didn’t miss a beat... “Oh - fuck you!” was all she would say... and we all broke up laughing.

After another lobster dinner there was an amazing light show over the ocean... the lightning and thunder was super... we all watched it from inside our little playhouse.

We are being infiltrated by little ants... they love one section of the countertop.... hmmmm... how to get rid of them.... while we are pondering the problem we are also killing a second bottle of GRey GoOSe... WhooOHho!!!

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