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Saturday, 30 June 2001 :)

Jill and Ricky are here.... YEA... it’s so good to see these guys. They’re gonna be around for two weeks... very cool... Oh, and the brought me a juicer... *whirrrrrrrr*... I made carrot juice first thing! Later that evening I got a call from Kris... he’s gonna be in town for the weekend and wants to stay over... Perfect.

Friday, 29 June 2001 :)

I had an appointment with a client today, but I was told by my office that my license was in limbo because I was due for a continuing educational class on Estate Planning... I called the local office instead of schlepping to mine in Manhattan and took it there - aced it too! I’m really ‘ready-set-go’... Wow, this is gonna be fun.

Afterward I stopped over to see Mom.... she read for me and confirmed that things are looking skyward... yes sir! Aunt Pam came over too... she is such a sweetheart. She brought over some good stuff and we all shared it and we talked while she ate lunch .

Later, Ian and I went for our two mile walk around town. All the local shop keepers are talking about Julia Roberts and (ex-beau) Benjamin Bratt having been in town a short while ago... seems they ate lunch at the Bistro on Main Street... cool.... We just walked and talked and looked at stuff... then we came upon a section called the ‘Budda Steps’, (known by all the college kids and locals as The Spot where drug dealers hang.... as we approached the now empty spot I saw two books sitting there and jokingly remarked, “When do they find the time to read?”..... heh... we got up close we saw they were two PDR’s.... Hrmn..... (the Physicians Desk Reference that doctors use to reference drugs)... Now, that is some serious shit.

Thursday, 28 June 2001 :)

I took the boys to the high school and signed them both up for summer school.... I feel for them... sucks... but it’s what they’ve brought upon themselves. Shawn stands to pass, but even if Trever passes both courses he’s staying put. That’s a bit deflating. He’s decided to stay in the high school rather than go for the GED. Oh well, I figure them being homebound for the summer is motivation enough for me to get back to my career full time... heh.

Ricky and Jill are on the road headed for New York as we speak... very cool.

Wednesday, 27 June 2001 :)

I was wiped out today... that’s OK... yesterday I pushed myself too far. Only walked a mile and a half at night ‘cause it was too hot and nasty during the day.

Ian was in New York meeting with clients. He got to see Mally, a dear friend of his from his days at Marist. He also got the photo’s back and later we both went through them and picked the one that will appear in ‘Stylemakers’ it’s due out this November

Jim came by to have our last meeting as the twins probation officer... yup.... he’s sent in the letter to the judge recommending that their probation come to a close. He’s a really nice guy. Ian and I wanna get together with him and his wife socially. He was such a big help to us at a time when we were most in need for it.... Wow... we’ve come a long way.

More great news... Jilly and Ricky, and the girls are gonna be here this weekend..... YES!

Tuesday, 26 June 2001 :)

What a busy day... got up at 7:00... to Tampa for breakfast and the appointment... did great... said I only have to have bloods drawn once a month, instead of every day.... *phew*... that’s very cool. I have to have three Cat Scans... piece-a-cake.

After that was all done Cathy and I went to explore that campus to find Dr. Frank Diamond to see if he’d take Meagan. Turned out that he was in St. Pete... so I took Cathy back to Lakeland and headed back for Orlando.

There was a mix-up at the car rental place.... they were supposed to bring me to the hanger at the airport, but there was a miscommunication. I called the plane and the pilot said not to worry that they wouldn’t leave without me... wow... I’ve never had a jet ‘wait for me’, and I must admit that was a feeling all it’s own. I managed to get there with time to spare. When the pilot learned that I am going after my license he was happy to show me the cockpit and told me to come in after we were up and level. What a blast.... what an unforgettable flight.... saw a major thunder and rain storm, or at least what it looks like at 44,000 feet... flat top.... beautiful.... majestic.... serene.

We landed at the PepsiCo hanger,... a magnificent place... all marble, mahogany and silk wrapped walls.... really unforgettable. Best of all, I was home in no time.... Ian and the boys were home, I was wiped out and needed to nap, which I did first thing.... there’s no place like home.

Monday, 25 June 2001 :)

Ian and I went to Danbury and had coffee with Kris, got the boys and headed home. Now I have to head off to the airport... If Ian was coming with me this would be much more fun than it is... I’m getting kinda homesick... *sigh*... Just the way I get.

The flight this time was on one of PepsiCo’s corporate jets... a Challenger.... what an aircraft.... so pretty, inside and out. We flew at 40,000 feet in amazing comfort... makes First Class pale by comparison... teak wood, gold plated, and each seat an overstuffed recliner that would swivel. The food they served was exquisite and there was every snack, soda and Starbuck’s coffee you could want for. The three executives who were flying were friendly and we reached Orlando in two hours. Got the car and tipped off to Cathy’s.

It was wonderful to see her, what a wonderful apartment... overlooking a lake. Haven’t seen her in over sixteen years... we did a lot of catching up. Cathy was a wonderful hostess and we had fun.... but inside, I missed Ian.

Sunday, 24 June 2001 :)

The house woke up slowly... Kris and Melanie had stayed overnight.... and in the morning Ian and I thought it would be a fun idea to go out for brunch.... so we did, less Trever and Shawn who wanted no part of it. Oh well, we had a blast eating at the Harvest Cafe looking out on the mountain.... yeah!

When we got back Kris and Melanie offered to take the guys to Danbury, so long as we picked them up Monday.... we agreed... and off they went.

Steve came over and we watched the season finale of Queer As Folk... dammit.... now we gotta wait ‘till January for more!

Saturday, 23 June 2001 :)

Mariann and Robbie were married in a grand ceremony with all the accouterments... at one point when she was saying the vows she almost cried, which could have started a chain reaction. The mass was a High Mass, a phrase which the twins thought was misleading.... hrmn.... My three sons looked like they were straight outta GQ in their gray tuxedos.... what a moment it was to see them all walk their Mom down the isle and give her away... It stared at ten and ended at twelve.... the reception followed. I’ve never seen her look prettier, her manicure was French, the gown was by Lazzaro and exquisite, made for her (thankx to Ian) and her hair was... well... I told Mariann she should put the girl on the payroll. The reception was fun and a good time was had by all... Tomorrow she and Robbie leave for an Alaskan cruise. It rained a lot and my nephew Kyle Kruescher enroute from the reception to Mari’s house... got into an accident and totaled his brand new Mazda.... He’s fine, thank God, and that’s all that counts..... Kyle and his brother Ryan are two very special young men and I’m so proud of them.

Later Ian and I, Melanie, and our buddy Steve went out to see Tomb Raider. Unfortunately I was so wiped out that half way through the movie I was too dizzy and had to ask Ian to take me home.... And I’m WoOzy at the time of this writing... sucks, but at least I was feeling good at the wedding... that was important. It’ll take time but more and more I’m getting stronger and stronger.

Friday, 22 June 2001 :)

My friend Marion stopped over for a visit... it was wonderful to see her. We had some catching up to do.

Kristopher and Melanie came over and picked up the boys... ‘cause there’s the wedding rehearsal today, and they’re gonna give their Mom away... wow... tomorrow Mari and Robbie are gonna tie the knot. In order to get married in the church they had to buy an Annulment first, (sorta like a ‘do-over’).... The part I don’t fully understand is when the three boys walk their Mom down the isle toward the alter, does God look down and say, “Hey, who are those kids and where’d they come from?”

Anyway, it’s gonna be a great time tomorrow and Mariann has personally seen to every detail.... so I know it’ll be beautiful.

Thursday, 21 June 2001 :)

If life is nothing else - it is change.

The flight was changed from Lakeland to Orlando and the times were altered somewhat.... so all the arrangements had to be adjusted to flow with it... God am I getting to be mature and easy going... it’s just that I know very clearly that I’m being led where I want to go... so why fuss?

I got an email from Danielle and she asks that we all say a prayer for her Mother, Carol.... the power of prayer never ceases to impress me.

Get this.... Last night I had a nightmare and woke up, when I laid back down I thought I heard a gun shot, but dismissed it. In the morning our sleepy little village was abuzz ‘cause some local guy wigged out and took a stroll up Main Street Shooting at buildings, parked cars, and a pizzeria. He also shot and wounded a policeman in the hand, destroying a honey glazed cruller... On our walk we were stopped and questioned by people from a neighboring town who came to get the ‘real story’ and see the carnage... hrmn.... the pizzeria is selling the pies near the windows at half price.... the Police are pissed... and Dunkin Donuts is flying their Coffee Coolatta banner at half mast.

Wednesday, 20 June 2001 :)

Decided that I’d add the day of the week to the listing.... I feel so great.... I listened to everybody and didn’t push myself... and it’s working... and NOT taking the Paxil has made it so that not only don’t I suffer from chronic diarrhea, (which was soooo exhausting...) but for some reason I’m not lactose intolerant either... I can drink milk and eat ice cream!!!! OK, my tummy still hurts from the operation.... duh..... but that’s so temporary.

Mariann and Robbie are getting married this Saturday... boy is that exciting.

Mom had more laser surgery on her eyes... she’s a hurting pup right about now... and needs some prayers. I was speaking with Kenn, a good guy, who told me his Dad’s in the hospital and he’s really worried... Please say a prayer for Arthur too.

19 June 2001 :)

OK... How do you say, Kismet? Check this out... I booked a flight with the ‘Angels Network’ to get to Tampa.... I wanted to go and return the same day. The only thing they had was a private flight to Lakeland on Tuesday... (30 minutes away from Tampa)... I said ‘yes’. All set.... here’s where it gets fun..... I got a call around 11:00 PM from an old friend name Cathy. She had moved to Florida and needed to have her niece Meagan added to the prayer list. We spoke for ten minutes and she really wanted to see me... I told her that the next trip I’d plan for it but that this time I was going to land in Lakeland... dead silence.... then she laughed... “If the plane over ran the runway the building it would run into is where I live” ... wild huh?.... Then she asked if I could stay overnight Tuesday or come earlier... I apologized and explained that I was a guest, and not in control of their schedule (ahhhh... the seductive comforts of limitations) that it was ‘out of my hands’.... guess who’s hands it WAS in?... I got an odd call this morning from the Angel Network... “We’re sorry for the change but the plane will be going to Lakeland on Monday, late afternoon - returning Tuesday evening as planned... will it still answer your needs?” ... (my metaphysical friends are all laughing their asses off about now)... I laughed too - right into the phone... the woman on the other end thought I’d lost it and had to explain the entire story to her.... Moral: Never accept a limitation...unless, of course, it makes you look thinner!.... hehe.

I got my stitches out today... yea... the Doctor was aghast that they had been allowed to stay in for going on three weeks... they should’ve come out in one... (I’m bad) I told him as far as I was concerned he was welcome to leave them in, but he said you can’t do that... although there where some that he just couldn’t get at ‘cause the skin had grown up over them.... oh well.

I’m just lucky to have made the appointment on time I drove in ‘Critter’, Ian’s little bug, from New Paltz to Albany... in 44 minutes..... *yeowzer*...... I think I’m gonna record that trip in my pilots log... yup, yup, yup.... at a couple points there I could’ve sworn I had lift!

18 June 2001 :)

Ian and I celebrate being together for seven years and two months today... hmmm... seems like only yesterday that we met.

CALLING ALL ANGELS: Please say a little prayer, right now, for a little girl in Florida named Meagan... she has something called, “Prader-Willi Syndrome” and she’s fighting for her life as you’re reading this... and yes, there is something you can do.... prayers are magical.

While I wasn’t able to take the two hour ride to New York... *sigh*... I was able to ride to Newburgh and visit my Mom, and Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni-Ann... that was a fun and relaxing time. When I got home I walked into the middle of an argument over Shawn wearing Trever’s tee shirts.... gee, they each only have 810 by my calculation... geeeze... Tomorrow officially begins the summer break for these guys.... I just hope, this is not an indication, (sorta like the groundhog seeing his shadow) that it’s gonna be a l-o-n-g summer.... hrmn.... now, where’d I put the Paxil?

17 June 2001 :)

Ian and I were allowed to sleep in this morning... yea.... The fellas greeted both of us with a chorus of ‘Happy Father’s Day’. It’s really OK to share the day with Ian - he really is a wonderful father... I’m just so thankful to have three wonderful sons. When I spoke to Jilly in Atlanta she said that they were having the ‘Ricky Pisano Weekend Extravaganza’ and I just thought that was just fabulous... hmmm.... Next year I’m gonna follow suit.

I’m supposed to go into the city tomorrow... we’ll see what happens.

16 June 2001 :)

What a really great day!

I went to pick-up Mom and Aunt Pam, (who was kind enough to drive), and we headed to the airport to pick up my cousin Linda, who flew in from Key West. Then we headed to Stephanie’s to see Aunt Rusty. I was in some pain, but I did it! We had such a wonderful time... Steve was there and so was Aunt Toni-Ann and Kissy... with Nuah. Steve, Aunt Pam and I walked two miles.... I love the shore and the water. Ian couldn’t come along as Eyoko was leaving to head back to New York and then off for her ten week European adventure. Something really cool... John Wellington had painted a picture, entitled Eyoko Shrine That’s wonderful.... but she’s is even more beautiful in person... I swear... and magical too.

I didn’t get home until after midnight.... but boy was it worth it!

15 June 2001 :)

I didn’t go to New York... I realized that there was just no way for me to ride for two ‘cause I would need to stand or lay back... neither position is easy to achieve on a bus and I wouldn’t attempt to take the car in at this point.... so I stayed home.

Mariann came by and took the boys to her house for a sleep over.... very cool... Ian and I went with Steve and Eyoko to see, Moulin Rouge..... hmmm... the soundtrack is amazing, the movie... well.... that’s another story.... good acting, great sets, touching story, but... this is the directors goof up.... too many special effects - I began to feel dizzy at one point while at others it was Moulin Snooze.... In my book it’s a rental with a wake-up call.

14 June 2001 :)

Ian was in New York again today.... he returned with Eyoko, what an amazing girl she is... you can’t be down when she’s around, at least not for long. Next week she’s heading off for a two month European adventure... England, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Morocco... all by herself - pretty wild huh?

We watched Cabaret... Ian had never seen it before so we had too.

I’m supposed to go into New York tomorrow for a continuing education test... I hope I’m up to it.

13 June 2001 :)

We were invaded today... that is to say... school is pretty much out for the boys and their friends... And guess where they decided to land?... a-huh... right here. They were here... having little disagreements. Funny how they sound louder without Paxil.

I figured something out.... I’ve been feeling really weird and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until today. Ya know how you walk without really giving a lot of thought as to the real mechanics of the act - you just do it? Well, I’m too cognoscente of my bodies composition, the delicate thinness of the tissues, the frailties with which it operates moment by moment instead of just being aware of the strength it possesses.... hmmm.... just a very strange space - that’s all. I hope that this will switch back as time goes by.... ‘cause it imposes unseen limitations... sorta like gambling with your own money.

12 June 2001 :/

Ian went into New York and had a very exciting day... met with the president of Luca Luca and later saw Sarah Jessica Parker shooting a segment of ‘Sex In The City’.

I stayed home trying to will myself a speedy recovery.... c’mon already.... I had invited Aunt Pam over for dinner and she came all right.... and brought dinner with her.... she is too much! We had a good time.... walked a mile together and later I taught her how to use eBay..... she’ll hate me later....hehe.

Some very encouraging news to share... Aunt Rusty has a 50/50 chance that the stuff they’re seeing isn’t malignant... so keep those prayers coming. My cousin Linda is coming up Saturday so I plan to go see her along with Aunt Pam and Mom.

11 June 2001 :/

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!!!!.... 26 years old... wow... ‘course this means I’m getting way old... huh.

I had an antsy day... trying to push myself without over doing... (had to stress the ‘without’ or my mom would call me to chew me out for over doing)... But it’s a very uncomfortable place to be... and extremely hard for me to do nothing... makes me feel like a loafer.

My friend Colleen was so thoughtful... she’s lent me a video tape on flight instruction.... Ohmigod is it cool.... exciting too!!!

10 June 2001 :)

Mom came over to visit today... that was nice.... we talked about the radio show. She brought my little cousin C.J. with her. He and I went on a mile walk and on the way he noticed the fire station and the trucks. The man who was standing outside was really friendly and let us look at the trucks up close... he even let us get inside.... Well, I didn’t, but C.J. did. He’s such a kind hearted kid, and with the shit he’s already lived through I’d be amazed if he doesn’t end up with more ‘issues’ than Time Magazine. I know he has a Dad that loves him and his Grandmother adores him... lots of us do... I know in that regard he’s lucky....but still - it’s sorta like, “Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” .... ya know what I mean?

My oldest son Kristopher is 26 Monday and to celebrate Ian and I got him his first flying lesson.... he took Melanie with him..... he had a ball - and wants more.... I figured he would.

Later on Steve came over and we had our ‘Queer As Folk’ party.... only two more shows..... sadness.

9 June 2001 :/

The radio show went really well... I listened for the hour that it aired.... she was touted as The Psychic’s Psychic by the show’s host, and she was in good form too.

A sucky thing happened... I learned that a woman I had long thought of as a friend, Joanna - really wasn’t.... that was a disappointment.... the way I figure it... I’m being lead and it must just be for my higher good to be distanced from her.... oh well... could be worse - I could be her and lose a friend like me!

On the brighter side - I’ve only taken two pain pills so far today... not bad at all.

8 June 2001 :)

The first thing I did was to go visit Patty and Mario, friends of mine that I’ve known for years. It was more for business purposes that I went so I didn’t take the pain meds... (they make me goofy) I sat upright for the most of almost two hours... the pain was intense at points... but I did it... Yes! As soon as I got back home I took one and fuzzed out for a while... I’m damn determined to get beyond this fast and only allow myself a pain med. every 12 hours... very good.

Ian’s Mom came over for as visit and made Mince... yummy.... I walked a mile and talked to Jeannie Shannon and Aunt Rusty while I did. Please keep Aunt Rusty in your prayers ‘cause she got the results back and there appears to be some cancer around the lymph nodes near her heart.... they’re not gonna stay there if I can help it.... that’s where prayer does so much... thankx for joining with me.

DON’T FORGET that tomorrow my Mom, (Nancy Pisano) is gonna be the guest psychic on the radio - 111.0 WTBQ AM from 4:00-5:00. She’s done shows all over the country, TV, radio... she’s done stuff all over the world... very cool.... She told me that it’s also gonna be broadcast over the Internet. Definitely worth checking out.

7 June 2001 :)

Busy day... Ian went back to the city for more meetings... the boys went to school.... I tried to clear my desk, sitting for as long as I could at a clip.

Aunt Toni-Ann and Kissy came over with little Nuah... it was so fun to visit with them and my little cousin is so adorable. I’m so proud of Kristen, she’s such caring Mom.

Speaking of Mom’s, mine came over for a visit and we had a great time doing nothing... just hanging around... talking about some esoteric stuff... she is always the teacher, and I love her for it.

Great news - Jim, the boys probation officer came over and we reviewed the progress that’s been made. He was as impressed as I was with the advances and is going to submit a recommendation that they be taken off probation... *phew*... what a long haul that was.

Poor Buddy is miserable... he had a boo-boo on his paw that he’s successfully licked into a real wound, and the whistling sound of his whine would drive me crazy. No matter what I said or did there was no stopping ‘The Tongue’.... So I got one of those cone-neck-things from the vet.... heh.... he looks like a basset satellite... and the damn whining sounds even louder.... Ughhhh.

6 June 2001 :)

Ian went into New York today... meetings with a few clients.

Yesterday I made a big mistake in judgment. In order to sit to have supper with Joe I had to take a pain pill... so that it wouldn’t make me so dopey I had coffee... I was lively all right... I was also up until seven this morning... Gotta remember not to do that.

The weirdest thing is that for whatever reason... I really have no idea how or why... I am apparently not lactose intolerant... totally weird, like I said.... maybe it’s the medicine that I’m on now... or the fact that I haven’t been on Paxil for a week - either way it’s great!

5 June 2001 :)

I slept for the majority of today.... no idea why really. Later I got up and showered and our friend Mary came over to make a special desert of home made whipped cream and bananas, she was so sweet to do that. Later Ian and I went out to dinner with our friend Joe (the film student) to celebrate his turning Nineteen. His mom and Fred came out too... it was really a good tome. He’s leaving Thursday for California. It was gonna be for a couple of weeks initially... but he changed his mind.... bought a ‘one-way’ ticket instead. He plans on going into film school there.... ahhhh the stuff that dreams are made of... and why the hell not! Life is all about adventure... after all.

4 June 2001 :)

The boys are doing really really well... they’re not fighting, or misbehaving at all. In fact they’re either an absolute pleasure to be around or I can never stop taking these pretty little pills.... heh.

I walked a full uninterrupted mile today... TADA... and as I did I was thinking about the kids... and what I call ‘Physics Parentus’... or ‘Dad’s Law’ .... ya know... stuff like: ‘The Energy required to inject one teenager IN to a shower is Equal in Proportion to the Energy required to Extract that same teenager OUT of a pool’.... just thoughts.

3 June 2001 :)

Still healing... more and more each day... little things, like if I hic-cup I don’t have any instant pain. I walked a mile again, almost standing straight up instead of looking like I lost a contact.

Mom came over again today and she made us a terrific seafood lunch with scallops and salmon and clams... I thought that was just super sweet. The radio show that she’s gonna be on June 9th is 111.0 WTBQ AM from 4:00-5:00 and I know it’ll be good - mark it down and check it out!

2 June 2001 :)

Ian was amazing, aside from staying with me while I was in the hospital for the last two days, he let me sleep upstairs in the TV room, (so I couldn’t accidentally be hugged or hurt) and he woke me up every two hours to make sure I took my meds.... am I a lucky guy... or what?

Mom came over to see me and brought a whole bunch of stuff with her... neat stuff to eat. It was so good to see her.

I walked a mile today... though not all at one time.

1 June 2001 :)

Today is a big day - it’s our friend Mary’s birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!.... and our nieces in Georgia are having their very first sleep over... very cool... I was thirty-five when I had mine.

Home... first thing in the morning. There’s no place like it. The boys had the house all together and they said they were glad that we were back... which made me uncomfortable - but then the codeine kicked in. As for me... I’m in... I’m out... I’m the leader of the planet Zcardor... depending on when I took the pain medication.

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