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Thursday the 31st of July 2003 :)

Today was a mixed bag… I called Mom, as asked, to make sure she was up and Atom… but when I offered to accompany her to the hospital she told me it wasn’t necessary… hmmm… okay… She came through perfectly good and fine and later called to let us know…. Just seemed strange.

Later Kissy and Aunt Toni-Ann came over for a visit… Aunt Pam joined us too. It was fun to sit around sharing and laughing and telling stories. It wasn’t until much later that I realized I hadn’t eaten anything today, so I got busy and drank four Ensures… still have two more to go.

Saw a really funny sign on the community board… It was too good: “Looking for a healthy Rat catching CAT! – Must be bigger than the Rat!”

Wednesday the 30th of July 2003 :)

I was still in pain… joint pain that is… so I called Steve Jacob and the appointment was made for this afternoon. They took a few tubes of blood and are going to run tests to see what the problem could be.

Very exciting stuff… I needed a credible attorney to assist in the fine tuning and finishing of ‘A Stitch In Time’… I got the call today. An associate at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flam is interested in helping me so a meeting was set up for Monday in their Manhattan office… Is that cool or what!….. And there’s more, I spoke with the President of The Charles F. Johnson Foundation and she is graciously donating a wonderful sum to get us off the ground… it’s just amazing how angels come to you when you are in need of them. I know I’ll only get to see this Foundation in it’s infancy, I really think it’ll become known around the world one day and do some amazing things…. That, is my wish.

Mom is having some elective surgery in the morning and I’m gonna try to go with her…. I only heard about her plans at ten thirty this evening…. So I’ll do my best… just glad I don’t have to operate… heh.

Tuesday the 29th of July 2003 :)

We went to New York to take care of stuff… Ian with a meeting and for me to meet again with Dr. Peak Woo at Mount Sinai. My voice is getting better and better… He made a video of me saying sounds and played it compared to the first visit and you could see the difference too. He wants me to begin voice therapy and I asked if it could wait until we moved to New York or Montréal and he said yes…. I could go right there if we go to Manhattan and there was another specialist at McGill in the heart of Montréal whom he could refer me to…. Very cool.

Ian and I ate out but for some reason this time it was hell for me and I found myself in a world of hurt… oh well, that’s life… I pushed through it.

Monday the 28th of July 2003 :)

Ian’s Mom popped over and wanted to go to Wal-Mart so we took Ian’s Critter…. Amazing little car that VW bug… when you get in the front your surprised how much room there is… in the back however it’s a different story… you need a Lamaze class to get out of it. I was pushing the seat while Ian was coaching my breathing.

I’ve been having some bad pain where my hips are… Agh… really bad for the last three days. I only know I’ve been taking a series of vitamins for the last three days… there may be a correlation so tomorrow I’m not taking them… hrmn.

Ian and I are heading to the city to meet with Peak Woo, the brilliant voice specialist who has made such a dramatic difference in my voice, now I can see why some folks who sing for a living would go see him. Sounds silly, but I can sing, (not fantastically, never could, at least now I can blame it on the vocal cord), I haven’t been able to do anything like that since November 24th, 2002…. Strange huh?

Sunday the 27th of July 2003 :\

A very quite day…. Didn’t do much of anything. Kris came over to try and set up the DVD player… but it sure is a stubborn thing. It was so thoughtful of him to just pop up to try though…. Whatta guy.

Please say prayers for Mrs. Shaw… she needs them right now ‘cause she’s going through the reoccurrence thing some of us do. You can help make a difference.

Saturday the 26th of July 2003 :/

Kimberly and Gail hosted the Out-Sight picnic… or the Lesbian Luau as I affectionately call it…. from 11:00 –6:00… They have a good sense of humor and it was fun last year too. Mom and Aunt Toni-Ann were to be there. Ian and I arrived late, on purpose so I wouldn’t have to be tempted to eat, Mom’s car was just pulling out, but they stayed a bit longer so we could hang out. Mom emerged from the car with a lit cigarette… so I lit into her about never smoking in front of Aunt Toni-Ann or me… enough of this shit once and for all. Much later we had a very ‘to the point’ conversation… I just have a visceral reaction to her behavior. We’ll figure it out.

I’m looking into more New York apartments on the web… how cool is that!

Friday the 25th of July 2003 :)

Ian was in New York all day…. Meetings and then dinner with his Diana… they’re so luck ‘cause they appreciate their friendship and take care of it too.

I stayed here making a gazillion phone calls to friends in New York… the search for a decent apartment begins… and when I see what you get in New York vs. Montréal… I wanna go north.

Later I went to visit Mom and stayed for a brief visit… just a cup of tea and some chat… Tomorrow I’ll get to see her at the Out-Sight get together.

Thursday the 24th of July 2003 :)

I took all the bandages off my throat today. The stitches that were used were the dissolving type, but there was a regular stitch where the drain had been that I removed. Very carefully I shaved my neck and … TADA… It looks good… Yes… Happy dance.

Aunt Toni-Ann stopped by for a visit and we walked a little too.

After dark I set out to walk. The first mile was cool, I saw college guys downtown in the most passionate embrace and I thought how cool New Paltz was, welcoming to just about everyone… The second mile was spent as it usually is – trying to come up with some fantastic reason not to do another mile… heh… but I set my level at least three… so three it was.

Wednesday the 23rd of July 2003 :)

The more I think on the idea of my life as movie of my own creation, the more I’m focusing on of creating my own realities.

The health insurance thing worked out swell… guess I had Medicare all along and didn’t know it. Funny ‘cause I’m like, twenty years away from the age but apparently it didn’t matter.

I was shocked to see the shooting at City Hall in New York and I called Emma Bloomberg straightaway. I was very relieved when she picked up the phone. A bit shook-up, but otherwise unharmed, her Dad’s okay too….. thank God.

Tuesday the 22nd of July 2003 :)

Oh well, it was a big day here… Our Hero went for his road test and passed… yay… Now Trever has his license and he’s agreed to let me teach him…. could be just the bonding tool I’ve been looking for…. hmmm.

And what about Odai and Qusai? What’s the deal…. They’re alive – their dead – their alive again – now their dead again…. Who’ve they got writing this War in Iraq anyway… looks more like “Scary Movie”… c’mon pick a pulse, any pulse and stick with it already.

I was allowed to take my new voice outta the box today… it’s a bit deep and strange, but better than the last one… No more confusing me with Bea Arthur… There’s still some swelling so I’m taking it slow… But it sounds a little like Luther Vandross mixed with Jack Nicholson… I’ll take it, I’ll take it.

Please say a prayer for my Uncle Levi… he had emergency surgery today and he’s a soldier in the War on Cancer… he’s also an honest to God War Hero… he was a teenager on Omaha Beach in WW2… and lived to tell about it.

Monday the 21st of July 2003 :)

My throat is healing up nicely… tomorrow I can officially talk without restrictions, although I’ll take it slow…. Go to a Karaoke Bar… hehe.... not. I walked three miles today and while I can’t do the gym thing yet at least I’m getting exercise… I’ll do the same or more each day… that’s my goal.

There’s some silly glitch with the insurance and Medicare, which I had declined… anyway, in the morning I’ll go to Kingston and get it straightened out.

Sunday the 20th of July 2003 :)

The weather was warm, but with a nice breeze…. Mom came over for a visit, but I wasn’t the best company really. Later on when it was dark I walked two miles, one after the other.

Please say prayers for Louis, the kid from the hospital… and say some for Tim too, he’s a new soldier - diagnosed with esophageal cancer and I know your prayers will make a difference.

Saturday the 19th of July 2003 :)

Strange thing was that for the six hours we were in the lounge the nurses never fussed with us… until we were in the room and asleep. At two a nurse woke me up to see if I was in pain… at four she took blood pressure… at six…. And so it went. Around eight I just got up and asked the aide for some towels and a toothbrush, “I’m sorry, we don’t give the patients tooth brushes and tooth paste.” I apologized profusely and told her, “I don’t know WHAT I was thinking.” Dr. Peak Woo came in and said the operation was a success and that for the next three days I was to get voice rest… I could whisper, but no long conversations and no coughing. Ian and I were so happy to bounce… I would never want to go back to that Mount Cyanide again….. Oh, the final buster… remember all those damn history’s everyone took to be “thorough”… well for all their efforts they had me listed as ‘Female’ on the charts…. HA… I could smell the lunacy in the air and in my mind I became Daffy Duck screeching, “coo-coo” and bouncing off all the walls going down the hall!

Ian and I had a wonderful train ride back home… stopped and saw his Mom… came home to find the guys… I hugged them… and later Kris and Melanie came by and so did Mom, Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni-Ann too…. There really is nothing like family!

And a very special kiss to Ian, my Ian… for being the best buddy a guy could ever have. I just love that guy.

Friday the 18th of July 2003 :/

Today Ian and I have known each other for nine years and three months…… outstanding. We spent the morning as in days past… sitting together on the train as it gently rattled along the river side going to New York. Today turned out to be a wake up call.

We got to New York with time to spare jumping off at 125th Street, (the Harlem station); getting on a downtown 6 and schlepping to Mount Sinai. We made it in plenty of time, I hate being late, and went up to the fourth floor as the paper instructed. I was told I had to register first and directed to the second floor. For those who are not familiar, Mount Sinai, (or Mount Cyanide as I came to know it) is architecturally impressive, and most of the staff is friendly… and frankly speaking, after you’ve said that – you’ve exhausted it!

In Registration I was asked to give my entire medical history, even though I had faxed it to the Doctor’s office…. I was told they have to be through… okay… soon I was brought back up to the fourth floor when the nurse in charge asked me for my entire medical history… I told her to call registration, but she told me they have to be through… she even took another blood sample even though I had the lab work done Monday. Oh well, Ian and I waited…. and waited and when it came time to go instead of a stretcher I was informed there was a wheelchair, “but if you can walk – walk”… so I hoofed it to the O.R. with the group… It was like a parade of HMO’s… At one point I coulda sworn I heard a ‘moo’…

In the O.R. Ian and I waited some more in an isolated room until Dr. Woo’s associate came in to ask some questions…. can you guess what he wanted? Yup… my entire medical history… ugh…. After he left, the O.R. Nurse came in and, I kid you not, I had to give my entire medical history again… I asked why she couldn’t talk with the others and she assured me it was for my good… so that they could be real thorough… okay fine… she was followed by someone from Anesthesia… and I knew what was coming, but before I went any further I asked if there were others… there was, and I asked they all come in together for the last show… phew.

The operation was now over and I was sent to the recovery room… I was told I was not allowed to talk…. STRICT VOICE REST…. I was given a pad of paper and a pen… fine. The nurse that was in charge only had two patients… she was an Asian woman who could barely speak English and was hovering somewhere between retirement and death… I tried to garner her attention by tapping and waving the board, “I be dare minnet.” And when she came she was too busy to read my request for a pain med, but was mumbling instead about something else… ugh… the I.V. was burning and I was not a happy person. About twenty minutes later I finally got her attention and tried desperately to get her to read the pad, but she was instantly distracted so finally I had to call out, “NURSE”… she came right over, “You no tok, Daca say no tok you – Ownree Rye on paypa!” … she’s telling me this as she’s walking away. “What’s the point – You won’t read the pad… I want a pain med, this I.V. is really burning and I want to speak with my Doctor.”… twenty minutes later she came by with a shot of morphine and became my new best friend... aaaaaahh.

When I came around an hour had passed and still no Doctor… and the I.V. was stinging. I asked her to please remove it and she became excited, “No leemove, ownree Daca.” And again she drifted away into the land where folks go to kill time before the end of their shift…. Finally, after three and a half hours of no food, no room, no doctor, and a burning I.V. - I announced I wanted to be discharged… I was done. She became excited and told me she’d call the doctor and admitted she hadn’t, “too busy”… so I demanded she did and as far as the I.V. went I started to remove it myself… She sure came alive then, “No, No, takie ow – No takie ow”… and as she tried to restrain me I told her I had “quite enough” and out it came. I was holding gauze to the entry site when she insisted, with faux care in her voice, she could help hold the gauze… “Are you kidding, I can hold this gauze without your help… After seeing how this hospital is run I’m lucky I didn’t have to operate on myself”….It was then I nicknamed Mount Sinai - Mount Cyanide; the Motel 6 of the medical set.

It was 6:30 PM and I still had no room… but that’s when something happened which put things in their proper perspective. The curtain next to me was closed and ‘Tokyo Rose’ was tending to her only other patient… a new guy I heard that was recently diagnosed with throat cancer… They removed half of his larynx and he had a tracheotomy. I instantly felt bad for the guy… It hit home… cancer… the throat… I knew his fears too well and I also knew the nurse he was stuck with. I started to pray for him and when they opened the curtains my heart sank… he was only twenty-eight, (my Kristopher’s age) and he looked so much like Trever that I instinctively wanted to protect him. Things were instantly prioritized… and I remembered the old saying, “I cried ‘cause I had no shoes, ‘till I met a man who had no feet”… ‘course the New Yorker inside couldn’t help but wonder – Hey… if he has no feet… does he really need those shoes?… heh.

The fellow’s name was Louis… he was from Puerto Rico… his Mom was beside him, she spoke no English, but his girl friend did…. Thank God. But they didn’t stay and after he was alone he started to wake up and began tapping like crazy, the nurse who only had me and him to take care of was too busy doing nothing to notice. The guy across the room was getting a crowd ‘cause he was loudly insisting no colonoscopy was done… ‘cause he didn’t remember it! They finally showed him a picture of the inside of his ass to shut him up… When that didn’t do it they asked him to feel down there…did he remember putting KY all over?… even then he was still reluctant to leave. While all this was going on I got up and went over to the desk and told her the guy next to me needed her. She shuffled over and instead of asking if he was in pain, which would have been the first thing I’d ask… she starts off with, “You OK… you coal?… you hot?… you hungly..” …. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing and after blurting out “PAIN - Pain… ask if he’s in Pain” I started to look around for the hidden cameras already… It was THAT bizarre.

It was seven o’clock… six hours after surgery when I was told there was a bed…. By seven thirty I was upstairs only to find that I did have a bed… in a private room too…. The only glitch was there was someone else in the bed…. AHHHHHH…. By about now I’m ready for a bed on the psych ward… I just laughed… hey, they’re consistent. Ian and I sat up in the patient lounge, my neck bandage bleeding, eating Chinese take-out, when Louis’s family came in with a six month old baby… it was his son… and I remembered it just didn’t matter… So we ate and tried to comfort his family. At ten o’clock I was told the fellow had left and they just needed Housekeeping to come up and clean it. Eyoko came by and we played and hung out until the room was ready… a quarter to midnight.

Thursday the 17th of July 2003 :/

An odd combination of psyched and scared… In the morning we head to New York’s Mount Sinai for the surgery to restore my voice at 10:30. I’ve been through enough operations recently that I can recognize the queasy excitement as the par for the course, which it is. With God’s help by this time tomorrow all this silly worry will be history. Worry really is, albeit normal, a waste of very good energy… it absolutely has the power to change absolutely nothing…. Hmmm… so I better quit it!

Mom came up for a visit… she was wonderful, but her car got really scraped up while she was in the parking lot of the supermarket yesterday. She only stayed for a short visit ‘cause she had to fill out a police report.

I’ll be staying overnight and heading home Saturday. Eyoko lives right across the street form the hospital and Ian will stay there with her… and it’s okay… ‘cause he’ll stay ‘till way late and pop over first thing in the morning… oh yeah, I won’t be updating the site until I get back home.

Wednesday the 16th of July 2003 :)

Laughter really is the best medicine… with that in mind I heartily recommend you go right out and rent The Blue Collar Comedy Tour… it’s brilliant… clean and hysterical… just good old fashioned fun.

Eyoko and Tim stopped over before they tipped back to New York. They said they had fun, I wished their visit could have been longer… maybe next time.

I spent the day working on various projects, including the foundation – which is coming along really nicely… there are two Attorneys that are interested in working with me…. YES… It’ll be great to have it finalized and running already.

Ian and I are seriously considering a move to New York and are looking into apartments and stuff… we’ll see if it ends up being New York or Montréal… I love them both. We’re reviewing all our options…. Granted I know one well, but so what… I’ll get to know the other! It’s really exciting just to think about getting our lives back on track… phew.

My cousins Lynda and Stephanie did the neatest thing… they sent me a tee shirt from the Cher concert they had attended… How sweet is that!

Tuesday the 15th of July 2003 :)

I went to go see Dr. Steve Jacobs, a really good guy and a really great doctor, so I could get the physical needed for the operation on Saturday. While I was there in the little examination room I thought I heard a familiar voice… sure enough it was Mariann and Robbie… how cool is that! Just by chance… they were done and going to the diner, I was gonna meet them when I was done with Ian, but by the time I was done and fetched Ian it was too late… they had gone.

Ian was visiting his Mom who had just recently returned from Scotland… I saw some of the photos… amazing… and she gave us some cool souvenirs from the Concorde too.

Later on we went and got tires for the Pathfinder… the set we had on was really worn. While we waited Ian and I strolled around the Galleria… it was fun running into friends and I even ate, (‘cause we had two hours to wait for the tires)… it was okay, I brought the pain pill with me… yay! After the new ones were on I immediately noticed a difference in how it moved and felt on the road…. Much better.

We saw neither hide nor hair of Tim and Eyoko… good for them! We’ll probably have a sighting in the morning.

Monday the 14th of July 2003 :)

I went to get all the pre-surgical tests necessary for the operation Friday. I had them done locally rather than schlepping to the city. The thing I found funny was here I had all the papers given to me from Peak Woo’s office, but I didn’t have a script for the blood work, EKG, and chest x-ray. At first the hospital wasn’t gonna do the test. I asked the young woman if walk-in’s looking to have blood removed was a big problem in the neighborhood and she gave me a look…. Like I’d steal her pen or something. I called Steve Jacobs office which was next door and they were able to fix everything…. Yay… looks like we’re on target.

Eyoko came up for a visit with her beau, Tim. He’s a professor at Cooper Union. What a beautiful couple, she like a Nubian princess and he like a younger Kurt Cobain mixed with Brad Pitt… just striking and happy together… it doesn’t get better than that. They’ll be here for a couple of days so I know we’ll see more of them later on.

Sunday the 13th of July 2003 :)

Today was a quite on, and a bit better than yesterday. The guys were busy with their own stuff and Ian and I were busy too. We went out to have lunch with Star and her partner Adrienne, two wonderful vagitarians. It was a nice time having cappuccino and looking at the mountains while a fellow strummed his guitar. We talked and laughed and it was fun. Star lives in New York and Adrienne lives in Pittsburgh, but they’re gonna move in together next month…. Very cool.

Aunt Rusty may be moving back to the area….. yes!

Saturday the 12th of July 2003 :/

A very strange day…. For whatever reason I was a bit out of sorts. The most exciting thing I did was detail the car… ugh.

Friday the 11th of July 2003 :)

In spite of the rainy weather it’s a really nice day… I mailed off all the paperwork on the Foundation I had finished yesterday…. phew… I remembered to take the pain pill just after I ate, so I was able to avoid the whole tummy ache thing.

Stephanie and Linda are at the Cher concert tonight… how exciting, I can’t wait to hear all about it… hmmm… Strange… we never got anything from Cher or her people about the concert. You’d think we’d automatically be eligible for deep discounted tickets and some advanced notice….. I mean, being gay should stand for something… hrmn!

Thursday the 10th of July 2003 :)

An interesting day… I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on a trust fund of a dear friend…. And later I was able to finish all the paperwork necessary on the Foundation to get it to the Attorneys in New York. I can hardly wait until it’s complete and I can get started officially. I have already begun collecting some fantastic pieces and another charitable Foundation has pledged it’s support…. Very cool.

Tomorrow I have to get the preoperative testing done.

Please say prayers for my friend John ‘cause he’s having an operation for a deviated septum on Saturday… he’s never been operated on before.

Wednesday the 9th of July 2003 :)

Today was an interesting one… I spent a great deal of it resting and thinking. A woman from the Kabala center called and after asking me what was going on with me and my answering she asked, “Why is all this in your movie?”

I thought about ‘my movie’ all through getting the catscan today… and something interesting happened… as I lay there and the machine did its thing, I told myself ‘no more’ this is the last. I was saying it over and over in my mind and when it was all over the doctor who was there through it looked at me and said, “Let’s make this the last time we see you okay?”… HA…. my thoughts exactly.

I was so wiped out today I stayed home… didn’t get to see Aunt Rusty or Linda…. I even had to let Ian go to Kennedy Airport alone to get his Mom…. She’s been in Scotland since May and is travel weary, we’ll catch up once she’s rested.

Mariann told me the sad news…. Kyle and Ryan’s Grandfather passed away in his sleep…. Please send prayers to them and their whole family.

Tuesday the 8th of July 2003 :)

All day long I though about the conjoined twins

What a day… really productive… worked on investment stuff for the most of it and still managed to make some great headway for the Foundation…. I’m getting excited.

A really nice surprise… our friend Corey stopped over for a visit in the middle of the day. It’s always good to see him and Ian and I enjoyed laughing and talking. After he left I went back to working on stuff… I scheduled what I think will be the last operation to restore my voice for Friday the 18th, I’m really lucky Peak Woo can do the procedure for me so quickly… We’re were planning to go back to Montréal in the beginning of August and I really wanted to bring my voice this time…. hehe

Aunt Rusty, Linda and Gary are up at Aunt Toni-Ann’s and I had wanted to see them, but I just wasn’t up to it…. grrrrrr… I’m planning to see them tomorrow after my catscan.

Monday the 7th of July 2003 :)

I was in pain again today when I ate and then I remembered…. Take a ½ of a Hydrocodone… and sure enough, no cramps… Yay…. Now if I can only memorize it.

Ian and I had a very busy day… he with his tasks and me with mine… I spent all day preparing a strategy for a special client… the rest of the day was spent talking to congressional offices, senatorial offices, and an assemblyman’s personal assistant, the Federal Budget Accounting Office…. I even called the White House… and all to get some answers I need for the Foundation. Little by little it’s all coming together. Right now there are all sorts of little landmines all around, but I have to close my eyes and step knowing I’m being guided.

Ian rented, ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’, it was wonderful…. I’m sorry we didn’t attend the premier February 2nd…. Oh well, wasn’t feeling strong enough to go then… I sure am now… yes!

Sunday the 6th of July 2003 :)

I felt better today… busy working on things which needed attention. The weather was too hot for much of anything… I made dinner… Mom came over to share it with us…. very nice.

Saturday the 5th of July 2003 :(

Today was a waste of time for me… It seemed like everybody was having cookouts and get togethers… We were invited to a few, but I declined all of them since I loath the heat and it’s hardly fun for me ever since my world stopped revolving around food, (that whirring sound would be my Italian grandmother spinning in her grave). You see, for Italians food is like sex… maybe better, I mean, after being married twenty years you can still get a meal…. heh.

Friday the 4th of July 2003 :)

Kris and Melanie came over for a visit and it was nice to have supper together. Later on Mom came by too and we played cards and talked. Nothing to exciting just relaxing and stress free…. I’ll take it!

Thursday the 3rd of July 2003 :)

Ian and I went into New York… what an adventure… the first thing we did was to go see Dr. Peak Woo at Mount Sinai. He was very friendly and took the time to explain things to me. After listening to me he used an instrument to look at my vocal cords while I uttered sounds… Ian was transfixed watching the screen. Then I was taken into a sound booth and carefully studied; my voice pattern was recorded on a special machine too. Peak believes he can be effective in restoring my voice to a ‘seven, (my current rasp being a zero and Ian’s voice being a ten)…. A good start.

Afterward Ian and I went out for lunch… I took an Imodium, to be safe, and we ate out in public… it took daring for me. We talked and laughed then we went to Grand central Station to meet Sourabh… it was great to see him and we spent some time to catch up on stuff. The time went by too fast and soon we were on the subway headed to the Village… I forgot how foul the subways are in New York heat… *choke*… coolest thing is we ran into Sebastian, a dear friend who is an actor… We talked for the longest time… he may come up to visit this summer. He gave us two seats, as his guest to see the Off Broadway hit, Naked Boys Singing…. Before the show we went out to a fine restaurant and had a delicious dinner… I was very brave, (I took a second Imodium to be safe). The show was just amazing and we both laughed our butts off. It dawned on me we were ending our trip to meet a voice specialist by enjoying a musical… I don’t think good signs come any bigger!

Wednesday the 2nd of July 2003 J

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keri-Ann … she’s twenty-one today……. wow!!

There was a list of things I had to work on and I tackled them one at a time… In the morning Ian and I head to New York and see Dr. Peak Woo, the specialist who I hope can restore my voice… he came highly recommended to me… and thankx to Steve Jacobs, who’s one of the most caring doctors I’ve ever known… (and I’ve know a couple)… heh… my insurance company has agreed to pay for the service… yay.

Mariann came by for a brief visit… Trever had invited his Mom to go see Reese Witherspoon in, LEGALLY blonde 2…. Which was really sweet I thought. Ian had wanted to see it too so he and I went to the later show… it was cool to be with him…. and the movie was light hearted and fun!

Tuesday the 1st of July 2003 :)

I got a ton of things done today... it felt great. Ian and I went to the gym and worked out... It’s really cool... ALL SPORT in upstate New York, offers a three month membership for recovering cancer patients at no charge... is that cool or what? Mike is the owner and I think it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing... the number is (845) 691-6161.

Later on I went to visit Mom at the hospital. Aunt Toni-Ann was there too. Mom looked much better, relaxed and rested. She couldn’t wait to get the results from the tests and to get home. The nurse came in about eight-thirty at night and told us the results showed nothing remarkable, told her she was still at risk for a heart attack, but she was free to go home... if she wanted.... I don’t think she’s moved as fast since I was twelve... before you could say, “CLEAR” the monitors were off, the clothes were on and she was walking out the door.... didn’t want to wait for the wheel chair either, (must be where I get it from) and out the front door she went. I was gonna have her sit and wait on the bench while I walked to get the car, but there was another woman sitting there smoking so I kept going... her head craned like a flower to a sun beam... I walked her all the way to the parking lot.... heh.

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