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Thursday, 31 January 2002 :)

Freezing rain... schools were closed.... a day to work from home.

I spoke with Judge Judy Sheindlin today... that was kinda cool ‘cause I like her show and I want to meet her.... Talk about ‘slow’, I gotta be... I was impressed at how she really sounds the same on the phone as she does on TV... a-duh... I’m just glad I didn’t tell her that!

Later on I saw Mary.... she’s tired again today. I typed directions to Bob’s house for after the service.

I plan on going into the office tomorrow... today I was stymied due to the weather... I’m not liking ice right about now.

Wednesday, 30 January 2002 :/

It was a rainy day.... Steve’s memorial service was today.... it was strained... his family came and while that was sorta good... it was sorta not. I mean... they had a problem with the fact that he was gay... it wasn’t something that was up for discussion in their mind... he’s dead.... and apparently it’s still not discussed. They danced around the topic with the deft skill of a brain surgeon.... they talked about everything else that was a part of his life... (except the part that makes life worth living)... for that there was still some sorta stigma... still... *sigh*....that’s why they kept Steve at arms length... and why I couldn’t bring myself to shake their hands and comment on their loss... I figure their ‘loss’ was really just a choice they made years ago. It made me realize how lucky I am that my Mom and my family are so much more embracing... and accepting.... and how lucky I am.

Tuesday, 29 January 2002 :\

Today I had to take it easy... One of my teeth started to really hurt so I took Tylenol and am hoping it will knock it off... geewiz. I spent the majority of the day taking care of things and making some calls.

Robert was cremated today... Mary, his Mom, had wanted to see him, she was strongly advised not to, and at the last minute found a peace that allowed her to let the idea go.... that is done.... now the next step... Tomorrow is Steve’s Memorial Service, (he was cremated too).... Saturday is Robert’s.... Buddies to the end.... There’s something really comforting about that.

I have to thank everybody for all the eMails filled with love and prayers... I told Robert’s nephew, Patrick and I think it touched him... Please continue to send little Mary all the strength you can, she’s going to need it for a while to come. I don’t really know Steve’s family, but they’ll need some too.

Monday, 28 January 2002 :(

I fell asleep on time yesterday... but then at around two thirty in the morning I was ‘instantly’ awake... and stayed that way all day. By four this afternoon I was WIPED-OUT. I had to leave the office and go home... napped.

Thank you for all the emails and prayers for Robert, Steve and Little Mary... She’s wiped out too... but what a trooper. My Mom may have to get x-rays on her hip from the car crash too.

All this craziness in one weekend... What was Saturday a full moon?.... Ya know, if they can post a warning label on silly shit like Nutra-Sweet.... Wouldn’t ya think they could come up with a ‘Full Moon’ Warning Label?... maybe a simple picture of a stick guy... hiding under a bed... heh.

Sunday, 27 January 2002 :(

We had gone to bed at four in the morning and awoke to the saddest news... Robert Guglielmo, our friend who lived in New York and spent his weekends at his country house on the lake... drowned yesterday. It seems that the dogs had run out onto the thin ice and his buddy Steve, who shared the house with him, ran out to get them. The ice was too thin and he fell through, Robert went to save him and they both drowned in the lake they loved... the dogs are fine. I spent the rest of the day with his Mom and friends.... There were a hundred details that had to be handled, the service, choices, there was talk of what to do with the dogs, the apartment, maybe selling the house.... I’m really sad, but I gotta remember that Robert was more than just a forensic psychologist.... he was a great guy with a twisted sense of humor... he’d be the first one to suggest that the ad read: ‘Adorable home on private lake, killer view.’

Saturday, 26 January 2002 :)

Woke up to Shawn making us breakfast.. that was so wonderful... Then I got a call from the hospital.... seemed my Mom had been in an accident and was taken to St. Lukes via ambulance.... wow.... they said that she was red faced from the airbag but appeared ok... I showered and headed to the hospital. I called my friend Tim, and he was in the area anyway and met me there. At first they couldn’t find her, then a male nurse came out to tell me that she was gone.

”GONE?”, I asked, “Gone as in.... dead?”... “Oh, no”, he said, “she went home... to her house.” (You’d think being in the business he woulda worded that better)... hrmn. So Tim and I went to the house... sure enough... she was fine... the Town car is land fill, but she’s A-Ok, and that’s all that counts..... guess bad driving just runs off the road in my family.

Later on Ian and I headed to New York for our friend Mally’s Birthday Party.... Mally Roncal is a talented make-up artist with a big celebrity following. like Jennifer Lopez, Lisa Kudrow and Angelina Jolie, among others. She’s beautiful too... see for your self, she’s featured here in the Acuvue Lens website ... very cool. The party was, without a doubt, the hottest party I’ve been to in a long time... a gathering of beautiful people ready for fun all gathered at New Tokyo just off Park Avenue... a good time was had by all... to be in her presence and not have fun is... well, impossible... ‘cause she’s electric. I got to met her husband Philip, a handsome fellow with a warm and friendly manner who puts you at ease immediately... I really enjoyed meeting him and he promised they would come up for a visit.... cool beans!

Friday, 25 January 2002 :)

I had lunch today with Michele, a wonderful girl who I met before all the cancer stuff and who’s been following my adventure all along... We went to the Rolling Rock Café and shared a lunch of salad’s and laughs... lots of those.

Ian asked me to reach out to Nicole Kidman, Calista Flockhart, Diane Sawyer, Nneena Freelon, Madonna and Pink and invite them to the show... I was happy to do it ... I felt sorry for him later ‘cause his bus was late..... three hours late... ‘cause of a jack knifed tractor trailer on the Thruway.... He didn’t know about the truck until I told him.... he took it in stride... That’s my Ian.

Please say a prayer for my friend Dollye... she was in a car accident today.

Scott came over and we worked a bit on presentations... later I heard from Sourabh... He’s feeling better... spent the day in the hospital... getting stress tests and stuff... hmmmm.... If he’d of just called me I could have saved him a trip... Wanna stress test? I’ll popped over for coffee - and bring the twins!

Thursday, 24 January 2002 :)

It was a rainy day... everything looked all polished and shiny... I love rainy days. I took it slow today... yesterday was really packed and I didn’t need any hassles.... I don’t wanna forfeit the headway I’m making... I spent time on the phone.

Well, Ian’s all set... At first Vivienne had planned on having the Fall show in Milan, but after discussing it with Ian it was decided to show in New York... a smart choice... especially now.... so the Fall 2002 show is gonna be in The Tents... very nice. The next couple of weeks are going to be packed with details to take care of... Ian is very particular about every aspect of the show.... Here’s a limited sampling of Vivienne Tam’s Spring collection.

Wednesday, 23 January 2002 :)

I’m SO excited..... I set a new record on my ‘Personal Best’! I went into New York to meet with some of friends and didn’t take any Imodium.... HA.... I went to MTV for a meeting and then we went to lunch... Sushi... at Haru’s, (site of the tuna uprising)... I took it slow and steady... TADA... I did it!

Then I met my friend John for coffee at Starbucks. John’s cool.... he’s at the Metro Channel, we played ‘catch-up’ and before he headed back he promised that he’d come up after Fashion Week. Then I was off to meet Ian at his office... VERY COOL.... and we rode home together.

I also stopped off at Macy’s to meet a woman who works there. She was diagnosed with cancer and given my name and number - it was suggested that she call me for support... heh... When she called she thought I would help her organize the ‘Pity Party’ she was planning to throw.... wrong guy.... I held her hand but I also kicked her ass... PS... it’s over a year later and she’s finished with the Chemo and the radiation and doing swell... thankx to God and to all the prayers.... and her decision to commit to the fight.

I was swamped with emails about Sourabh... Thank you for all the prayers. He’s home resting... I’m planning to see him Tomorrow. His doctor has him on lots of stuff including some heavy doses of Ativan.... He’s happy..... when I spoke to him last I think he was talking to Elvis.... uh, yeah - That Elvis.

What a day... I went to New York - with NO Imodium.... never took any today.... ate sushi at the same place I had the problem with on the 8th - with No problem... and took NO nap.... Yes-Yes-Yes..... I am doin’ the *Happy Dance*

Tuesday, 22 January 2002 :(

Please say a prayer for my friend Jeannie Shannon, I learned today that she’s in the hospital with pneumonia and could use them... I haven’t seen her since she moved to San Diego, hope to change that soon.

I was so saddened when I heard that Peggy Lee had died yesterday... I was always in love with her and her voice... it was magical. She truly was a vocal artist.... and remains one of the great talents of all time to me... Together forever with Edith Piaf, Maria Callas and ... of course Joni Mitchell... whom I want to meet one day.

Hmmmm... between Sourabh, Jeannie and Peggy..... I guess today Officially Sucks!

Monday, 21 January 2002 :)

Martin Luther King Day... the boys were looking forward to a hassle free day.... me too, (I was looking forward to being in the office). Shawn was adorable... he thought that it wasn’t fair that I should have to go off while they got to be home... I gently reminded him that life wasn’t always ‘fair’... heh.... then I hustled to the car before the other Our Hero woke up. Hi-ho, hi-ho....

De asked that we say prayers for Eddy, he’s a thirty-five year old Dad who’s fighting Leukemia... and also for John C. who’s dealing with a brain tumor and his wife Cathy.

Sunday, 20 January 2002 :)

Ian and I went to the mall... it was fun just to hangout alone. The boys seem to be shaping up... uh... no, let me say this... Shawn seems to be shaping up... Trever is another story... all day Shawn was upset that he chose to lie to me yesterday and all day Trever was upset that Shawn chose to tell the truth and make HIM look bad.... see what I mean?

Ian and I watched the Golden Globes to see what some of the celebrities that called him decided to wear... Considering that there was hardly any time from when he started to when the event was I think it’s remarkable that he was able to make the contacts so fast.... now he’s working on the Grammies and the Oscars.

Saturday, 19 January 2002 :)

Last night the boys went out to a party... without permission... they took the cell phone.... without permission... and once I found out where they were I made them promise to stay there or call me for a ride home... instead they hitched a ride with a girl, Toni, and then told me that they took a cab home... Of course I was able to find out the truth.... fools... so I told them that they were not grounded, but the very next time that they demonstrate that they are the parent - I’m taking them to court and filing again for a P.I.N.S. petition... that I have no intention of playing games with them.

What a beautiful winter’s day... thick fluffy flakes of snow fell every where... looks so ... magical.

Ian and I had planned to hang out with some friends but the weather put an end to that... oh well.

Friday, 18 January 2002 :)

Seven years and nine months ago... I met Ian, seems like its only been months.

I went into the office again today... Tim asked me to share ideas with my associates, which I did... I wanna hold workshops with them to really fine tune the process... all in good time. It started to snow... big chunky flakes, but it didn’t last long. Before I headed home I stopped at Mom’s briefly... it was good to see her.

Aunt Toni and Aunt Pam left for Florida today... they decided to drive rather than fly... smart. This idea of matching luggage to passengers is ridiculous.... if that’s a commercial airlines idea of security they must take the fling public for fools. Some airlines do more... they’re the guys to fly with.

I almost choked on a glass of water today when I heard that the International Red Cross had concerns about the living conditions of the terrorist.... hrmn.... I think it’s time to assemble an International Collation of Proctologist to assist the IRC members in removing their heads from their asses.... I’ll donate to that!

Thursday, 17 January 2002 :)

I felt strange for most of the day... I dunno why. Funny thing is that I didn’t use Imodium at all, not once. I even drank milk... nothing... half and half... nothing.... a yogurt... and cheese... (I should have exploded) but nothing... everything was normal, no, better than normal.... how?

The video came in from the Moffitt that shows the commercial.... I hate it. I look like Nathan Lane - after a long night. I’m going to remedy that.

I realized that the damage to my car is all in the rear.... (I’m gonna get it fixed too)... but as if to say... “It’s all behind ya.”

The boys were invited over to their Mom’s house and went.... (didja hear that?... sounded like a choir of angels singing, ‘alleluia’).... and then she’s gonna bring them to school in the morning too, (Hey, there it is again).

Wednesday, 16 January 2002 :(

I took a break from the phone work to go take my Mom Christmas shopping... but as it turned out she didn’t really want to go..... so I went back to work.

Please say a prayer for Curtis K., a lost kid who really needs a great deal... and please include a friend named Jim... he’s having some real trouble with his eyesight.

Tuesday, 15 January 2002 :\

Trever decided not to go to school today.... I told him that he has to decide and commit... either he’s in school - or he’s not. If not then get a full time job, a G.E.D. and get on with it. At one point he got upset and accused me of ‘trying to get in his brain.’... I assured him I wasn’t, (for starters I’m claustrophobic... and that’s only starters)... hehe.

While I was working I was listening to music... Joni Mitchell was singing, “The Carousel Of Time”,.... “ And the seasons they go ‘round and ‘round, and the painted ponies go up and down....”, a haunting song about how fast time goes. Soon I was very depressed thinking that the twins would soon be grown and move away.... Just when I thought I was imagining these teenage years - the other guy came home from school, and the, “ I didn’t do it... You said that you would... He was the last one who... Don’t look at me.... I cleaned it the last time..” song began... HEY JONI - I gotchyour Carousel - - - - - Rightherrrre!

Later on, when everything was done and the house was settling in... quiet happened.... there was ‘cuddle-time’, a special time that we’ve set aside each night since they were tots. A time to share togetherness and exchange stories of the day... just ten minutes or so.... and that, well, changes things.... at least it does for me.... for now.... for now there’s a peace... ahhhhhhh The Carousel Of Insanity.

Monday, 14 January 2002 :\

I got to visit Mom this morning... we had coffee and talked.... it was the highlight of my day.

This was my first whole day in the Newburgh office... I was apprehensive on many levels, I couldn’t eat anything no matter how hungry I got for fear of choking and throwing up... not the impression I was going for.. ya know.... I had to over do the Imodium anyway... just to be sure, and the fact that the office is two tenths of a mile away from the High School I secretly wished had burned to the ground... while in full session, was, well... disconcerting. But the friendly people that are there made me feel welcome... it was good and soon I was lost in my work.

Please send healing prayers for my friend Banu... she needs them for her head.

Sunday, 13 January 2002 :/

A strange little nothing day, ending a strange little nothing weekend.

Ian’s Mom came over for dinner... I made homemade sauce that came out swell. Tomorrow I’ll head into the Newburgh office to spend the day, for the first time and Ian will be staying late in the city for the Harpers Launch party.

Saturday, 12 January 2002 :)

Today was a smudge on my calendar.

The morning would have been a dream except that Little Buddy whined and whined and whined - all night.... I let him out at three, five, seven, and nine... Gee wiz, it’s like he made a fucking pact with the boys... ya know... since they couldn’t be here to annoy the shit out of me - he’d cover.

Friday, 11 January 2002 :)

Hey... radical update.... Yesterday on MTV’s TRL show Carson Daly asked a girl what groups she really likes and she mentioned my cousin Greg’s band Last Perfect Thing.... very cool!

Spent the most of the day tethered to my computer... getting stuff sorted and in place for Monday.... That’s when I’m gonna have my real ‘First’ day at the new office.... I just know it’s gonna be fine. Scott Morrow, who I’ve written about before, came over today too... we talked about all kinds of work stuff... strategies and technique... he’s a real nice guy and I’m gonna enjoy hanging with him.

Mariann called at five to say that she could pick up the boys at six and that they could stay overnight....YEA... I wish she would give me more notice... an hour is hardly enough time to get clothes packed, empty bank accounts, make the proper plans to escape to small tropical islands... uh... yeah.

Our Hero wants to play Football for the High School... I never allowed Kris to play ‘cause I thought he could get hurt.... but for some reason when Trever shared the idea I though it was a great one..... Ahhh... the ol’ school cheer: “Wrick’em, Wrack’em, Wreck’em, Wruck’em. Take that ball and really .......... fight.”

Best part of the evening.... (besides the part about the boys at Mari’s).... When I picked up Ian from the bus station he had flowers he carried all the way home for me.... whata guy.

Thursday, 10 January 2002 :/

Today was strange... Shawn is worried about a test.... Trever stayed home... I made calls and ran errands that needed to be done.

Ian is gearing up for the Golden Globes next Sunday.

Please say a prayer for my Mom, Aunt Rusty and for our friend Mary ..... they all could use the healing about now.

Wednesday, 9 January 2002 :)

Strangest thing happened this morning... I awoke to find my sons in a fist fight! They were fighting over, I don’t even know how to write this.... a tee shirt. A plain, white, short sleeved, Calvin Klein tee shirt. Of which there are only, what, dozens in the house.... no pictures, no pockets, just a plain white tee shirt.... hmmm.... One can only imagine the melee that a pair of boxers woulda caused.... Maybe, if I replace the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms with Ridalin... that could work... just gotta trim them down to look like little three leaf clover, and hearts, moons.....

Went into Newburgh for a meeting. I tell ya, the more I see of this new office the more I like. One of the guys couldn’t help but spot the chewed up bumper on my car... he noticed that a bubble had formed on the tire too. Thank God he did... what a misadventure that could have been... *phew*... I called Sparky and he had the tire ordered and put on in no time.

Tuesday, 8 January 2002 :)

I was very brave today... I went into New York to meet with a client at MTV and only took two little Imodium pills before leaving home. I almost ran into trouble and ended up buying a bottle of the Imodium liquid - drank almost half. After the meeting I went to lunch... (Mistake #1)... even though it was only sushi I had a real problem. It’s getting harder to swallow again and I really have to reschedule the operation... anyway, the place was nice and I chose to sit at the crowed sushi bar where I could see the chef work... (Mistake #2)... while I was eating I started to choke and decided to drink more water in the hope it would force it down... (Mistake #3)... the water rose in my throat up the tube to the place where the air goes and what followed was... well.... *Blech*.... The look on the sushi chef was that of horror and the folks to my right took note not to order the tuna... all I could do was wash up, pay the check and go... [note to self: Stay away from Haru’s on 43rd Street.]

Next I went to see Ian at his new office. Exquisitely decorated in China Chic... You are greeted by two large stone Foo dogs that are sitting against fourteen foot red walls guarding two immense Chinese wooden doors... what a first impression. What’s inside is equally tasteful and very well done. I didn’t see it all.... but I saw a lot. Ian’s office is wonderful with a view of Seventh Avenue. We swapped stories of the days events as we rode home together.... that was the best part of the trip.

Monday, 7 January 2002 :)

Paul’s office called and apologetically canceled the Esophageal Dilatation scheduled for today. I applauded the fact that they acknowledge that when the Doctor’s sick... call it off. I’ll wait and reschedule after I see what Ian’s schedule is gonna be like anyway... I’d rather he go with me.

It snowed and it snowed.... schools were closed.... roads were bad.... Ice patches under slush.... I know... I found one... yup.... While driving in Newburgh.... it was either ice... or my SUV was wildly attracted to that fire plug and I just happened to be there... it was rough, there was screaming, (no, wait, that was me) and it was over in a moment... “wham, bam, thank you Geico”... when it was over I remember oddly craving a cigarette... *sigh* ... come to think of it that was a good looking hydrant... UGH... I feel used... cheap.

Trever and Shawn were shoveling fools... they made out super, and they had fun too.

Ian had a wonderful day at his new office. While Vivienne is in Italy, he’s getting used to the way the company does stuff... everyone there seems to be very friendly... that’s always a good thing.

Sunday, 6 January 2002 :)

I’m ready to get back to it... step by step... now he’s free to get back into his industry....Tomorrow Ian begins does. He assumes the position of Director of Public Relations for a major New York Fashion designer Vivienne Tam... Very exciting... God I’ll never forget the sacrifices that he made... how he stayed by my side through this whole adventure... yup.... I’ve gotta be the luckiest guy on the planet.... (That is, next to Ian, of course... *grin*).

It’s snowing like mad... a Winter wonderland outside.

Saturday, 5 January 2002 :)

Doug came by to say hello and hung out for a while. It was great to have the chance to visit with him.... we ordered pizza and when the delivery dude showed up Doug went into evasive maneuvers, ducking beside the wall pretending to hold a rifle, then dropping to the floor and crawling to the front door on his elbows toward the door, like he did in boot camp... we were cracking up.

Lots of things are going on here... some are funny... Shawn asked if they could host another party, I said not this weekend. Later Ian and I heard loud music coming from downstairs and found a dozen kids downstairs, dancing, listening to music, laughing and apparently having a ball. I took Trever aside and gently admonished him, “I said ‘No Party’ remember?” without missing a beat Our Hero reassured me that, “There’s only fifteen kids down there - believe me - That’s hardly a party Dad.” Ian and I had to just walk away and laugh later... at least they’re here..... these are the good old days..... hrmn.

Friday, 4 January 2002 :)

Ian and I woke early to go and look at some houses with Aunt Joanne... but none were suitable.... the search continues.

Later I went to Nina and Ken’s house, two wonderful people I originally met as clients that have become friends... what a cook she is! Afterward I got a message to meet Ian at Barnes & Noble and as I went looking for him I heard my name - it was Doug! How cool is that! He was in the area visiting his sister and happened to stumble into the very same book store that we were in.... he’s gonna come visit tomorrow.

Thursday, 3 January 2002 :)

This morning I was informed that eighteen of my clients had requested another representative... a distressing thought... and strange too considering that one of them had passed away, one had moved to Paris, and most of the others were personal friends.... but, after calling the ones that were alive I was relieved to learn that there had to have been a dreadful misunderstanding.... they each insisted that they had never asked for anyone else and insisted that I continue taking care of them.

I went to visit Aunt Rusty today... she’s feeling kinda punky, pain, no appetite, vomiting... poor baby... Please surround her with prayers. I got to see my cousins... a truly special collection of great people. Steve was there, (he’s never there.. always at work) Stephanie, Linda and Gary where there too all the way from Key West. They are so excited ‘cause they’re closing on a gorgeous home on the water... a dream house... they so deserve it. Drew was there with his pals, Bill and Brett... and Greg was back from LA with his band, Last Perfect Thing, (what a super group they are too.)

Wednesday, 2 January 2002 :)

Ian is gearing up for an exciting position that I’ll be able to talk about Monday... I hate having to wait, but Ian insists... hrmn... Meanwhile, I got the call from John that I can officially work out of the Newburgh office... very good. Now I’ll be able to catch up and heal all at the same time.

We had to go to court again with Our Hero... not my favorite place, I’ll tell ya. Trever looked handsome in his suit... at least that was a treat. After a long wait our attorney came and told us how things stood and offered to get it put off until February... WHOA... we asked him to please resolve it today, so he brought it in front of the judge. It went amazingly well... a small fine, no community service, no probation... done... *phew*... I believe Our Hero learned his lesson.... I have to believe that.

Tuesday, 1 January 2002 NEW YEARS DAY :)

Wow.... I’m still writing 1999 on my checks.

Ian and I had a fun time last night. A friend from the new office, Scott Morrow, came with us. He was a blast... a fun guy all the way around. The band that they had at Carmine’s was.... ‘eh’.... but the atmosphere was cool and the company was super.

When we returned home... the scene of the twins Private New Years Party, I was braced to find a lot of insurance claims, but everything was under control.... the boys had between ten and twelve friends over and with the exception of a broken lawn chair, (and the need for some minor clean-up)... the rest was perfect.... hrmm... I was impressed. A couple of them stayed over. All and all, a great way to start the new year.

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