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Friday, 28 February 2003 :)

Today I went to see Steve Jacobs, my primary physician and all around great guy, for a physical exam. The upshot is that I’m doing swell... my red blood cells are just a tad below where they are supposed to be. He suggested that I eat red meat at least three times a week, take a multi vitamin and he gave me a B-12 shot... never had one before... WowZer... It felt like I had new sneakers... I could run faster and jump higher... definitely good stuff!

After the exam Ian, his Mom and I went to the Galleria. I couldn’t window shop with them... I had to walk fast. Ian said I was wired.. .I was loving it. We walked a lot and then went to get a bite.. .I ate a chopped sirloin steak... and it was fantastic.

The evening ended on a fun note - Edith came up from New York and she and Sonya stopped over. Sonya just got a new Lexus GX and was on cloud nine - it’s beautiful! Edith is just wonderful, as always and Ian and I really enjoyed getting to hang out together.

Thursday, 27 February 2003 :)

I had a rough night so I slept longer than usual... can’t wait to get the vocal cord thing fixed... uh-huh.... that’ll make a difference, no more gagging on stuff... yes!

De, a friend who I haven’t seen in a while stopped by for tea... it was really nice to see her... she brought the most beautiful tulips... Spring can’t be too far behind. Later Mariann came over too and so did Trever. He had a bit of a struggle in school with the Vice Principal... nothing major, seems the school is invoking a long ignored rule regarding attendance waivers and wanted to punish Our Hero for not being in compliance. Trever’s stance is that as the rule has been ignored heretofore and as he was not notified of the schools intent to invoke said rule - why should he accept the punishment for breaking a rule he was not aware existed. His argument was well thought out and he was able to articulate it brilliantly! I’ll tell you... the kid is a bulldog... once he has an idea it takes an act of God to rip him off it... hmmm.... now, where the hell could he have got THAT from?

I had a blizzard of paperwork to do... ugh... it took me the entire day to do it but I wouldn’t quit until it was done!

Wednesday, 26 February 2003 :)

Busy, busy.... Ian and I went to Albany to meet with Michael, the doctor who I met at Saint Peters. He is an Ear, Nose & Throat guy... really nice... he reminds me of my brother Ricky. After the examination we decided on the operation where a small incision is made in the throat and a piece of ceramic-like material is placed near the vocal cord to keep it in the closed position. I should have some kind of real voice back once we’re done... the operation is scheduled for next Friday. He wants me to stay over in the hospital so I can be watched for one night.

Ended up we were there all day... got the blood work and urinalysis done... just took forever.

Shawn finished the remainder of his course... and Ian went to get him.... is he great or what?

My friend Kimberly needs to have some prayers so please keep her in yours.

Tuesday, 25 February 2003 :)

i was on the phone trying to get a PET Scan set up... normally it wouldn’t be a big deal at all, but I can’t really lay flat anymore - ‘cause I’ll get acid backing up into my throat, which can easily go into the lungs (since one of the vocal cords is still frozen in the ‘open’ position. Tomorrow I go see the doctor who can operate to repair the problem... in the meantime I sound like Tom Carvel... ugh.

I got the greatest call from Ricky and Jill... he called me from a concert they had attended... The band playing was Last Perfect Thing - our cousin Greg’s band!... How cool is that!

Today marks three months since I had the last operation... *phew*.

Ian went to Kingston to pick-up Shawn. Attempting to back into a parking space he tapped another car.... Since he couldn’t fit into the space he pulled into the Dunkin Donut’s parking lot and looked at our car... it was fine... then he went to look at the other car... it was gone. Later we got a call from the Kingston Police department.... seems when the car went missing - it went straight to the police station. The damage was estimated at three hundred dollars... *sigh*.... the best part was the reason Shawn was even in Kingston was so that he could attend a course on Defensive Driving!... Ya gotta laugh

Monday, 24 February 2003 :)

I talked with Scott at Joint-Ritis, what a really super guy... he invited me to Florida to participate in an infomercial... Yay... sounds great and it’s a product I can heartily endorse. It really made a world of difference to me. I’ve just gotta arrange all the medical appointments that have to happen and hope I can do it all.... hmmm... sounds like a blast.

Ian went off to New York to attend a few meetings... and then come home. I wanna go into the city this week if I can... I think I can... I think I can...

Meanwhile, Shawn drove me to Newburgh. The kid is okay behind the wheel and I find less and less to correct. Saw Mom... then Kris and Melanie... then Aunt Toni-Ann and Kissy... we had a fun time just palling around.

Sunday, 23 February 2003 :)

Big day, big day... Tara came over and went through some of the stuff she kept here to see what she wanted to take to The Netherlands... We came across some really beautiful pieces that she had worn and she became the very first person to donate clothing to A Stitch In Time. The pieces are beautiful... an original couture Patrick Kelly she got in Paris before he became known for his big buttons too, a couture Azzedine Alaia.. ummm... an original couture Christian Dior from the 1950s that she wore in Monte Carlo when she was dating Gregory Peck’s son Tony, and a couture Bruce Oldfield she got in London in 1978... fantastic!

She left to head back to New York... I gotta go into the city and have lunch with her before she goes back to Europe.

Saturday, 22 February 2003 :)

It was a rainy day, but a fun one. First thing in the morning I took Shawn to Kingston so he could take the ‘Five-Hour-Course’ which is mandatory if you wanna get your license. He drove, of course, and did a great job too. Later I went back to get him and he told me all about what he had learned.... we had a good time... the two of us just driving and talking... it was a wonderful memory.

When we got back to New Paltz there was a peace rally happening. It stopped us from getting to our street.... so we just sat and watched. I hope things can be resolved peacefully... save war as a last resort. Guess I feel that way ‘cause ‘post cancer’ I clearly see how precious life really is.... and how fragile it is too. I was really surprised to see two of the boys friends protesting the peace rally - they were holding signs that read, ‘Bomb Saddam’ and singing, “All we are saying - is give war a chance”... Ahhh, the arrogance of youth.

Tara Shannon was waiting for us at the house... It was great to see her. She arrived from The Netherlands last week and was hanging out in New York taking care of business. She’s gonna stay with us for the weekend... very cool... she’s so much fun to be with.

Kris came up too. He took both his brothers to a party at Ryan’s... what a cool memory for the guys... Later on they went to a mixer at the frat house... hmmm... that could be trouble... but, what the hell... after all I was their age once.... (maybe more than once).

Friday, 21 February 2003 :\

Aunt Pam stopped over this morning... that was so nice to see her and share some coffee and tea... very cool. Ian and I went for a mile walk - I’m planning on two tomorrow.

We’re expecting Tara to come over tomorrow... she’s in the states for a little while then back to the Netherlands. It’ll be great to see her.

Thursday, 20 February 2003 :)

Today was a good one... I spent more time setting up the plans to have the porta-cath removed... yea... and made the appointment to see Jack Ruckdeschel in the middle of next month.

Ian went to visit with his dear friend Diana... and Shawn and I went to visit Auntie Mame... Shawn drove... really well too.

Wednesday, 19 February 2003 :)

I had a busy day just taking care of some medical stuff that needed attention. The doctor who has directed my care from the beginning - Jack Ruckdeschel has made a move... he’s now the President and CEO of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit Michigan... I had to get all my stuff switched and one change triggers a bunch... each with their very own procedure too... heh. Guess Ian and I will get to see Detroit soon.

Tuesday, 18 February 2003 :)

Ian and I celebrated knowing each other for eight years and ten months today... amazing. It was also Melanie’s birthday... she and Kris stopped by for lunch and a little visit. It was great to see them... we talked for a while and they stayed until the boys came home. Trever and Shawn were both out shoveling - Shawn got up at five o’clock in the morning and headed out with a thermos of hot tea... Trever went out later.

I called the doctor about performing the operation to restore my voice... they wouldn’t be able to do the procedure until March so I’m gonna see if I can find someone else who’s good and can do it sooner.... more calls tomorrow.

My sister Jill gave me a very special book, ‘The Four Agreements’... it’s fucking amazing. The more I read it the more I can feel my whole world being adjusted... It’s so simple a read that I have to read it two and three times... just fantastic! I gotta call and thank her again.

Monday, 17 February 2003 :)

Snowed in.... so much fun. The snow is falling so hard it looks fake... like it’s too hard... and so beautiful. I cooked dinner... Tada... made a roast chicken that came out amazingly, (thankx to Mom telling me what to do and when). The boys couldn’t shovel ‘cause the snow never stopped... they’re planning to get out there in the morning.

I have to get myself to Tampa to get a check-up and another PETS test... trying for next week. Gotta get to Albany this week to have the operation done that will restore a voice. I’ll call in the morning.

Sunday, 16 February 2003 :)

The weather center is calling for a great storm tonight.... cool... the heaviest we’ve had in six years! It’s supposed to start Sunday night and end Tuesday morning. Trever stayed over so he would be in the village to shovel. We went to Mari and Rob’s to get some stuff he needed and I let him drive. He needs more practice driving standard... coming home he accidentally backed over a cat... uhhhh... a Jaguar.... *crunch*.... poor guy, he was so upset. Thank God there was really no damage to either vehicle, but the whole ‘police - license - registration’ thing happened and the guy in the Jag was unnecessarily uncivil and rude. The world is sadly full of assholes... it was a good lessen for Trever. As soon as things were settled I made Our Hero get behind the wheel and finish the ride home... he did just fine.

Saturday, 15 February 2003 :)

I got a lot of things done today... Shawn was more than eager to help me run whatever errand I needed. It’s so neat to witness his enthusiasm for driving... it’s contagious. He’s pretty good behind the wheel and getting better.

Valentine’s Day 2003 :)

Ian and I slept in to celebrate Valentine’s Day... it was really nice to share a moment... knowing it was special.

We didn’t end up ‘going’ anywhere but we didn’t need to either... we just stayed at home and had a fun time.

Thursday, 13 February 2003 :)

Ian headed into New York... all this ‘Alert’ stuff isn’t gonna stop him from Fashion Week.... priorities! Aunt Toni Ann and Kristen decided not to attend the Cynthia Rowley show... too much of a hassle... perhaps next season.

Ian didn’t get home ‘till one o’clock in the morning... ugh... there was a fun after party at the old Andy Warhol Factory.... very cool.

Wednesday, 12 February 2003 :)

I had a relatively quite day. Mariann stopped over for coffee and we had a nice visit... Trever stopped over after school and he and Shawn went off together without a single argument.... not bad!

Tuesday, 11 February 2003 :)

Wow what a day.... Ian went into New York to handle the Blass show.... I went into Newburgh and test drove a Wrangler. It’s not as comfortable as the pathfinder, but I don’t care - I loved it!

Ian had been interviewed a while ago for RAZOR, a cool, edgy magazine... very downtown. Well, his interview is in the March issue, (the one with Selma Hayek on the cover) which should be hitting the stands soon. There he is... on page eighty-four... Ian MacKintosh part of the ‘Fashion Club’ so adorable and in good company: David Wolfe, Fern Mallis, Lloyd Boston, Simon Doonan and Rob Epstein... so proud of the guy.... Tomorrow he schleps back to the city.... I still wish I could go with him. I gotta go into New York at some point... if for nothing else - just to see how I fair.

Monday, 10 February 2003 :)

Ian went off to put the finishing touches on the Blass Fall 2003 fashion show. The show happens tomorrow... I’m just not able to be there this season so I’ll be staying home. He’s also doing the Cynthia Rowley show on Thursday... ahhh, Fashion Week always a crazy time at our house. I just wish I was able to go.

It was snowing steadily since noon so I didn’t even leave town... New Paltz is really pretty in the snow.

Sunday, 9 February 2003 :)

Well, the move is all done... my three sons... *sigh*... it was really neat to see them more in the adult stages... helping their big brother.... driving cars.... just groan-up looking... funny, I’m gonna be forty five this year and it feels like the world is turning twenty.

Saturday, 8 February 2003 :)

I brought Shawn to Kris and Melanie’s new apartment and it all worked out fine. Seems there was no U-Haul truck available so nothing was done.

Ian and I had the evening to ourselves, but the poor guy was not feeling well... stuffy nose and achy... I got him some chicken soup and we had a great time just staying at home watching Ab-Fab.

Friday, 7 February 2003 :)

Woke up to a magic winter landscape. The snow kept falling until the afternoon. I went to get Trever and bring him into the village... he and Shawn shoveled several driveways... Later I went to Newburgh to bring the guys to Kris so they could help him with the move, but Shawn bailed and stayed home. I’ll bring him in the morning.

Ian came home a little later than usual... glad to be home with all the warnings about being on ‘High Alert’..... a state of mind most folks in New Paltz enjoy on a daily basis.... heh.

Thursday, 6 February 2003 :)

Today was a GREAT day. Ian went off to New York... and I was up at six ready to get the morning in gear. I worked on several things from squawking on the phone, (I have this ‘Tom Carvel hits puberty’ thing going) I ran errands and stuff too... but the best part is that I never stopped, never napped... this is a really good sign, maybe things are finally gonna get back to normal after all.

Another milestone was reached... I took Shawn to get his permit and he passed with a ninety! He was soooo excited! He drove us home and was appropriately nervous... he wasn’t alone.... but did just fine.

Wednesday, 5 February 2003 :)

I was awakened by some reflux last night...*blech*... My solution turned out to be the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to resolve the problem - a teaspoon of Baking Soda in eight ounces of water sitting guard at my bedside. First sign of burning and I sip the mixture... all gone... instantly.

Shawn and I went to Newburgh to visit Mom. B.J. was there and we got to see Aunt Pam briefly. Later on Kissy and Nuah came over and we took some pictures of the little guy... she’s gonna enter him in a contest - he’s a winner as far as I’m concerned... I’ll ask Kissy if I can post one..

Tuesday, 4 February 2003 :)

Trever came by today and apologized for his part and I did the same for mine. I’m glad that’s behind us and I hope the future is a brighter place.

In June we will part with the Pathfinder and I would like to have a Wrangler... I think they’re fun.... Shawn and I went to get some information in them from a dealer in Hyde Park.

Monday, 3 February 2003 :)

A mile-marker was made today... Trever drove, accompanied by Mariann, and picked up Shawn for school. Time really goes quick. I didn’t get to see him this morning.... ‘cause of the tension between us. Somehow I think it’s my responsibility to teach him boundaries, (on the other hand - that boat may have sailed)... sigh.

Mom came over and we had a good visit... talked about real things, not small talk.... very cool.

While Ian was in New York I ran several errands. Felt great to be so productive. I didn’t go to Kingston after all.... Later I did the grocery shopping with Shawn but when we came home I was in real agony.... although I didn’t lift anything heavy, the cart was loaded with cans and stuff... I ended up calling Mari to borrow a cup of codeine... heh... Trever answered the phone and when I told him I’d have Ian come get the pills he insisted Ian stay by me and they’d bring them right over.... That’s also Trever... a complex contradiction who comes through in the end.... and that’s why he’ll always be... Our Hero.

Sunday, 2 February 2003 :)

Ian and I were invited to the premier of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. The showing was in New York at six o’clock, with a ‘meet and greet’ party to follow.... I’m still not up for the excursion and Ian has to be in the Blass showroom in the morning so we bailed.

Our Hero called to speak with Shawn and in the few seconds he spoke with me he sounded as if yesterday never happened.... I don’t think I was hallucinating, but I’ll check my medication interactions just to be sure... heh.

Turned out to be a fun day after all... Aunt Toni-Ann, Kizzy and Nuah came to visit.... bearing yummies... and we had a great time. Ian’s Mom popped over... with more goodies... and Peter and Ross came over too.... (with beautiful roses)! We had a wonderful day in the company of good people (not to mention the real food and flowers)... *grin*.

Saturday, 1 February 2003 :(

I woke to the sad news of the Columbia and the seven souls that were lost... Meanwhile N.A.S.A. (Not Another Shuttle Accident) promised to fill us in once they know what went wrong. My heart sure goes out to the ones they loved who stay behind.

Later in the day I went to visit Mom and bring her to my house... It didn’t happen though - she wasn’t up to the visit. So I went over to see Aunt Toni-Ann, Kizzy and Nuah. I stayed a while and enjoyed their company. When I left there was a travelers advisory ‘cause there was freezing rain predicted. I went home to find the twins getting ready to go to a party in Kingston... It was too dangerous and I had to ask them to change their plans, (in bad weather I have the right to veto trips... it’s the last of the rules to survive). Trever informed me that as he didn’t ‘live’ here - he didn’t have to follow any such rule! He was so disrespectful about it that I found myself throwing the bastard out. I told Our Hero I refused to be treated like shit under his shoe and that until he apologized he was not welcome here.... period.... If the apology took a day, a month, a year, or a lifetime that’s fine... use the phone, drop a line, stay well, ciao-bye... and don’t let the door hit his boney ass on the way out. Enough... Monday I intend to get the papers filed that will allow him to be emancipated.

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