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Tuesday, 30 April 2002 :)

Please say prayers for some folks who need them: Ed T. is one of the newest soldiers in the war on cancer... Robbie’s Mom, Mildred, is in the hospital.... and surround Bill Reichert and Debbie Currier in prayer too. An amazing thing prayer.. I don’t know how it works... but it does.

Ian asked me out on a date tonight... love that guy.... I didn’t feel like cooking so we dined out.... on sushi... hmmm... funny that on a night ya don’t feel like cooking to go to a place where the chef doesn’t either... Afterward we saw Life Or Something Like It It was good... lighthearted with a deep message... yeah... a ‘chic-Flick’.... but worth seeing.

Monday, 29 April 2002 :)

I took my Mom to the doctors and her hip was x-rayed... they found no fracture and he really believes that it’s a pinched nerve. He gave her strict instructions among which were orders forbidding her to vacuum.... HA.... “Well, finally got a doctor to tell you not to vacuum... you must feel vindicated.”... she smiled... so did I.... we both knew if, in addition, he had insisted she increase the smoking and watch more television - she’d have married him!

This was great! While Ian and I were walking around we stopped, on a whim, into a used book store. While we were browsing I noticed by chance a book, just like on I owned... It was in perfect condition and I opened the cover to see that it was a first edition, just like mine, signed by the author... just like mine.... when I looked at the photo page it was autographed to me! I was dumb struck.... then we realised that Ian must have accidentally included the book among the rest he had brought there... I started to laugh... and the fellow working there was cool... he sold it to me for half price... ya gotta love it!

Sunday, 28 April 2002 :)

I got to see Kris and Melanie today... which was cool.

It was one of those bleary rainy days that are really best to sleep in. I went to visit my Mom and shared a bite with her. The new furniture looks great and it was nice to get to talk with her.

Later on Ian and I went to lend a hand to a friend and totally missed the together that had been planned as a memorial to honor of Jeannie Shannon.... damnit.... I realised it after it was all done... I was getting upset with myself but then I realised that Jeannie would have approved - big time - she was always helping out her friends.

Saturday, 27 April 2002 :)

A stormy day with a sunny ending....

Ian and I began it with our morning walk... we talk and laugh and play games along the way..... stopped and had breakfast together... very romantic. When we came back home we ran right smack into Hurricane Trever, (Our Hero in a mood most foul).... There had been no warning - nothing from the weather bureau that it was coming. We had no time to duck into the shelter and were caught by the brunt of the storm... The winds were strong, (no more chili for that boy) and swear words were being thrown all over the place.... we tried to make a break for the calm of the outdoor world we could glimpse through the front door and were grabbed back by one of them asking what we thought about his side of the argument, pretending it mattered.... Ahhh, life in Teenagerville....

Later on Shawn prepared for a big night. He was asked by a beautiful girl to go with her to her prom.... hmmmm... It was so cool to watch him get ready, every detail addressed.... Ian and I drove him to her house because the limo was to pick up the group there. At one point along the way he called her and I just happened to look in my rearview mirror and I saw him - for the first time..... There he was, dressed in all his evening finery, hot shades, cool do, talkin’ on the phone while he’s being driven... and I knew I was given a glimpse into the future... and at the same time I remembered the eleven year old that surprised me one day by dressing up in my suit and tie and shuffled out, in my shoes, into the living room holding by briefcase and telling me that he was heading off to his office.... sigh....

The best part came much later when Shawn called Ian and me to ask if a few friends could come back to the house.... we said yes and in minutes a white super stretch limo pulled up and the most beautiful young men and women came out... they were gracious and elegant and disappeared into the playroom and played music and had fun until almost two. It was pure magic.... Later, I thanked him for sharing the memory with us.

Friday, 26 April 2002 :)

The boys went to Cornwall to work today to work with their Aunt Pam... They got a lot done and they had fun... great combo.

Kris and Melanie came to town to spend the weekend. I don’t know if I’ll really get to see them tomorrow ‘cause I have appointments and they have things to do too.... all in all a quite day.

Thursday, 25 April 2002 :)

A rainy day that was absolutely beautiful... the sun would shine and it rained anyway and everything looked new and polished. It was nice to see it and better still to appreciate seeing it.

I was visiting Ronnie our next door neighbor. Somewhere along the conversation turned to the most exquisite tulips in the vase of her foyer. “Oh those, I found them growing in the back yard... and I never planted them. I really think they were a gift from the guy upstairs.” “Didn’t Ian plant Tulips?” He had... over a hundred of the suckers... brought over from Holland too... “In fact, I think the ‘guy upstairs’ took them from your garden and planted them in mine to say ‘Thank You’”.... I was confused.... why would God would take bulbs from our garden to plant them in hers - she laughed... “Not God... The ‘guy upstairs’ is a squirrel - he’s been living in my attic since Autumn.”

Wednesday, 24 April 2002 :)

Please say a prayer for my Mom, ‘cause her hips are really hurting her a lot... and for Lisa K., she’s going in for double eye laser surgery tomorrow.

Ian spent the day in the New York and I was supposed to meet him there in the evening. There was a party that Susanne Bartsch had invited us to and I had wanted to try to go... but Ian’s back is STILL hurting him... *yEOUch*.... poor guy... it’s been about a week.

Tuesday, 23 April 2002 :)

A most beautiful day... the weather was perfect.... sunny, clear and cool

Michele invited me to attend a dinner seminar about Estate Planning... It was held at a quaint restaurant called Ship Lantern Inn and was thronged by lawyers, financial planners and the like. It was a good opportunity to mingle with others in the field and I enjoyed that part. The bast part was when I saw Aunt Pam and Michele come in. Unfortunately, Michele didn’t feel well enough to stay and left early.... but Aunt Pan stayed and I enjoyed having the time to share with her like that.

I spoke to Mom... she got her new furniture tonight and she’s very excited.... cool!

Monday, 22 April 2002 :)

Thank you for all the eMails for little Charleigh... her Mom says she’s fine. Seems she has to go back for more later... whatta tough cookie!

Ian went into New York and I did stuff from here. I also wrote the first column for OUT Sight... It’s a series of articles that will teach investors about the basics of Wall Street and investment strategies... sounds dry and crusty... but I teach it as if I were the chef on a cooking show.. Hey, I’m Italian - everything’s about food! I call the column, MoneyHungry... HA! It’s only Twenty dollars for the years subscription... whatta deal already!

I got to see Mom later... she’s excited about her new furniture that’s coming on Wednesday... but her back still hurts... damnit.

Sunday, 21 April 2002 :)

We took Shawn over to Aunt Pam’s and got to visit a while with her and Aunt Toni-Ann.

Ian and I drove Michele to her Mom’s home on Long Island... She was understandably nervous, her baby daughter, Charleigh, is being operated on tomorrow morning. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Saturday, 20 April 2002 :)


We did what Ian felt like doing... We went on a drive all around looking for stuff he wanted to get... shared some laughs.... shared some lunch.... His Mom came over with a special homemade pork chop dinner and an apple pie, his favorite growing up.... yummmm.... Afterward we could have gone out... had planned on it really, but he decided that we would stay home we did... either way it’s great to be with him.

Friday, 19 April 2002 :)

It’s definite... I’m gonna write the financial column for OUT Sight.... hmmm... I kinda like that idea... it’ll be cool... I had to clear it all through CadaretGrant... and they’re cool with it too. Ian is gonna cover the Fashion stuff... I’m psyched

Well, looks like the Scottish contingent was right... it rained like crazy today... complete with thunder and lightning too... good thing... .’cause we needed it. I was telling Mary about the Scottish disdain for ‘killing the spiders’ and how it would cause rain and she told me that the Italians say the same thing about killing ants... uh.... Ya know, being Italian I wonder if she was referring to bugs.... or blood relatives.... hmmm.

The twins are staying overnight with their Mom.... yesssssa!

Thursday, 18 April 2002 Our Anniversary :)

Yup.... Eight years ago today I met him and five years ago today I married him.... and I’m still crazy about him too.

Ian went to New York in the morning on business and I met him there later on. We had a meeting with Judy Licht, the host of Full Frontal Fashion who is absolutely wonderful, and then dinner at Serendipity 3... it was really neat to be in the neighborhood again... Then a fast stop at the bar, (Dylan’s Candy Bar) where we ran into, (did I really say that), Lizzy Grubman - as she was leaving we were gonna leave too, but thought better of walking behind her... hehe.... Then we were off to Studio 54... to finally see Cabaret, with Molly Ringwald. I say finally because the tickets had been a gift from Garrett Cutler for the January 7th, 2000 show.... but we didn’t go ‘cause I was being treated in Tampa.... The show was ‘Hot’... and so was the theater... it had to be 80 degrees in there easy... but it was wonderful and we had the best time hanging out together.

Wednesday, 17 April 2002 :)

An entire day devoted to paperwork and research... phew.... I had diarrhea today too... why I don’t know, but considering that it’s become the exception and not the rule - I’m a happy camper.

Ian was in New York all day on meetings with clients.... Tomorrow he and I will meet up for an evening in the city to celebrate knowing each other for Eight years... (and married for five).... feels like such a short time though... amazing.

Please say a prayer for my son Kris... he’s going through a really trying time and needs the prayers for support and clarity.

I just learned that Ricky and Jill might be coming up for a visit in May.... SWEET!

Tuesday, 16 April 2002 :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve Wilkins!!

Last night as I was getting ready for bed and I saw a spider... then another... and another... big guys too.... seven all together.... *Ugh*... now, for the spiders there’s good news and bad news... The good news is that Ian is Scottish and they don’t kill spiders, (it’s rumored to cause rain).... The bad news is I’m Italian.... and we’re in a drought.

Please say prayers for Marie R., she has a disease that turns her into stone... I never heard of such a thing... If you have please E-mail me.

Ian and his Mom went and got all sorts of garden stuff and worked on it all day.... they did some job.... and it’s lookin’ good.

I went to get stamps at the Post Office... what a dinky place.... There’s one woman who’s been there forever... still has the original hairstyle from when they delivered the stuff on horseback.... always with a smile... not exactly a happy smile... more like a dopey smirk I call, “The Grin of the Overmedicated’, (a quality I personally appreciate in a postal worker)... heh.

Monday, 15 April 2002 :/

A strange little day.... good weather and mixed emotions.... hmmmm.

Ian went to Pleasantville to visit Diana and discuss PR stuff... Aunt Joann came to visit with my cousin Teresa and little Riley, (who is adorable).... it was nice to have coffee and catch up with them.... after their visit I took Mary to the chiropractors again... her back is getting better little by little.

Later on I was talking to a guy that had been a bartender at my wedding and he told me about a new gay life magazine that’s coming out (no pun intended) and suggested that I call the publisher to write a column... not about me, but about investing strategies and stuff like that.... hmmmm.... I’ll call tomorrow.... who knows... could be very cool. Let’s see.... today I was also asked to join the New Paltz Planning Board... I really have to give that some serious thought... I did that for a few years a long time ago and it really requires a lot of time and energy.

While Ian and I went on one of our daily walks we found a little lost kitten... we knocked on some doors until we found it’s home.

Sunday, 14 April 2002 :)

Ian and I slept until eleven... it felt wonderful! The weather here was perfect. After we got up and showered we walked a mile and came back to the house to do yard stuff.

Later on Ian and I went to visit Aunt Toni’s... Aunt Pam, Kissy, Nuah, C.J. and Serita were there too... it was a fun time

When we came home Trever and Shawn had hooked up a phone that Tara Shannon had given to us just before she moved to Holland... it’s great... Thankx Tara.

Saturday, 13 April 2002 :)

Ian and I went to Pat’s house to celebrate the birthday’s of Ian, Teeny and Mike.... what a great time. The food is always fantastic and today was no exception, the house is beautiful and comfortable and the people are just loving and fun! Pat and Frankie, Ross and Peter, Aunt Alice, and Uncle Paddy, Teeny, Courtney, Cristin and Mike, Cathy and Jim, Ian, his Mom and I all spent the evening catching up and laughing... a really great time! I love to listen to Aunt Alice and Uncle Paddy and Ian’s Mom talk... they have that amazing Scottish and British accent that just makes me think I could be in Europe.

Please keep little Mary in your prayers ‘cause she still has pain in her back... that sucks.... and could you say one for Ronnie too... she’s our neighbor who is having a really hard time, health wise... she needs to see a neurologist.

Ian bought a CD of Josh Groban this guy’s voice is absolutely beautiful.

Friday, 12 April 2002 :)

I spent a busy day at home... after the appointments were done I went to Cornwall On Hudson to visit a lawyer and friend named Michele at her home overlooking the Hudson. We talked for hours... she’s very into her craft and there is a project that she’s helping me to do... which I will be able to elaborate upon next week.

On the way back home I saw Mom and visited with her for a little while.

Trever and Shawn had their friends, Dan and Mike stay over tonight... which I think is very cool... these are their days of ignorance and innocence.

Thursday, 11 April 2002 :)

Ian went into the city and met with clients.... along the way he went to see Marsha and the galley of ‘Stylemakers’ the book that he’s featured in. He was very happy with the way it came out... the launch party will be June fifth at Bergdorf’s.... very cool.

My day was a busy and productive one... started early and ended late.... *phew*... but great fun anyway. In between I stopped to have a fast cup of tea with Ian’s Mom... and later a very fast visit with Little Mary, who’s back still hurts so bad that she saw the chiropractor again today. She called and asked if I could pick up her pain medicine from the pharmacy... I ran it over to her and rang the bell... I could hear her howl in pain, just the act of getting out of the chair and walking hurt like crazy.... I felt bad, but I had the medicine she needed. I gave her a pill and made her some soup. Talked for a short while. Once she was settled down and cozy I kissed her goodbye and left. That tall feeling you get from having done something nice disappeared fast once I realized that I had left the freakin keys in Mary’s house.... Ugh... I thought about just walking home, but I stood at the door and rang the bell... I could hear her howl in pain all over again.... I felt like such a schmuck, but at the same time I saw the sick humor in it and when she open the door I started to laugh.... Mary was laughing too, or crying... anyway, when I went to go the second time she ran down an impromptu check list of my stuff... hahahaha....

Wednesday, 10 April 2002 :0

Today was a day of aches... not just mine.

I took Little Mary to he chiropractors appointment... she was in agony... every step made her howl, the poor dear. My Mom was having such pain in her hips that I was going to head into Newburgh to take care of her, but she was feeling better later on.

Ian and I stopped into the taco place to have a lunch... I started choking and ended up coughing everything up... oh well... I rescheduled a dilatation for the end of May.... which will be fine.

While I was working at my desk there was a tremendous sound that I instantly recognized as a car accident. Ian and I ran to the door and saw the aftermath... two compact cars and a bus carrying elderly people in search of adventure. I ran to the cars... the airbags had discharged and there was yukky smoke coming from them.... the young girl in one car said her name was named Brooke and her head had hit and indented the windshield like on a cartoon.... her arm was pelted with glass and bleeding in spots.... she just sat staring numbly, I reassured her that she’d be OK... her passenger tried to talk but could only cry. The other driver seemed shook up - really pissed about her car... guess she was in shock too. The bus, meanwhile, had narrowly avoided collision by swerving around both of them, barely missing a telephone pole on the right and careening up on the curb to the left... Wowzer... now, THAT’S a Depends commercial right there.

Please say a prayer for Brooke and the others that were involved.

Later Trever had me work out... he was so patient... but firm about what I would do and the only thing I had to be super aware with was the amounts of the weights he chose for some of the exercises... I’m still in a recovery mode and take it slow. The work out lasted for about an hour and I know there’ll be more tomorrow..... so now I too have joined the achy ranks.... kinda funny in a way.

Tuesday, 9 April 2002 :/

Ian and I took Trever and Shawn to the Mall. I got more office supplies I needed and the Ian got some stuff too... the boys ditched us as soon as we got in the place... hrmn.... Let’s face it - they’re seventeen.... I’m in the parental zone I call the ‘Cootie’ stage... that’s when they don’t wanna be close enough to be seen with you... just close enough drive ya nuts.

OK... I saw on AOL that there may be a big asteroid coming that could possibly destroy the planet... (in the year 2880).... WHAT?.... were we coming out from under the bed after 911 too quickly?... Did some yutz think we didn’t have enough we should worry about already?.... brother!

The day turned out to be a ‘packed full of stuff’ day Busy, busy, busy, but nothing exciting...... not wickedly productive either.... I tried to get things going on several levels but there was nothing clicking... no real movement that would get the wheels of fortune chugging... made all the slower as my caffeine level rose.... *sigh*..... just one of those cosmically-constipated days.... errrrrr.... hate ‘em... I react by pushing harder.... Oh well, if ya have to have a shitty day... have it and get it out of the way... all the more reason to celebrate when it’s bedtime!

Monday, 8 April 2002 :)

I went to meet with Shawn O’Connor.... a fellow that I had known almost twenty one years ago... he was a friend of my brothers and we were all in college.... Just seemed too wild to see him again after so long. I needed to see him about something awesome that I’m working on.

I saw Mom when my meeting was over... she was in good spirits and I was happy to visit even if it was brief.

Ian goes into New York tomorrow... I was going to but, I may just stay here instead.

Please say a prayer for Fran... she’s a dear friend of the family and she isn’t feeling well at all..... and since you’re praying could ya send one to Mom - her hip is really bothering her.

Sunday, 7 April 2002 :)

I love when we do stuff with clocks... like setting them ahead... how cool. At two o’clock they were set to three.... so that from a minute after two until a minute before three in the morning on Sunday the seventh -nobody died... nobody was born... nothing happened ‘cause that time didn’t exist... hmmm.... I think of these things sometimes... like if you went to the South Pole and stood on it.... then every direction you could possible step would be North... just thoughts.... a glowing example of why I’m so popular at parties.... heh.

I was talking with our friend Cathy in Florida and she told me that she loved what Ian and I had done to decorate her apartment. She went on to tell me that her sister and her niece, Meagan, and Cathy’s Mom decided to come and have dinner at her home. When they arrived she had all the candles that Ian and I had set around... about 48 all told... tapers.... big candles... tea lights... every one was flickering shadows everywhere. Cathy said it was gorgeous and that everyone thought the place looked magnificent.... Dinner went great and it wasn’t until after they had gone, while she was blowing out the pretty candles, smiling at how great the evening was that Cathy remembered - Meagan was on a portable oxygen tank... *gulp*... talk about the luck of the Irish!

Ian’s Mom came over to dinner and then she and Ian went to see Panic Room a scary movie... I stayed home.... No sir, I don’t to go out and pay money to have my blood pressure go through the roof.... no need.... I’ve got Trever for that!

Saturday, 6 April 2002 :)


Last night Shawn had stayed over at Auntie Mame’s, (the alias that my Mom had created for her grandchildren). They had a fun time, she bought some of his favorite food, some snacks and some joint compound. they played cards and Shawn redecorated a bathroom. The job was done wonderfully well, especially for his first time... ahh... that brought back memories... when I was growing up I didn’t have friends, except for Ricky... Mom and I would tackle projects for the fun of seeing something come alive... it was an affirmation of your maturity and a testament to the trust she had in your ability that you were allowed to do these projects.... at least... that was the official story... heh... Mom was a genius!

Ian and I watched Serendipity. It was a light hearted silly movie, but it was cool to see a movie that featured one of my all time favorite places. Serendipity 3 is the home of the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate - just a fun spot... and a great place to have a birthday party... hmmm.... that gave me an idea.

Friday, 5 April 2002 :)

Trever and Shawn have off going on the second week for Spring break.... *yea*.... last night they were going to stay at Ben’s house but at midnight they ‘popped back’ for something... tripped the house alarm and set off the dog.... HA... after that was all settled, they headed back out but came back again at 1:30 AM and this time the dog went nuts... I reminded them that we had to get up early and they apologized... I had to let the dog out, and then I was wide awake.... Ugh... I woke up in a fog and it stayed until noon.

Later on I met Carol at Starbucks for coffee and we talked about Jeannie Shannon... we both miss talking with her. It was really fun ‘cause we were able to remember things and laugh. On Sunday the 28th there’s gonna be a get together with some of the folk who loved her too.... funny thing... we both agreed that once you knew Jeannie you either loved her or you hated her, she’d never allow you to sit on a fence... ya had to pick - or she’d pick for you.... hehe... that was Jeannie. Later I called my friend Colleen and we talked a while about all sorts of stuff.

Thursday, 4 April 2002 :)

I had a meeting at my home first thing this morning. It was with Bob the fellow at CararetGrant who I work with and another fellow. It went well and when it was done I had even more work to do. It took me a while but now it’s all done... yea!

Please say a prayer for a 34 year old woman named Debby Z..... she’s preparing to beat cervical cancer that’s stage four... and yes... .it can be done.... and your prayers really help.

I switched primary doctors back to Steve, the guy who I used to have two years ago. Ever since he left New Paltz the replacement guy was never there... I mean in two years I’ve never even seen the guy... not even a photo. so now I’m back with Steve Jacobs... cool guy ... good doctor.

Wednesday, 3 April 2002 :)

A quiet day... spent mostly on the computer getting stuff in order.... hate that stuff, but it’s necessary.

After dinner, Ian and I went to visit some friends Mariann and John. He has finished a book and he may have Ian do the PR for it... they’re talking about it. It was good to see them and catch up.

Tuesday, 2 April 2002 :)

I’m having a bad hair day... but I’m not complaining... no I’m not, just stating a fact really. But the whole day I felt like I should put the suicide hotline number on ‘speed-dial’.... ever have one of those days? I thought about going back on Paxel, but then I went back in this journal and read all about the side effects I went though and realised that they weren’t the ‘happy-meal’ I thought they ‘de be.

Please say a prayer for my friend Dee... she broke her foot the other day and needs to get all healed up.

Regarding Trever - Ian was, of course, right... the more time I spent with him - the better he was... very strange. I asked him to help me work out... and be my trainer. He loves the idea, and it’ll give us some Dad and Trever time.... uh... let me rethink the Paxel.

Monday, 1 April 2002 :\

Mariann wasn’t feeling to well today when I spoke to her an decided to stay home. I was busy on the phones all day... They’ve been going crazy... and that’s a good thing.

Trever was confused again today... he keeps forgetting who the Father is and who the child is... yeah... I gave him the rest of the day to put it together - or leave me his forwarding address. Ian took a different slant... he said to spend MORE time with him... hmmm.... I’ll think about it.... Ian’s always right... (his favorite expression... he almost had it inscribed in our wedding bands)... heh.

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