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30 April 2000 :)

Super day - I’m in my own home..... feeling good and sooooo grateful for all of your prayers.... they are a major part of this guys recovery. Now.... It’s my first day back on the computer and there’s a lot to tell. I’m OK - the doctor said that what ever they did in Florida was tip-top.... there was NO CANCER found left in the entire section of the esophagus that they removed and he feels I have “...a very real chance at becoming a ‘cure’ ”

I walked around the block six times today... (each walk equals 2 tenths of a mile).... yup..... 1.2 miles.. heh.... not bad.

29 April 2000 :/

What a great feeling to wake-up in your own bed..... I slept all night through - this is the first night in a very long time. I had my first shave and shower in a long time too!... Yahoo! Watched a Three Stooges mini marathon - great!

Of course the boys have to test me to see if I’m still the same.... or am I so weakened that it’s ‘Toga Party Time’.... Think I straightened that little misconception out. Trever was soooooooo mouthy that I was motivated out of bed, (after asking him very kindly NOT to reply to my directives with that lovely refrain, ‘Whatever’) When I caught up with our hero I was breathless.... (since every simple chore is a big-deal task).... I repeated my request for respect as I stood there holding him by the shoulders. He looked at me and said, “Yeah, yeah, Ok, whatever”...... It was then that I head butted our hero - who was stunned. I told him that there was no room for disrespect to me and that non would be tolerated - period! (In my own defense, I had been watching the Three Stooges all morning.... nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

28 April 2000 :)

They were supposed to graduate me to ‘Full Liquids’ today - but instead the Doctor said that I was doing so well that he was SENDING ME HOME ....... Wow .... pending a lunch. When the tray came and it was food-food. Macaroni and cheese, green beans, pudding, juice and coffee. No awards will be issued for that food tray, but I handled it OK.

They removed a drain and the staples that went from my sternum to my belly button... and Ian and I headed Home


19 April 2000 :)

Well.... today I leave for the hospital. Tomorrow is the big day..... heh..... listen, I may not be able to update the sit for the next ten days.... but I’ll try.



Ian and I met six years Ian and I married each other three years ago today..... gosh that went fast.... I want more.

Mariann and I went to take Shawn to the Doctors early this morning..... he’s fine. Then she took us out to breakfast and then the Mall.... we really had a great morning.

Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital and be admitted for the surgery. So many friends called today... to let me know that I’ll be fine.... It was really nice to get the support. Mariann and Robbie came over and hung out too. Ian’s Mom was really feeling ill and nauseous so I couldn’t get to see her and figured I’d take the boys to Albany with us in the morning.

My oldest son, Kris did the most touching thing..... he Fed-Exed me a doll to take to the hospital.... it’s a doll of ‘Christopher Robin’..... guess it would only make sense once you know that his name is Kristopher Robin Pisano.... The card let me know that this way he could be with me every minute while I’m there. God I just love that kid!!!

17 April 2000 :/

Ok.... It’s Monday. For the whole day I was fine. Mom came over and visited and brought me a wonderful Japanese style waterfall that is so restful. Problem is that as the evening draws near I’m getting more and more homesick and have to fight the depression..... go figure!...........I’m sure I’ll be fine once I get there.

Sometimes all this bullshit just seems like a bad fucking dream!

16 April 2000 :)

Some good news... I have not had night sweats for three nights in a row.... very cool.

But as the day for the surgery gets closer I find I’m getting more and more scared.... seems silly, but all kinds of thoughts go through your mind.... will something go wrong.... will I wake up..... will they be successful, ya know?

I know fear is a waste of energy... I just have to remember that more I guess.

15 April 2000 :/

Today was also a quiet and uneventful one... I slept the majority of the day and drank as much as possible, just like the doctor had suggested in order to get over the cold symptoms so the operation can happen on Thursday.

I do want the operation, but I notice that as each day gets closer.... I’m getting a little nervous.... but that’s only natural I guess.

Ian went over to his cousin Pat’s house to celebrate his birthday and his other cousin ‘Teeny’s’ birthday. It’s the way that they always celebrate birthdays.... wish I could have gone, but I didn’t want to take the chance.. of infecting of vice versa.

14 April 2000 :\

Just slept the most of the day.... and drank fluids.

A friend of mine, Marion, from New York came up to visit.... that was nice to catch up with her.

My Mom made homemade chicken soup and brought it over for me.... wasn’t that a wonderful ‘Mom’ thing to do?!

13 April 2000 :(

You’re not gonna believe this but we never made it to New Jersey! I woke up with my throat on ‘fire’. Went to see the Doctor and got a Strep test, (which was negative).... he said I have to rest and drink fluids to get ready for the operation next week.

I spoke to my Aunt Rusty on the phone.... she understands.... thank God.

12 April 2000 :) YE$...YE$...YE$

What an amaizng experiance.... Ian and I, Aunt Toni Ann, Ed and Uncle Bruce met with the nine people at the MVP insurance company and proceded to lay out a most organised and compassion filled explanation as to why we felt it would be best for their company... and me too, of course, if they would cover all my costs for all my treatments. We were all so well turned out and so organized, and well spoken..... I was proud of how we handled the whole situation. When it was through they said that we could call later to learn of their vote or that a letter would be sent to me within 5 days. I personally thanked them for their concideration and shook their hands goodbye.

Ohmigod....... EVERYBODY MUST HAVE BEEN PRAYING..... ‘cause before we could even cross the street to get to the parking lot I heard a woman calling my name.... It was their lead council running toward us.... she said that she did not want me to worry another minute - they were all in agreement that they would pay for everything!!! All the past treatments, any future treatments, (Should they be needed after the surgery next week) and ANY follow up that Dr. Ruckdeschel might deem necessary!..... WOW... is that cool or what? THANKX for all the prayers!

I’m planning to go see my Aunt Rusty tomorrow, (she could use some more prayers - she’s in a lotta pain). My Aunt Anita, (who also had cancer - and was recently operated in the same hospital that I am going to be in next week - could also use some your wonderful prayers too).

Please, friends.... if there is any one out there that you know could use a prayer - e-mail me with their name and I’ll add them to the site anytime....... that’s what friends are for - and that’s what we are!

11 April 2000 :)

Whewww! - Got all the stuff done for the meeting. Letters faxed and sent overnight, copied, and even bound into very neat presentation packages. Please send me thought of strength Wednesday at 11:00..... OK?

Filed with the State of New York’s Grievance Committee for the Ninth District..... (Is that long winded or what - couldn’t say that if I were still smoking).... that’s the group to complain about the first lawyer too.... they are supposed to help.

10 April 2000 :/

Worked all day trying to get all the stuff ready for Wednesday’s meeting with the people from MVP.

My little neighbor, Mary went to the hospital today... she came to the door to tell me... she said her heart was racing and that her friend was taking her. Mary is so sweet... please say a prayer for her too.

Ian came down with the same thing the boys have... now I am surrounded by sneezing and all that special stuff....... life.

9 April 2000 :)

Yesterday afternoon I tried to talk the twins out of camping since the weather report said that it would turn bad: rainy and really cold.... Trever opened the drapery, showing a spectacular day... sunshine.... warm..... just grand and with some sarcasm he smiled and said, “Bad day Dad?”...... The phone rang at 7:00 AM this morning....... Shawn calling to ask, “Are you going to come g-get us.....s-s-s-soon?” It had snowed - big time. (Yes Anna there is a God and sometimes she likes parents....hehe.)

Our plans to see Aunt Rusty were once again foiled..... AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mariann had the boys come and stay overnight with her and Robbie.

So, Ian and I went to Mohonk Mountain House. and enjoyed the most wonderful dinner, all thankx to Rich Nadeau.... see last year he gave Ian and I a dinner there, (One of my fave places) ‘cause he wanted to show his appreciation for me teaching at his class. Isn’t that really nice? We had a fantastic time sitting by the window looking out over miles of mountains.

8 April 2000 :)

I woke up at 3:00 AM to take my medicine as I usual do .... only to experience the grossest of all things. As I popped the pills in my mouth I took a big gulp of the soda water that was by my beside... only there was a big piece of fuzz in my mouth... so big I had to remove it.... It was a dead curled up ‘million-billion-legger’ (a.k.a. a centipede) I spit water and pills everywhere *blech* and was trying so hard not to vomit right there on the spot. Ian said that perhaps it was a centipede that was pledging a fraternity.... and that he and all his drunk buddy’s were there yelling, “No, just walk around the edge. No, no, don’t go IN - YOU KNOW WE DON’T HAVE ANY HANDS TO PULL YOU OUT!”..... I thought that was pretty clever on Ian’s part.... we were both cracking up. I was wide awake!

OK..... Yet again things screwed up our big New Jersey Plans.... so we are giving it a shot for tomorrow.

The boys are going to have another camp over with their friends....... that’s kinda neat!

7 April 2000 :)

I went off to keep an appointment with a client..... know it doesn’t sound like much .... but it’s the first in a long time. It’s great to feel good enough to carry on with my work :)

Tomorrow I plan to take a ride to New Jersey and see my Aunt Rusty.... it’s been too long and I miss her.

6 April 2000 :)

The group in Albany called today and had to change the date for the surgery from the 13th to the 20th, (Ian’s birthday) Oh well it happens!

There is a ton of preparation for the meeting next Wednesday. I’m gonna meet with the MVP group and justify why they should cover the cost for my treatment..... I went out of their network and they are pissed about it.

De came over and showed us some of the cartoons that she’s worked on just for me in this situation.... they are hysterical. She wants me to consider writing a book..... hrm.... it's an idea.

5 April 2000 :)

Another prayer answered!!! - Mariann’s results came back - NO CANCER. Tada!!!! Thankx to all the prayers that you all said.... If there are people that you would like to have prayers said for email me and I’ll add them - fair is fair!

Ian and I went into New York. Him for business meetings..... me to take care of a few things and have a modicum of badly needed

Remember the lawyer that I hired to sue the insurance company...are ya ready.... she apparently went out of business.... isn’t that great. So I hired a lawyer from New York who is a shark!

4 April 2000..................YES :)

Got up bright and early and Ian and I trotted off to Albany..... got there early.... Met the guy... he’s really nice and ....YES - HE’LL DO THE SURGERY!!!! ..... YEA!!!!!! That is a really good sign and I thank you all for the prayers that brought it to me. He asked me when I wanted it I said, “Yesterday”...... he replied that, “Yesterday is really booked.”, so I said as soon as possible - but that I have to have a meeting with MVP, (the insurance company) on the 12th. He left and came back and said, “How about the 13th?”..... *WOWZER*

One thing he said struck me as really strange....... when he asked me where I was born and raised I told him I was born in Gloversville, New York. He told us that he does the most of these operations, with the possible exception of a fellow in New York..... but that he does about 40 of these types of operations each year..... and that most of the cases he sees are in folk who came from the Gloversville, Johnstown, Amsterdam area...... hrmmmm..... what’s up with that?

3 April 2000 :/

Today Kris and I went with Mariann to the hospital. Today Mari got her breast biopsied to rule out cancer. Her doctor said we will have the results in a few to several days...... so our fingers are crossed.

The twins decided that today would be a great day to really put Dad through his paces and they were subsequently grounded.

Tomorrow Ian and I will head up to Albany to meet with the Surgeon.

Guess what - Had to get a new lawyer.... the other one went out of business.... what are the chances of that?

2 April 2000 :)

Felt a little tired today but happy none the less.

I couldn’t go see my Aunt Rusty in New Jersey.... Just was not up to making the trip.... she said she understood and we agreed that we will shoot for next weekend instead.

Kris, (my oldest son) came to stay overnight so that he could go with me tomorrow to the hospital to be there for when Mariann has her biopsy done. I have all three of my sons under the same roof... that’s feels so neat... used to be like that all the time and I never thought it would change... it did... they grow-up. But tonight the three men are safe and sound and all here with me.... it doesn’t get better then this!

1 April 2000 :)

Today was a much better day... no nausea!

Even better than not feeling bad - I really felt great and even got a surprise visit from Marv and Carol Hecker... (for those who don’t have the pleasure of knowing them, Marv is the President of the wall street company that I work for) but much more than that he is a terrific man and a soldier in the cancer wars. He really is a heck of an inspiration. (and prayers for him and Carol are beautiful things.)

The twins had stayed overnight at their friend Scott’s ...... seem they did some tent camping and just ‘bout froze to death in the middle of the night.... but what a great adventure... huh?

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