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Wednesday, 30 April 2003 :)

Ian and I went to Cornwall and planted flowers in Michele’s flower boxes... they look great! I can’t wait ‘till the Foundation is completely done. I stopped over to see Mom and stayed for a brief visit. I’m really proud of her - she’s walking more and more.

Well, I just received word that Arthur Salasky passed away. The email said to thank everyone for all the prayers... Thank you.

Ian and I were introduced to Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the UN, at a dinner in the Plaza. I was really impressed with his gentle demeanor and by what he had to say. But I had to laugh when I heard that Cuba was on the committee for Human Rights... okay... I see the big round table on TV... But what happens when the cameras are off? I can’t help but imaging the lights dim and a Gigantic Huka rises slowly out of the center and... hmmm..... come to think of it, when I met Kofi he was kinda mellow.

Tuesday, 29 April 2003 :)

Today was really pretty... sunny with a little rain shower. I was in Cornwall for most of it.

Our friend Tom had a fantastic idea... He wants to go back to Montréal this August.... yeah! I’m signing up to take French lessons in September at the college here in town.

Speaking of things French... I promised my brother Ricky I’d post the list of French stuff to boycott.

Please say special prayers for Arthur Salasky.... I’m told he’s getting ready to pass and prayers could help make it easier. Funny... I was thinking a few days ago of what it might be like to make the transition. I was meditating on it and was impressed that it might be like going to bed... as a kid it was a horrifying prospect but as I got older it became more pleasant and now there are days I wanna stay there... I wonder if passing is like that... easier as you get older. Just taking all your memories and drowsily drifting off into the next reality.

Monday, 28 April 2003 :)

Please send prayers to Gail today... she was operated on.

I went to see Aunt Toni-Ann, Kissy and Nuah today. It was really fun to stop over and visit... He’s getting bigger and bigger... time really goes too fast.

Sunday, 27 April 2003 :)

What a wonderful and relaxing day... just the right blend of stuff to do and time to relax.... *sigh*.... best part was that Kris and Melanie came up for the heck of it. Shawn and them went out for lunch.. .I stayed home.... still haven’t got that - ‘eat out’ thing down pat. I stayed at the computer and researched more on Montréal.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Ian and I walked around in it.

Saturday, 26 April 2003 :)

A very quite day spent eating to catch-up on missed calories and phone calls for appointments. It was great to just be here and get things done.

Please say prayers for Sue L. She’s a new soldier in the war on cancer and she has four boys that’ll need her to be there for them.

I was talking to our friend Sonya Bertolozzi who is from Canada. I told her that I fell in love with the idea of living there and wondered why anyone would leave. She said to understand the answer to that all we would have to do is go back to Montréal and call her from any corner pay phone... on January 5th.... hrmn.

Friday, 25 April 2003 :)

Today feels like it was important... but I don’t know why. Maybe I’ll figure it out later on in the week.

Shawn started to paint his room and I helped... it felt wonderful to be painting... even if it was a wall. This summer I hope to get some canvasses done. Meanwhile, Ian was a judge in a fashion show for his alma mater - Marist College. We caught up later and I heard all about the clothes and the fun.

Please say a prayer for Gail... she’s being operated on Monday and she and Kimberly are two very dear people.

Thursday, 24 April 2003 :)

I had drunk so much coffee yesterday I couldn’t fall asleep... ugh.. I tossed around until two thirty... Boy I hate that. I got up early and headed to Cornwall. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Trever and Shawn had an argument. Ian heard the commotion getting louder and told them to stop, but as soon as he went back to work, they did too. It escalated to the point where it came to blows and Shawn broke Trevers nose... *YEOW*... I was called and given the news and headed home right away. There I found Our Hero with a bag of crushed ice on his face. His nose was swollen and he didn’t want to schlep to the ER... he had already set his nose, (the snapping sound was heard all the way into the kitchen, as was his howls)... I had to ask what the argument was about...... “BASKETBALL”, they said.... hrnm... I stood there thinking how lucky I was they weren’t discussing hockey!

On a brighter note Ian surprised me by actually making a turkey dinner... a real Thanksgiving-ish meal... wild... and really good. Is there nothing this guy can’t do?

Wednesday, 23 April 2003 :)

I spent the whole day away from home... very cool. I went to see Michele and spent the day in Cornwall-on-Hudson. Later on I went on an appointment and then stopped by Mom’s for a quick hello.

In order to stay away I had to stop myself from eating, not the best idea, tomorrow I’ll try it again but I’ll bring a case of Ensure with me.

Coolest thing was that after I returned to New Paltz I popped into the grocery store to pick up a couple of things... I ran into Shawn all dressed up in his uniform and then Trever... It was the first time I saw them at work... kinda neat.

Tuesday, 22 April 2003 :)

Finished the task of catching up... I hate feeling behind. Strange thing - the scar on my neck had a little bulge at the end, today it opened up and yucky stuff came out... *blech*... I changed my shirt and spent the rest of the day in a tee shirt. Later I went to see Mari and Robbie for a visit and then back home. Quiet day.

Monday, 21 April 2003 :)

Today was spent catching up... mail, email, phone calls, and I didn’t have a chance to finish.

The weather was splendid so Ian and I went for a two mile walk... talked about Canada.... I’ve gotta research all about it.

Sunday, 20 April 2003 :)

Ahhhh.... Ian’s birthday AND Easter... sorta like Okay, out of the cave we’re having a party!

Tom and I took our coffee to the penthouse and just observed the city from that vantage point... it was stunning.

While Tom was getting ready to head home Ian and I went out again to walk along the sidewalks. It reminded me to the times when we stayed in the city... *sigh* ... I’m gonna miss this place until I come back.

The customs fellow getting into the United States was not very welcoming. He was almost grilling us as to who we were, where we lived, what we did, how did we know each other, etc. We knew why he had to be that way, but Tom said, “When he asked how we knew each other I wanted to say, ‘We all go to the same Mosque’” and we laughed as we crossed the boarder.

The trip home was a good one, the weather was great and we were all processing our Canadian experiences.

When we got home it was great to see Shawn and Trever. The dog went nuts and the cats were oblivious.... ahhh... it’s good to be home.

Saturday, 19 April 2003 :)

Tom was up at the crack of dawn... always with a smile... it’s un-natural and can’t be healthy... hehe. After breakfast we decided to explore the city together and found our way to Old Montréal... a charming section, very beautiful and very European. Tom took us to see the Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal... stunning... both inside and out. The entire area was full of history and romance, and so relaxed... busy like New York, but not crazy. I just had the best time. We walked even as it was starting to drizzle... popped into a bistro and had a delicious respite. I am falling more and more in love with this city. The people are a wonderful blend of aloof, (so you have your own space) and friendly, (in case you get lonely in your own space).

I really could see myself living here... I gotta come back in the summer.

Friday, 18 April 2003 :)

The weather was beautiful. Today Ian and I celebrated knowing each other for nine years. I’m falling in love with him all over again.... Montréal too.... I bet living here would be fantastic.

I tried calling the boys, but there’s no answer... I left massages... I can only imagine.... ah well. After having breakfast Tom decided to do some laps in the pool which was on the penthouse, while Ian and I struggled to stay conscious, (Tom can stay out until the wee hours and still be up at seven... I’m not sure how). After a while we all went to get some shopping in. The mall was fantastic! several levels and everything you could want for.. and for those who indulge - they even carry Cuban cigars.

Later in the evening, Ian and I went down to the Village and explored the clubs we tripped over yesterday... That’s when I learned that the shrinking ‘conversion rate’ applies to everything - except the men... Oh Canada!

Thursday, 17 April 2003 :)

I was a bit nervous about leaving... but I went. I wanted to see if I could drive with the seat belt across my shoulder, right over the incision... PS: I drove the entire way without a problem. The scenery was beautiful, mountainous and magnificent. The three of us talked and listened to music and before too long we were at the Canadian boarder. The customs officer was so friendly and after a couple of questions we were allowed in. So cool. The first thing I noticed was the stop signs were in English and French... then only French. The speed signs read, 100 max. / 60 min... far out! I was getting up to 100 when we came across a sign that explained 100 meant 100 kilometers per hour, (about 63 MPH)... *phew*... big difference.

The first stop was to get some gas. We still didn’t know quite what to expect... the station was the same, but I didn’t speak French so I went by the octane numbers. Inside I bought a couple candy bars and gave the woman an American twenty. She gave me about twenty three Canadian dollars back and the candy bars... I was thrilled. (I learned later that I paid too much - the current rate of exchange was 43%, but at the time I thought it was fantastic.)

Nappierville was one stop along the way... a sleepy little town with the most interesting architecture. Small, cozy homes with verde coloured metal roofs, and plenty of gingerbread. Tom Hoffay’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather had lived here and now he was here too. After a short visit we continued on our journey.

Montréal is a most amazing city... kinda like New York - Lite. All the excitement of Manhattan without the worry of dirty bombs and Siran gas. Instead of eighty stories the average building is forty or forty five... (‘course that could be the shrinking conversion rate again).. heh. The subway is called Lé Metro and it’s just like NYC just cleaner and the trains run on inflated rubber tires like a car so it’s not as noisy...and there’s no smells of urine at all, rodent or otherwise. Our hotel was on rue Peel which is downtown and the area of choice. After a martini and escargot at Alexander’s we explored. Ian and I found our way to the section known as the Village... and it was very much like it’s New York counterpart except the clubs boasted exotic dancers and alcohol, (in NYC you have to choose one or the other)... too wild!

Wednesday, 16 April 2003 :\

What should have been an easy breezy procedure turned complicated. Ian and I went to St. Peters Hospital to have the Life-port removed... YEA. When the nurse in the O.R. was asking me questions I was kissed hello by Dawn, then Terri, Tim waved and said Hi, Dave came over, Cathy and Ann stopped over and caught up too.... Dick, the nurse taking the information asked if I had worked there, “No, I’m just a frequent flier”.

During the operation an eight inch hose like section of the catheter broke off inside me. They took an x-ray only to find it had traveled into an upper ventricle of my heart. I was wisked off to another part of the hospital. Ian was informed and joined me soon after. I was gonna play a prank and fake a heart attack, but the more I though of doing it the more I laughed... which gave the whole thing away. The doctor explained the procedure to me... They were going to enter the large vein via my groin, go into the heart, catch the sucker and pull it out. Long story short - they did it and it didn’t hurt even a little.... thankx to drugs, In the O.R. a party isn’t a party without Versed.

So instead of heading home at ten we got home at five, but we got home!

The next few days are exciting. Friday is our anniversary - together nine years - married for six of them. Sunday is Ian’s birthday. We’re gonna be heading to Montreal with our dear friend Tom Hoffay, whom I mention a lot. He’s such fun to hang out with. So, I won’t be able to update the site until I return Sunday.

Tuesday, 15 April 2003 :)

Aunt Rusty left Key West today to head back to New Jersey. I’m looking forward to seeing her sometime soon.

Ian’s Mom came by and brought lunch. She made dinner too: Mama’s Magic* Meatloaf... (*we think it’s delicious and it makes the kids disappear).

Okay, so the Chemical weapons turned out to be a case of bug spray... ugh... who can read RAID ANT AND ROACH in Arabic anyway?

Today was tax day and the President held a press meeting to tell those attending all about his big package and how he wanted to get it into the hands of the people so it could stimulate the economy.... all I know is one minute I’m listening to the speech, next minute I’m taking a cold shower... hrmn....

Monday, 14 April 2003 :)

The White House offered an official apology to the Iraqi people today explaining that the CIA had made a slight error.... It wasn’t a large caché of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) that their intelligence had detected, but rather a large caché of WWD (Woman’s Wear Daily) apparently hoarded by one Saddamen J. Huusain, a gay fashion major who was attending the University of Baghdad.

A source close to the President was quick to point out that the collection was, “substantial and had posed a serious fire hazard”.

Sunday, 13 April 2003 :)

Our friend Tom came over to catch up. We firmed up the plans to we made to tip to Montreal for a few days next week. This week has some stuff happening.... Ian’s birthday falls on Easter Sunday, or the way Ian puts it - Easter falls on his birthday... And Friday is our Anniversary - Nine Years!

It’s Spring break too, so the boys are running wild. We let Shawn take the Pathfinder for the weekend. He was thrilled and we only saw him as a passing blur all day.

Saturday, 12 April 2003 :)

There was a birthday party at Pat’s house... I planned on going but at the very last second I realised I couldn’t.... damn it..... oh well, I couldn’t be there but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teeny and Mike!!

I stayed home and watched the news. I wonder what ever happened to all those, Human Maxi-Pads or Panty Shields or whatever they are... And how exactly do they work? How many do you need for ‘light’ bombing days verses those ‘heavy’ bombing days?... Are they absorbent ... and do they really keep landmarks ‘fresh’? Zach Fortner, a Human Panty Shield who hails from New Mexico said, “I think that the intellectual capabilities of most Americans is about Third Grade.”... That would explain why you didn’t see most Americans visiting Iraq for the last few weeks.... You see Zach, if you had stayed in school and finished the third grade with the rest of us you might’ve realised it isn’t very smart to go to a place during a war. (No matter how good the fares are.) Especially if the reason you’re going is to stand between a building and a bomb... Oh hell, forget the Third Grade, Zach, slap my ass and call me silly, but I bet the tikes that tune in to ‘Blues Clues’ could have told you that!... hmmmm.

Note to self: Do Not drink the water in New Mexico.

Friday, 11 April 2003 :)

An update about my Uncle Bill... he’s gonna be okay... the doctors at John Hopkins say he’ll be just fine.... thanks for all the prayers.

Best thing that happened today is that Shawn scheduled a road test, to get his license, all the way up in Hudson.... about an hour away, “Because they had the soonest appointments”... okay.... he was nervous, but he passed... YAY... and he was thrilled. As soon as we got home he asked if he could take the Pathfinder... I said yes... it was so strange to see him wave and drive off... the flag clipped onto the back window was waving too. A strangely satisfying and terrifying moment.

And what happens to all those ‘SoDamn Insane’ look alikes? They gotta win The Suckiest Job Award... I mean all of a sudden you’re not only unemployed - you also find out your retirement plan is an AK-47. Speaking of the War in Iraq I’ve been really impressed by the way so many Democrats chose to handle themselves. I was especially impressed by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, Senator Robert Byrd, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle and our own Senator Hillary Clinton..... so impressed that I drove to the Village Hall and I registered as a Republican.

Thursday, 10 April 2003 :)

Ian ended up going to New York alone... it was better that way. Too soon for me to be so far away from home. The Michael Boris show was a hit... LookOnLine featured a story on it and Lauren Ezersky was there with her ‘Behind The Velvet Ropes’ crew too. The event was well attended by some fabulous people, including Nancy Kissinger.

Meanwhile I stayed upstate. Aunt Pam and Aunt Toni-Ann stopped over for coffee.... that was cool. I made calls, ran errands.... needful things. Mariann came by and we talked a while.

I got some emails from folks who tripped over my journal... a couple laughed, but some were highly insulted by what one referred to as my “lack of sensitivity”..... hmmm.... Lack of sensitivity? I’m VERY sensitive, but there are three key points I’d like to touch upon: For starters please note there are over 6 trillion sites on the internet - click somewhere else.... duh, second - I’m not now, or do I ever plan on running for political office so being ‘Politically Correct’ is a waste of my time, and thirdly - I’m gay.... so believe me - when I tell you to ‘stick it up your ass’ - I’m not speaking figuratively!..... hrmn..... got lube?

Oh... and that’s ‘Mr. Sensitivity’ to you!

VB Day, 9 April 2003 :)

I bet the French felt pretty damn foolish when they saw the unbridled rejoicing in the streets of Baghdad today... Germany and Russia too... tsk, tsk... Ya can’t really blame Canada... I mean, with all the beer up there... besides they’re like our little brothers... Annoying? Yeah, sometimes, but ya gotta love ‘em and just hope they grow up soon. Meanwhile I understand that Mexico, who didn’t want to be part of the Collation or the rebuilding, has contacted the Pentagon to see if they could participate in the looting.... *grin*.

Here again is that list of French interests that I’ll be trying to avoid whenever possible. I’ve been thinking.... Since they wanna be known as lovers - not fighters, wouldn’t tee shirts reading, ‘Fuck the French’ help them get their message out?... hmmm.

Tuesday, 8 April 2003 :)

Ian went into New York in preparation for the Michael Boris Fashion Show scheduled for Thursday. I’m planning on attending... I just hope I’m up to the challenge, there are going to be some really interesting people coming and I still sound like I’m channeling Mike Tyson.... ugh!

Ya gotta love Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the Director of (miss) Information. The guy makes Bill Clinton look like Abe Lincoln and you know before his pal handed him the position he was doing ‘stand-up’ somewhere... With all the sadness of the war it’s kinda nice to have him for comic relief. What a marketing tool he could be... I see dolls in uniform... pull the string and they repeat the same old shit... over and over. Or maybe Motown will put out a record with some of our old favorites, “Coalition forces are not in Baghdad”, “Coalition forces will never get out alive" and "We have the enemy on the streets of Baghdad--right were we want them"... But wait there’s more - order now and we’ll include his hit single, “See how the infidels walked foolishly into our clever trap?”..... hehehe.... Maybe, assuming he survives, SNL could host an Iraqi equivalent ‘LIVE! FROM BAGHDAD! IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!’ .... heh... No wonder So-Damn-Insane is always smiling... the guy cracks me up too.

Monday, 7 April 2003 :)

Totally crazy... It’s a beautiful snowy day and yet I was feeling down. I’ve been trying to set up business appointments but I found myself getting so frustrated that my voice sounds so high pitched and hoarse?... geewiz... I had to kick myself in the ass and remind myself that this is war and if I could stand in front of me I’d slap my face.... heh. I figured I’d write about it... as a record, figuring maybe others are going through it too. Maybe it’s all part of a phase in the healing stages... on the psychological end perhaps. I don’t know... but I sure as hell hope it passes... real fast!

Sunday, 6 April 2003 :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jilly, My Jilly!!

I think I’ve stumbled onto something. I had been getting some amazingly painful abdominal cramps after I’d eat pasta, bread, cereal... stuff like that. So today I took half of a hydrocodone pain pill before I ate... waited ten minutes and then ate... I did it swell - no problem... YAY! Now I have to ask the doctors if I could be causing a potential problem. But I must admit it was wonderful to eat what I wanted without the pain.

Saturday, 5 April 2003 :)

Believe it or not, it was snowing today... amazing. And as beautiful as thing looked I was too busy to notice. I’m ashamed to say it but I was having my own private Pity-party... all because I can’t eat stuff I want to. Oh poor me... It finally dawned on me that I should really knock it off and get with the program. There’s more that’s been added to my life than taken away... just sometimes I forget.

There’s a great new site added to the Links page. It’s created by an amazing woman named Bev Bauer. She’s a survivor of stomach cancer and the layout to the site is wonderful and her tips are very helpful. The site is called sCARE Pages and I recommend it to all the soldiers out there.

I saw Mona Cheran on Cspan talking about, ‘Useful Idiots’ the book she wrote. It seemed fascinating to me so ordered it via for less than or the local book store.

Friday, 4 April 2003 :)

I was in a great deal of pain today... all to do with my tummy. It really hurts sometimes after I eat. I took a pain killer and that seemed to work. I’m still trying to gain about seven to ten pounds and I won’t stop until I do.

I went into Newburgh on a business appointment, but they ended up rescheduling... no matter... ‘cause the important part is that I went. Stopped by to see Mom afterward and then headed home.

Thursday, 3 April 2003 :)

Mom didn’t end up going forward with the surgery after all. She had such a restless night she thought the better of it. Thank you for all the prayers and the emails of concern, I know she’ll reschedule it.

I’ve been keeping up with the war that’s happening in Iraq and if you’ve been reading the site you gotta know where I stand. My friend Philip emailed me a list of French interests that I’ll be trying to avoid whenever possible. I was so surprised... I knew some... but others where a complete shocker.... I thought I’d share them.... and Ian and I drive a Nissan... ugh... I gotta get a Jeep!

Wednesday, 2 April 2003 :)

Bob, my manager, came all the from New Jersey to show me some new stuff that’s happening... it feels good and I’m so looking forward to feeling one hundred percent. Later Ian and I were planning on seeing Kimberly the Publisher of Out-Sight the magazine Ian and I write for, but my stomach wouldn’t follow the plan.... Ugh... oh well, I have to yield to it sometimes.

Please say a special prayer for my Mom... she’s having a couple of small benign growths removed from her face and I know she must be worried, even though she’s acting all brave.

Tuesday, 1 April 2003 :)

I went to Poughkeepsie to get some blood work done in preparation for the surgery to remove the porta-cath, (which should be the last operation for a good long time). While I was there I stopped over to visit Ian’s Mom and took her back to New Paltz. It started to snow... and snow... and snow. Beautiful - a real spectacular show. We put on Christmas music and just enjoyed the whole thing. Later on Aunt Pam came over and we shared a dinner together... that was really fun.

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